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  1. C-J

    The 5.0.3 [Selective Recruitment]

    Welcome the following people to our roster! @radiosalt - Stella Williams @Coco - Cain Stephanov Promotions! Congratulations to: @Husky. - Joe Collins [Goon -> Youngin]
  2. C-J

    The 5.0.3 [Selective Recruitment]

    No problem dude it’s been great rping with you, have a good one buddy
  3. C-J

    The 5.0.3 [Selective Recruitment]

    Welcome @headfever to the roster! such a nice goon.
  4. C-J

    David Mack [Open Broadcast]

    CJ would lean back in the chair on his porch sipping his discounted margarita Picking up the radio and holding it to his mouth as he presses down the PTT, His voice would crackle through "Yo mack, College buddy. How's it going?" Takes a pause as he sips from his margarita once more "How about we put this issue between us to bed without anyone at all losing their head" "If you need a hired gun I said id always offer my gun to you, there is no need to set hits or to have this whole goose chase after me" "Let me know what you think, we could come to a deal that's for sure, remember the old times, the years we spent together" CJ would release the PTT and await for a response
  5. C-J

    The 5.0.3 [Selective Recruitment]

    Welcome @bob123 to the roster! Great to have you aboard mate!
  6. C-J

    The 5.0.3 [Selective Recruitment]

    I wear a track suit in game a black one! and my man bag is filled with that kush
  7. C-J

    The 5.0.3 [Selective Recruitment]

    I reserved the goon tag for you and pado, thought it would fit you perfectly if you joined.
  8. C-J

    The 5.0.3 [Selective Recruitment]

    Yea hopefully I’ll see you around debug again mate
  9. C-J

    The 5.0.3 [Selective Recruitment]

    Promotions! Congratulations to: @Ozymandias - Francis Thursday [Goon -> Youngin] @Korha - Olivia Rose [Goon -> Youngin] Thanks for the great RP and dedication, The promotions are well deserved.
  10. C-J

    The 5.0.3 [Selective Recruitment]

    water under the bridge m8, and no one locked us in a barn today, looking forward to seeing you around
  11. C-J

    The 5.0.3 [Selective Recruitment]

    Welcome @Husky. our puppy to the roster!
  12. C-J

    The 5.0.3 [Selective Recruitment]

    Welcome our first Official Slave @William89 to the roster! Good to have you around!
  13. C-J

    The 5.0.3 [Selective Recruitment]

    Welcome my bby girl @MajooRB To the roster!
  14. C-J

    The 5.0.3 [Selective Recruitment]

    Took me a long time, thanks!
  15. C-J

    The 5.0.3 [Selective Recruitment]

    The 5.0.3 “True Evil will always hide behind a mask” The 5.0.3 is a code that all gangs of Northern London all recognise their self under. CJ, Erica, Warren and Mark were all raised within the streets of north London, hustling under the name of the “Dollars”. All four different in many ways, and all four with demons of their very own. After some time in south Zagoria, the members of the dollars became “twisted” and like many others before them, the group dissolved. Land of south Zagoria, the infected soils are soaked in the blood of traitors, thieves, rapists, madmen, and murderers. Truly a land of sin, where the very soil corrupts the souls of those who live atop of it. Twists and turns mankind's very essence of humanity, dragging our demons out by the ankles from the shadows where they once laid dormant. Within south Zagoria, it does not take much to break a man. To remove that small slither of humanity he's been holding on to, but when you do, when you decide to rip away the very thing that he's be clasping in his hands for years, he will then become nothing but the demon he's hidden away. That true evil behind the mask. So a group of like-minded individuals decided to remain banded together, seeking out a true family more people to call their own, so to symbolise this they named themselves after their place of origin. the place they called home. The 5.0.3 explores their hidden demons that are constantly watching beneath their “masks”. Satisfies their utmost desires and needs, as more tainted joined their ranks, each with their own evil, each with their own sins they indulge, giving back to the very soil that twisted their soul. The 5.0.3 remnants of the Dollars continue to still walk the soil of south Zagoria. With a more extreme attitude they wish to leave their mark, a mark that will never be forgotten. So by doing so they have been capturing people, Branding them, Selling them as slaves. Forging a new bond between them and the people that can not be forgotten. Hiding behind the masks they so easily wear. CJ's Story Erica's Story Warrens Story Mark's Story Leader: @C-J - Charlie James Bosses: @CocoMii - Erica Bailey @King - Warren Lowe Shot Caller: @Hebirura - Mark Durhill @lunathecat - Juno Alice @silvermoongaming - Riley Lux @MajooRB - Feliks Sykora Youngin: @Korha - Olivia Rose @Ozymandias - Francis Thursday @Husky. - Joe Collins Goon: @Gopnik22 - Dimitri Parkov @bob123 - John Leber @headfever - James Morris @radiosalt - Stella Williams @Coco - Cain Stephanov Current Goals: Find our more information about groups within the region [Day 815] Find a town to call home [Day 810] Find and recruit 10 new broken men/women [Day 830] Forge possible relations with groups of power in the area [Day 820] Brand and Enslave people of South Zagoria [Ongoing] Drive fear across the land of South Zagoria [Ongoing] Give in to our utmost desires [Ongoing] Provide Good and Structured RP Provide High end Antagonistic and Torture RP Gain a good reputation on the forums and in-game Teach and improve new members hostile and torture RP Contact @C-J or @King on the forums Or CJ#0666 / Kingu#0038 on discord. Or find us ingame!
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