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  1. kinda loosing my drive to RP :o what is happening eh eh. 

    1. Charlie


      New character or old one, just havnt been feeling it. I guess it's because the last month or so RP has been roughly the same, no surprises like there was a few months ago, it's either banter with your mates or walking around either getting attempted RDM or someone attempting to rob and tortured you :o I can't find a story line to attach my self to.

    2. Bizbok


      Misvan Gatu will be rolling into the server soon... ;) 
      The answer to all your prayers, hopefully! 


    3. Charlie


      Hopefully something that interests me, tbh with pado there Probs will. I might actually stream dayz more often then :) 

    4. Lord Strawberry

      Lord Strawberry

      Long time ago - good job still holding your interest, tbh.