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  1. Charlie

    Robbing people! At this current time.

    Well, Just thought I would try get some opinions on this current situation. As recently people have been trying to hide behind the invisible rule of "make sense RP". I have seen multiple cases where people complain "bad rp" etc.... because after they rob someone, that person who has been robbed uses their KOS rights on them? With this new lore wipe does this mean we can disregard the current rule set that have been in place for ages! My character with his mentality would try to get revenge on someone who has belittled him and taken his possessions, sure you can try "initiate" and rob him back but sometimes that is out of the question. Because I am 100% sure they would just shoot me at any chance they get after I robbed them. So this is my question for you guys! If you was just robbed and you had a weapon in your hand 20 minutes later and the person who robbed you was in front of you. Would you shoot your robber? (providing initiation survival would be low) Or would you leave it for a later date. Would you say its a bad thing for people to take that opportunity. You cant say that "its only week two! you shouldn't be killing people" when you see people die every single day and to be left for dead with no supplies and within the harsh environment one would learn to take a humans life sooner or later! Or even depending on your characters background. If they are a hardened criminal it may even be a bit easier for them to take a life. Personally I think it should be up to the person, "good rp" or not. If they follow the current rule set that we have with a 2 hour KOS after a robbery then it should be fine. Maybe larger groups would think twice before robbing nearly everyone they see on the road. But eh what do I know! I am a filthy whitename.
  2. Charlie


