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  1. I mean I personally have yet to attack the prefab. Nor have I personally been there. So I wouldnt know how hard it is to raid. Nor would I be salty in losing in a gun fight. I am merely stating my opinion. that clearly people externally from 5.0.3 share. You are just chucking assumptions that hold no ground. 5.0.3 this and that, its a discussion nothing more. My opinion is the base should be put up for council to decide once more. 5.0.3 only has one vote right? so why would it matter.
  2. When KOG lived there they had 9 gates on the prison. Infact we havnt built any gates to the prison. When it was given to us alot of the gates despawned and we have not rebuilt them. So this "5.0.3" has 8 gates when MULTIPLE groups lived in the prison before we took it over built the gates + more, and those groups still live in the prison. (And I mean 90% of the codes on the gates aint even 5.0.3 codes) I fail to see how this compares to this prefab, expecting us to know every detail about every building in dayz? No. Something such as an accessible underground bunker should of been highlighted and shown. Not remain hidden to improve chances of approval from council members. Walls also you can build over. Making a hesco staircase. I have done it before and its allowed by staff aslong as its placed correctly and realistically. Where as a underground bunker has one access point and would be basically impossible to raid if there are defences down there. I feel like knowing this bunker existed would of swayed council members who approved to change their opinion to //not approved.
  3. GG nice fight, I didn't feel the need to re-initiate as the rights were still fresh off the grill. Also, I knew there was no way of capturing you with your over watch. Comms were pretty much silent apart from @Cow notifying me who you were(As not many people was even connected to the comms). Most the people outside of the prison when you arrived were not 5.0.3, but people looking to go on a road trip, so that's what I believe they ended up doing. So please do not get the misconception of being outnumbered at that time. Many members of ours was not even on the server but within the extremely long queue we have been blessed with today. People was not even in coms as seen in the video I was the only one who actually shot anyone I believe, I traded with the overwatch as I chased him to where I saw him run. the guys shot confirming kills I believe and that was all. The 2 people you managed to take hostage enjoyed your roleplay. So thanks for that. If you want to DM me about anything feel free, And I apologise if that made your experience feel more sour. Have a good one, love you all
  4. Reinforcements have arrived. @Masonn Its about time we killed our common enemies together. Welcome home brudda. welcome home brudda. Trusting you not to make my group be renamed [Redacted] too
  5. First of all I my apologise and thank you for your feed back. I was in coms during this time I don’t think their plan was to bait you. The entire time they spent trying to get Gibson To turn on his radio before they initiated, after multiple attempts of walking up to him and swiftly ignored Not sure of martins plan though once he was spotted if I was him I would of thrown up the initiation either way, baiting is something we do not condone in the 5.0.3, we apologise you had to experience something like this. I will be encouraging him to explain his self here to try get you a better understanding of the situation. Unfortunately I was not around towards the end of your interaction of my group as I went to sleep. any other questions feel free to DM me or respond here. I’ll be working with those involved to make sure it does not happen again.
  6. CJ


    I think the notes are being used in a very creative way @Roland I fail to see what’s not serious about the notes above. fix the notes as it cuts of half way for some reason
  7. I think this base could give unfair advantages much like the previous Wolfpack base. I must agree that the buildings outside look randomly selected and placed. Where as the main compound is raised multiple feet of the ground. doesn’t give the community vibe either what your group is primarily about. It’s clear this base design was designed with pvp focus in mind (I may be wrong) but that is what I get from looking at this place. I would suggest building a place that looks like a community not something that looks like it’s just there to add to the defence of one building. As mentioned above the Joyce’s base is a great example.
  8. CJ

    '' Catching C-J ''

    It wasn’t from the top of the prison, i crouched and slipped of the edge of the lower roof. And landed on some stacked up hesco kits. The height would of been 10m’s or so fall. Didn’t even drop down HP, took a little damage but still full white. I don’t know how that would be NVFL. Don’t pk me
  9. CJ

    AOGM S2 Prison

    The fear of a bugged item is not a valid excuse to AOGM. We was aware of the 4 #code bug so we do not have them within the entrance of our base. Infact there was 1 throughout the whole prison I believe at the time, If you have do not have enough hacksaws to cut through, then come back later when you do or find a way that doesn’t include floating hesco’s. But yea from your argument “we did it because there might of been bugged code locks” is not valid nor something you can hide behind. The only thing that wonders me is. You had just enough hesco barriers go make it to the top for a pretty easy boost in if you placed them correctly.
  10. CJ

