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  1. Enjoy my prized possession Take it far... Continue the war of the Weebs.
  2. CJBB

    Grekov Gang

    Life and things getting in the way, maybe something to pick up at a later date. //archive this please
  3. CJBB

    Grekov Gang

    Everyone, Please stop going back and fourth on this page. Its unneeded. there has been an unnecessary amount of chatter for a 30 minute situation. We have taken your advice and my boys I am sure you will work on it. Everyone lets settle down and look forward with fresh expectation of our next chance of roleplay! Love you all, we are all here for the same reason and thats to have a memorable fun experience.
  4. CJBB

    Grekov Gang

    We have no intention of this group ever to become a group of bandits. Nor do we want any fights with the CLF we just have opposite views than them. I’m no way have we even seek conflict with the CLF. the racism thing, I’m not entirely sure where the name “Vladislav” comes into it. I honestly chose the name because it’s the only russian I know irl. So far the complaints seem to be evolved around. - the music (dancing and playing music.) this issue should now be fixed as the group will not be playing music outside their block - powergamed papers (the papers was not powergamed. But the whole situation seemed to be bait for us to initiate, stealing cars cos they are green) -over use of sexual jokes. I’ve spoken to such individuals. Hopefully the tone of sexual jokes will go down. please be assured that there is more to our roleplay than memes. We in-fact have found it difficult to roleplay with groups. Because we are identified over their radios as “the 5.0.3” what I’ve been notified by multiple people on an ooc level. We was the 5.0.3 but not anymore. We do not seek conflict or go on mass robbery sprees. Please do not expect hostile actions from us as soon as you see our voices. And come and roleplay. Don’t suddenly call armed forces expecting the worst from us. where Slavic culture comes into it. There is not really such a thing as a generic Slav? Sure there is meme Slav and Slav. But if you research Slavs from all different regions kinda act differently. Researching Slavic behaviour is actually pretty hard due to the fact it’s been heavily overshadowed by meme Slav. In this group we do have all different types of Slav. Each that explore their own version of Slavic culture either way. We have taken the feedback onboard and I have idea why this blew up so much. People who we have ran into at novo seemed to generally enjoy the experience. we plan on being much more serious, but a light note. If armed forces come up to us and starts to insult us like last night. I have no idea why a bunch of delinquents wouldn’t push their luck and insult back. I mean we just called them a thief/pig for trying to steal our beloved car. anyways like I’m saying to all. Thank you for the feed back. If the group gets accepted or approved, or even if it takes a long ass time to achieve it, I do not really care. Everyone in this group is completely out of their comfort zones and embarrassing their self with terrible russian accents. So we are trying.
  5. CJBB

    Grekov Gang

    I personally enjoyed our little stand off, then the dancing RF soldier cracked me up right after tensioned was raised. If tensions got any higher we planned to leave, like we did with the RAC. You boys roleplayed your roles as RF’s well, sorry to be a nuisance.
  6. CJBB

    Grekov Gang

    Already spoken to the guys, we plan to keep our music to our apartment blocks! Hopefully the ban of radios on the road will help improve things
  7. CJBB

    Grekov Gang

    Yet again I thank you for the feedback. I apologise you found the “RP” bad. I would also like to apologise for the man who turned up his radio. I have just spoken to him, he did not know you was trying to speak. Our intentions was not to get you to initiate. As we do not plan on having any fights with any lore group. Infact 90% of the group doesn’t even have a full magazine. We was not intending to cause you grief or any discomfort. When we realised our presence was not welcome by a solider asking us to leave we left. I have to remind you that everyone in this group has never played a eastern character before. Nor a character of this stature. But we will take on this feedback and plan to improve.
  8. CJBB

    Grekov Gang

    I think you was on about osla, we are ethnic Slavs, Slavs in their very nature are aggressive and confrontational, we confronted a guy who was wearing Chernarus clothing. I think the over aggressive guy was the random who decided to pretend he was russian and some how attempted to join our group and failed. we apologise if you found us hostile. Playing our slav persona’s we are trying to come across as delinquents! Thank you for the feed back though! we will take it on board. hope you run into you again soon with my terrible accent. (The fake russian is now dead. You have no need to fear him anymore)
  9. CJBB

    Grekov Gang

    Thank you for the feed back brayces I will embrace my inner slav! I do not plan to disappoint the community with this group. Many fun things ahead
  10. CJBB