    I mean, I was apart of a Heist yesterday to steal supplies and automatic weapons. Apart of the heist we was required to wear uniforms to be able to walk freely into the area's what was restricted to civilians. Obviously we got these uniforms through RP means but still. I was told as long as you do not say you are "UN" "VDV" or the actual group name you are fine. Disguises are used in real life and in alot of situations. But I think as long as it is used sensibly and not in a "trolly" manner or in a way it doesnt make RP sense then it should be fine. I mean I aint going to wear a UN uniform and go around robbing people. Only in rare situations what may require it to achieve an objective I would completely understand. But no one should ever falsely claim they are apart of a group.
  3. The troubled Child. When I was younger I was always considered a “Messy Child”, I never truly understood why. I considered myself rather more… isolated and preoccupied. But I couldn't help but to get into trouble with all the fights and issues I faced. It's not my fault that trouble seems to be gravitated around me. Maybe that's because I grew up without a father? But who cares right… Who needs one of those, I surely dont. That goes with friends too, I never seemed to feel the need to put any effort into friendships. I knew as a human I must converse with others but I always kept asking myself… Why is that? As you can see when I was a kid, I was the one who always sat by their self, eating and constantly on their phone surfing the internet and only interacting with others when I had to. It was like this for many years. Fights started because I lacked the ability and skill to talk my way out of an argument. My fists always seemed to make the problem go away, even as a kid I found it easier to pound another into the ground and face a week being grounded than it was to talk and argue with someone for hours about a mundane affair. But I guess that slowly changed throughout highschool, I became more social and started making a lot more friends, A keen interest in women was developed, but my violent tendencies never really changed. Instead of fighting to solve an argument I began to fight for entertainment. A way to pass time in a world that felt so empty, so black and white. People always spoke about how colourful the world is. But if you think about it. Is it really that colourful? People get up everyday and follow the same routine where the same things happen everyday without fail. Nothing ever changes, Nothing ever will. And even if it does it will become the norm after a while. My fights was my hunger for entertainment, hunger for change and some excitement within my life. it was a way for me to try evolve as a person. But looking back at it… I was just stuck in a loop going round and round like everyone else, My routine was no different to others. Sure I done different things but.. I done the same thing everyday surely that's not a way to evolve one self. So what is this colour people speak of? It can't be happiness and it can't be sadness. Everyone experiences those, even me. We experience them so much that we take them both for granted. Our memories of these experiences seem to dull over time. So what is this colour that lights up people's worlds. An unforgettable time that makes life worth living. Some would argue love… But I would argue change. Something we all crave for. But I guess in some ways, Love is change. Loving someone gives you a change of heart. But then again, even that is normally taken for granted. Either way, my love for his family wasnt enough. I got pushed away from them, and forced to live without them. Half way through high school my violent tendencies put another boy in hospital. in very serious condition. This was the first time I, Charlie James became wanted for a crime… The first time reality was catching up to me, The change I was thirsting for is now arriving at my doorstep. but for a price. In other words, I became wanted within the UK for attempted murder. His family panicked before the warrant for his arrest was released. a swift decision was made that I had to leave the country before I officially became a suspect in this case. my father's side has relatives within russia, a dark side my mother never really talked to me about. After a few phone calls he was sent on the first plane to russia. and the last words he heard from my mother was “Why did you have to turn out like him” I knew at this point she was referencing my no good father. Russia, Big things planned for a small person: When I arrived in russia, a man with a cardboard sign clearly misspelling my name was waiting for me in the lobby of the airport. He was wearing a tattered old suit with a half smoked cigarette hanging out of his mouth. I walked up to him, and he greeted me nicely and guided me towards his car, a shiny mercedes, before going on a 4 hour car journey, I can remember this journey pretty well… Because everything was completely new. looking at the new culture and the new people and experiencing such change made the emotional pain I was going through numb, almost forgetting why I was there. We arrived at an estate or a manor, where I was taken inside and told to wait in the lobby, before having the first meeting ever with my new “father” who was basically my grandfather. A rather large belly man who stood over me with an intimidating look as he looked down at me, smacked me to the floor and scolded me for making my mothers life such a hard time. He told me that I belonged to him now, and since I chose the way of crime I will live in it. and help control it. When I grow up ofcourse. After that day I was welcomed into the family and became a heir of the bratva crime family what was one of the many connecting crime families that made up the russian mafia, where I was expected to fill my runaway fathers shoes. who abandoned the family long ago, I received a private education for the remainder of my childhood years where I also went on trips to learn about “family business” I become very adjusted to this world and enjoyed it rather thoroughly… The bratva crime family had a tough reputation. one that could cause people to avoid you in the street, or even when I attended school. The only friends I had was members of other near by familys or lackeys of my own. I never really heard from my family back in the UK ever again, one of the terms of they taking me in, was to ban all contact with me. That was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. was forget about my family. Learning the family business: I finally arrived at the age where I could now start to conduct family business under my new fathers orders. The russian mafia had business everywhere…. in other countries to. for example romania. I was taken on a trip to romania where my father had to meet some clients for a business meeting. during this trip I was introduced to a man who was labeled as a “young star” even though he didn't look young at all… I was told it was because he recently entered the crime world and have been making major money for another russian mob family. one I have gotten close to throughout the years, Even though this man was earning a lot of money for the other families he still required to borrow a large investment to actually produce the results he was performing. and the money he was earning through this technique was dirty marked cash. Cash that had to be laundered. Even though I was mainly used for muscle and and racketing due to my violent tendencies, one of my family's responsibilities was money laundering to the extent. My first ever client and my first ever job was to set up a money laundering process for this father of 2. That I did, and I done with rather successfully to the point where people was using my money laundering technique everywhere. But this client went broke and the money stopped coming in that made the surrounding families who was still owed money angry since they are now out of pocket. The brothers: Back in russia, I was spending my time in the city. Partying meeting new women, new contacts, new everything. experiencing the complete change of finally becoming the official underboss in my family. After a while I turn my phone back on and notice that this dead client is calling my phone. Thinking that he was nothing but a joke I ignored the calls, until they became persistent. they began calling everyday. it got to the point where I picked up the phone and heard them speak. They pleaded and pleaded for help to make cash to pay back their fathers debt, I must admit at first I wasn't interested. but then again… I thought this was a way to make some easy cash. You see the bratva family was a crime family that was no randomer to murder. They killed and stole for their profit and pushed people around controlling all crime within majority of southern russia. Even though other families of the russian mafia prefered drug distribution and human trafficking, I was not interested in that. So I originally planned to make the brothers due the dirty work. and taking their money bringing it back to the family boss so he could be impressed with his work and be given more authority within the family. so I agreed and gave them tips on what to do… even gave them a Mob source to buy weapons in order to do the things I asked and that of course was rob banks. in no time a few banks was robbed and these brothers became one of the most wanted people in romania. I was already wanted all over the world for various things and since all 3 of us was wanted there was only limited places they could meet without other family’s interaction. So I took a gun and arranged to meet them at Chernarus. where the russian mob had complete control over the government and was easily able to slide in and out of the border of that country undetected. So there I awaited for them, and they arrived. to my surprise they had bags full of money but by this time even I got word that the situation around chernarus was getting confusing and was worsening… to the point where I was claim that I started a process of money laundering but was purely looking for a way out of the country undetected. but the country was in panic and communications was all over the place, for the time being he decided to wait with the brothers and ride out the storm that was approaching.
  4. Charlie


