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  1. Charlie


    People complain about there not being "New Characters" But yet 90% of the people complaining are joining in with the current Super Soldier trend that is currently going! Gear RP here we come... 

    1. Silk

      for the first time ever I want to RP as ex-military ;-; sorry . And having a military soldier won't mean they're not scared of the infected as it all just started etc.

    2. Charlie


      Wasnt talking about you bud, Talking about those who will spend tonight initiating because they are already renowned for it. Just laughed as I looked at their half assed characters with no Background story at all @Quick Your all g

    3. Red


      Let's hope you're wrong.

    4. Silk

      Alright then. Just when I saw "Super Soldier.." and I looked back at pics that I uploaded to my character I felt like it's also targeting me. Hope to see you in-game !

    5. Charlie


      Red, I like your character! its chill. 

    6. Red


      Thank you @C-J. It's still work in progress as I hope to make it as detailed and fitting as possible. I can't help but to sympathize with your status update. It is all the more reason why I am motivated to set the right example for other players who want to play a military character.