    Grekov Gang

    Thanks beautiful, I cant wait to run into you in game.
  11. CJBB

    Grekov Gang

    I guess we will see about that Sung. I guess we will see.
  12. CJBB

    Grekov Gang

    Греков шайка [Grekov Gang] Music Video [LORE] The Grekov Gang: Named after Grecoff Bradlik, this group has been known to dominate Saint Petersburg with branches in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, France. The Grekov Gang is notoriously known for branching out and expanding rapidly across the eastern block. The Grekov Gang purely monopolized apartment blocks around the region. Running drugs, Backroom gambling, and extorting the local civilians. The gang’s tradition is to pass down the leadership and control to each child in the Bradlik Family. When one is born and of age, they branch a part of the gang out into new and different territory. Upon reaching the age of 18, it was Vladislav Bradlik’s time to step into a new city in order to dominate and take it over much like his predecessors. This was the key to the gang's rapid way of expanding their territory since Grecoff Bradlik would trust the bond of blood above all else. Vladislav Bradlik chose the birthplace of his mother to begin his operation, Novodmitrovsk. After leaving St. Petersburg, he arrived there in December of 2015, in a country that suffered a civil war in 2009 and is still suffering the consequences to this day. Like all beginnings, the Slavs struggled when first coming into South Zagoria, with the start came many challenges Vladislav and his brothers have yet to experience. The other gangs that occupied the blocks were not so welcoming to this new incoming Russian invasion, many refusing to pay for the privilege of living under the name of Grekov. The gangs already situated, were old fashioned and weak, unorganized, and dishonest. It took no time for the Grekov Gang to relieve them of their past assets, thus making the Grekov name prominent in the region. The Grekov Gang being Russian at heart, they firmly believe that Chernarus belongs to Russia, like Shashlik to Vodka, anyone that would not accept this fact would be an enemy to the gang. Hearing about the terrorist group called the CLF, hearing their claims that Chernarus belongs independent… what bullshit that is. Law enforcement have always been a real pain for the gang but for now, they seem peaceful, to say the least. Sometime in early 2020, a new problem arose in the region, the flu quickly became an issue putting a strain on all healthcare and police presence. Seeing the opportunity arise the gang decided to take over more apartment blocks trying to get as many assets as possible. Mid Feb 2020, things got worse for Chernarus as more and more civilians got sick and it got harder and harder for the gang to continue with their duties. By Late Feb 2020, with rising tensions, they contacted arms dealers around the region buying as many weapons as they could and selling them off to civilians getting extensively worried about the virus. Even though it was difficult business still went on, the brothers boarded off a whole apartment block and claiming it as a safe haven for those who could pay the price. By May 2020 Martial law was emplaced and the curfews made the gangs business harder and harder to conduct in the fall of night. More and more reports came in saying that those infected with the virus became aggressive, one resident inside one of the apartment blocks attacked a few members of the gang and ended up paying the ultimate price. The end of the month came and most of the apartments became abandoned as most of the residents either fled, or contracted the virus. Those who stayed were protected but in the end moved to hide with the local forces of the RF. Now with dire times plaguing the lands of the glorious Russian region of Chernarus, a question arises for the brothers. How can they kick start their business with the sorrow of others? Who are the allies in this land and who is the enemy? Most importantly though, where will the Slavs be squatting today? [ROSTER] Boss Slav: @CJBB - Vladislav Bradlik Under Slav: @Banksyy - Vasili Nikolaev @Lil TimmyBB - Boris Glopnik @Thinisede - Artyom Slakov @JJRambow - Igor Jakov @Onion - Jakhaev Onuryunsk @Lucas Ossas - Lukas Ossnosovich @MysteryBB - Oleg Yahontov @Nick - Nikolai Petrov @ReplacefulBB - Viktor Oblonsky @HuskyBB - Lev Salagin @RjParkerBB - TBA @Hampze - Julek Belinsky @Earl - TBA @Leik - Maxim Ivanov @lunathecat - TBA [Group Goals] The gang would like to establish an underground gambling operation. Such as backroom gambling, where anything that has value could be exchanged within a gamble. Only the most trusted may be invited. [Day 80] The gang would also like to establish a loan system. Where we can loan equipment/supplies to trusted survivors with a repayment scheme. Failing to repay the loan with interest will call for some IC consequences. [Day 50] The group would like to push addictive drugs to locals around Novodmitrovsk to be a form of continual source of profit [Day 60] To secure and squat at the Novodmitrovsk apartments, making it a safe home for members of the grekov gang. [Day 50] To protect Novodmitrovsk and surrounding towns from any up and coming rival gangs. [On-going] Attempt to find a way to smuggle profits back to Saint Petersburg to the main head of the Grekov Gang [Day 100] [OOC GOALS] To provide high quality roleplay with SOME hostile RP elements. [On-going] To provide DAYZRP with some true slavs [On-Going] To have some refreshing taste of civilian RP [On-Going] To heavily prioritise RP over PVP [On-Going] [Unemployment] Quit your Job, put on your tracksuit, start to practise your squat and you may get invited. Feel free to leave feedback. All feed back is appreciated. Thanks for @Charlie for the help with my grammar because its shit
  13. Vladislav Bradlik Born 19th December 1996 in Saint Petersburg, His Russian father Boris Bradlik, and his Cherna-russian mother Alisa Bradlik. Boris Bradlik direct descendant of Grecoff Bradlik now lead the Grekov Gang handed down to him. Vladislav was born into the Grekov family. Life for Vladislav was mostly simple and unchallenging, since he was growing up in the territory his father proudly dominated over. Upon reaching 18 he became of an age to spread his wings, The Греков шайка [Grekov Gang] was notoriously known to branch out and expand. So of went Vladislav under orders of his own father was sent into the big wide world, To build up something of his own. South Zagoria: A worn torn country suffering from a civil war. Authorities presence was dwindling, crime on its all time high, as well as it being the birth place of his mother. . Vladislav saw that as an opportunity of life time, it would be a great opportunity to set up his branch there. So off he went a new beginning recruiting those he trusted.
  14. Despite what lore masters say. I would hate to see an entire server of russian/chernorus characters, and the hard limitations brought on by the lore will restrict people roleplaying how they want to roleplay. So on that basis above, I couldn’t care if the group was from South Africa. Good luck with the group boys. Prove all those haters wrong with some decent rp. Being the first non cherno-russian group I guess it’s up you to set the standard.
  15. I have recently had a very nice encounter with this lore faction. Second time I’ve logged in since lore wipe. I was surrounded by this group upon spotting me almost immediately. The roleplay was great with a little laugh here and there, but despite that. They did demonstrate a good sense of fear RP. It was refreshing. I was actually scared to even say the wrong thing in their presence and had no choice but to accept their propaganda. just wanted to say well done, you boys roleplay this role well.. and it’s good to see that this lore faction is sticking to its lore. Hope to run into you guys again in the future
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