    It clearly states within the rules. I suggest re-reading them if you are not white listed.
  5. Charlie

    Characters Looking for Relationships Thread

    Character Name: Charlie James Country/Timezone: English GMT+0 Roleplay Experience: A YEAR Gameplay style: (Bandit, Hero, Survivor, None?) BANDIT What type of connection are you looking for?: (If you have a perferrence) Any... I dont mind, lets set up a story line eh. Current groups or affiliations: Have not picked yet. Additional notes: None Character Backstory: Going to resdeign the character comepletely, fresh start something new. (Character page could be linked)
  6. Charlie

    Ban Amnesty

    I disagree with permanent bans... Maybe because I have experienced one my self. People make mistakes. There are a lot of people who have been banned from the community for what I say are minor offences. I think my case was one of them, but I was lucky enough to be able to come back, I mean I got 30 points for calling my self a crusty sock... In a OOC manner on team speak to a member of staff as a joke, that resulted in a instant perm. Took a month before my appeal got answered. But, even though I disagree with permanent bans. In some cases they are needed for certain toxic players. And some cases I completely agree with. But a lot of other cases... No offence but it looks like to me some staff has banned players previous just because "they can". And its a far to difficult and long process of getting unbanned after a staff member has made everyone else aware of their authority by making an example out of you, its just what I felt when I got banned. So yes for the lore wipe, I think Permed players should be given a second chance and hey... if they go back to their old tricks. they will end back up on that permed list so whats the real harm? its expanding our player base.
  7. Charlie

    To my boy strawberry [open]

    *CJ smiles as he hears lyca's voice broadcast through his radio* "Oooooo Isnt lycaaaa, well.... Ill never forget you know that... How can we forget the town we was raised in" "Ill be over for dinner soon!" "Long live Jamestown" *CJ releases the PTT*
  8. Charlie

    To my boy strawberry [open]

    *CJ presses down his PTT as he continues to walk south* "Oh, I am sure you have earnt enough respect from me strawberry to not be a dog... so sure *he giggles* and hey arty, hows things been going?" *CJ releases the PTT*
  9. Charlie

    To my boy strawberry [open]

    *CJ wakes up under a female rotting corpse, throws the corpse to the side of him as he sits up, thinks to him self "about time I check in" he grabs his radio* *coughs a few times to clear his throat before holding down the PTT, His raspy voice can now be heard* "Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy Strawberry my boy, heard good things about you recently. I am coming back to chernarus, Should arrive tomorrow. But eh, eh while im travelling, shouldn't my dog tell me how hes became so popular?! What I leave for a few months and now I cant stop hearing your name. You made something of your self, Never been so proud" *He chuckles* "But yea anyways, Get me a home warming gift if you know what I mean... see you then buddy" *CJ Releases the PTT* *He then gets up and wonders south*
  10. Charlie

    CJ is back! Hope you have missed me.

    Hey guys, Took a month to get my shit together... And well its basically together now, So I am back. Ill hopefully be playing some time this week, so see you there You cucks.
  11. Charlie

    Taking a short break

    Ill make love to you another time samti. dw... Ill wait for you.
  12. Charlie

    See you soon! This is CJ out!