    AOGM S2 Prison

    We have no 4 dials on the front of our base currently. Only digital code locks. There was only 4 code bikelocks present on the top floor of the prison. (A place you did not gain access too) And we wouldnt of complained if you made a realistic looking staircase. But you did not, You had floating hesco's that clipped through fences/walls.
  11. CJ

    AOGM S2 Prison

    Server and location: S2 Prison Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 15/02/2020 4am - 11AM Your in game name: Charlie James Names of allies involved: 5.0.3 Name of suspect/s: We dont know. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: So we wake up, log on. and look around the base. we see tents missing. thinking oh damn we been raiding. check locks. none of them broken. so we assumed the tents of dayz'ed. Then @G_DateLR then was asking over coms saying we cant place hesco's like that. stating its AOGM and it needs to be removed. Confused we return to the prison to investigate. and this really unrealistic floating staircase that also clips through the barb wire fence has been placed. Incredibly unrealistic and in my opinion. AOGM.
  12. Well, for one It only takes one hacksaw per codelock/Bikelock. For codelocks it circles around 3 times taking in total 9 minutes to cut through a gate, I honestly do not understand where this 3 hack saws per lock came from, that sprouted up when codelocks was first added. (Not to sure if its changed. but the locks I was cutting last night only took 1.) Code locks take 3 times longer than bike locks. Bike locks take (3 minutes) Takes one hacksaw per lock. Any less than that, bases will be able to get broken through within seconds. And as codelocks are CONSIDERABLY harder to find than bike locks it makes sense to me. gives them an added sense of value in the game. And bases take so much longer to build on dayzrp compared to vanilla and other servers. if we lower that we will start to look like the end game for fortnite. On a side note. I would not want Codelocks to save your entered password. I believe you should be forced to enter it all the time when opening a gate. Then again if the above is vanilla then I must apologise. I just did not notice a difference on the server at all^
  13. If Person A takes Person B hostage. Roleplays with him. Then suddenly Person C comes out of no where and shoots Person B resulting in his death. Can Person A shoot Person C for shooting His/Her hostage? In my opinion I think you should be able to. Even though that person did not cause harm to you. And if you are able to is there things we must consider before it becomes ruleplay?
  14. CJ's POV So we are rolling around, heard shots near a church and decided to go and investigate. We begin to do some socialising with the people around the church. I pull one guy of to the side, that one guy is @Aron73 To have a little private conversation to get to know him. During our talks, he then tells us that he is a cop. A police officer. So after some preparing and some talks I drop a code word that signify's to all my guys that a hold up is about to commence. We mass initiate on everyone in the area. everyone complies. after everyone complies we separate the hostage we actually want from the crowd and apologise to everyone letting them put their hands down and be free. We pull the hostage around the back of the church. and start engaging in hostile roleplay, letting some of my boys torture him and scar him. we thought fuck it why not. after my boys have had some fun. i decided its time to let him go. So I begin to cut him free. Thats when a complete random I have never seen before in my life, just raises his Cheytek and just blows the mans skull into a literally another dimension right next to me. I have never met the dude before, didnt know who he was. and he just shot my hostage. (I know im supposed to keep my hostages safe at all times) but there was literally no way I could predict a random guy from pulling out his gun and shooting him in the head. This guy then was pretty rude to @Phoenix, after randomly talking down to her. he goes to a bush and shits in it. wipes his ass with leaves and then gets questioned to why he randomly killed a man. Id like to apologise to @Aron73 and hope it doesnt damper any future experiences with the 5.0.3, the boys and I would love it if he can remember the situation, as I do not think its fair for a random guy to come up and randomly shooting him ruining all the roleplay we had in the events prior. I would like to add I may have video evidence (shadow play 5 minutes) I hit record when I was reminded in dms by @Phoenix little do I know what I actually have captured. but I know for sure I did not record him shitting in a bush. I will look through my video files tomorrow, when im back from work. as its too late to upload the video evidence and post it.
  15. //Approved Great base fits perfectly with the group. Not much more need to be said.
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