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"I am a fucking Crusty sock that lives under your bed!"

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  1. Charlie


    People complain about there not being "New Characters" But yet 90% of the people complaining are joining in with the current Super Soldier trend that is currently going! Gear RP here we come... 

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    2. Quick


      Alright then. Just when I saw "Super Soldier.." and I looked back at pics that I uploaded to my character I felt like it's also targeting me. Hope to see you in-game !

    3. Charlie


      Red, I like your character! its chill. 

    4. Red


      Thank you @C-J. It's still work in progress as I hope to make it as detailed and fitting as possible. I can't help but to sympathize with your status update. It is all the more reason why I am motivated to set the right example for other players who want to play a military character.