    Well... its your number 1 edgy kid here CJ, I have not been playing lately and that is due to some good reasons... and sure why not ill tell you guys because there is no secrets when it comes to me, but before you jump in and assume i'm leaving due to any type of beef within the community you are wrong! tbh, since I was unperm'd the community is for some reason a more friendly place... sometimes its bad sometimes its good but here is the main reasons why i'm leaving. 1.) I lost my job. Yep... I worked part time while I am at university. as many of you know I worked in a sweet shop, "Lets not continue with that meme plez" Anyway this sweet shop belonged to a family who passed it down through generations, but my boss abruptly decided she did not want to carry it on. and is selling the shop pretty fast... yet this is unfortunate I can not live without money. so more time will be running around doing small jobs to earn that money to keep up with my other hobby's, But eh, it should not take me long to find a new job. 2.) University! I am a computer science student (In his first year) and the first year is almost over! and I do not think i have paid enough attention in the lectures to theoretically pass the exams. so I have been cramming. cramming cramming everything I possibly can, My last exam ("Hopefully") will be on the 4th next month. and providing I pass both of those I should be back within a month or 2. if I do not pass them then I will have to retake in august what would not really be... optimal since I will not be in the united kingdom during that time. I will be visiting you yanks. so its pretty important I pass this exams, or the thousands of pounds I've spent on my dream vacation, such as flights, hotel reservations and all the other stuff such as park tickets all over a few states of america (down payments) will go to waste... and to be honest, I think this august will be the only chance ill have to have this sort of vacation I want. so passing these exams! ARE NOT OPTIONAL! IF I FAIL > RETAKE AUGUST =(NO VACATION) + FAIL IN AUGUST =(NO DEGREE) = NO JOB = NO POSSIBLE CHANCE IN THE FUTURE TO SPEND SO MUCH MONEY ON A TRIP. anyway... the sad stuff out of the way.. but there is a shimmer of light! My c++ exam is what i'm currently cramming for that is on the 24th. if I pass that then boom. I can naturally ace the other exams. and ill be back to dayzrp (Wohoooo) and be able to go on my vacation. Anyway something cringe when people make these threads it that they tag a bunch of people and do some mentions ite? so here we go @Pado You are young... much to learn, but do not worry young one... Ill be back to teach you the "ways" of rp. @Joo one filthy joo, (Incase I dont come back, rp with you was lit) @Solo one filthy african here, even though I prefered jack to baba, its been nice playing with you @FrostyCat You never knew it but you helped my mind fuck the fire flies and other groups. always been a great bud, whos loaded with banter. @Strawberry you are a child of mine basically... I mean come on... CJ gave Strawberry his name. and has been fighting together since. @King down to earth chill guy... always there when you need him. even tho we did give him so much stick. me and the banned boys that is. I am sure he still gets stick now. that is just who he is. @ToeZies always loved rping with you. @leftdeadevo You are one of the people who helped me evolve my characters, not directly but indirectly was keeping my RP alive and interesting by making CJ able to change. - to all the banned cucks! I love every single one of you! xoxoxoxoxxo @WulfeGirl eh, still got to mention you. you have been a big part of my RP. @Hope for some reason... I could never tell if you hated me or hated me... Lmaooooooo @Lyca supported my RP! always been there to help me out! thank you mummy clown @lukzo2024 You never learn, I dont understand a being such as you. someone who lacks the ability to learn from one mistakes. every time I come back to RP. you are always in the same boat, having the same things happen to you. the soul reaper victims ---- Thanks for letting me bully you. saves me @ing each one of you @Elmo ite we was chill, loved rping with you. @Razareth rp with you was great, loved tormenting your characters - Petra... couldnt find ur tag, thanks for having that awkward rp with me lol. @Sam Fields still watch your videos! thanks for including CJ! @Samti the very first person I met and spoke to on dayzrp! you are the reason I remained in the community after the first day! thanks samti. you welcomed me in a group and got me started. If I missed anyone then Idgaf, I cba posting anymore I have to get back to studying but eh, ill be around on steam/snapchat if you wanna chat P.S ive been studying all day every day!! had to cut down my anime shows to 2 episodes before I sleep! how sad it that, im a weeb whos anime deprived
  13. Charlie

    [Open] Looking for a new start.

    *CJ hears the transmission and picks up the radio* *presses down the PTT* What the hell am I hearing? I sleep abosleutly fine. Both eyes closed... there's a place called James town *he chuckles* seek for it... and then you will sleep easily... *CJ releases the PTT*
  14. Charlie

    The Return Of The Faith (Trailer.)

    send me invite
  15. Charlie

    [Game]Rate the Banner of the Person above you