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  1. ~About Dante Keegan~ Dante has always been a hardworking boy from a very young age, Always got good grades, everyone loved him, not only for his hard work, but also his willingness to stand up for those in need of help. Ever since his first fight in school at the age of 7 his mother and teachers have found out he's very brave, but then some call it brave then others call it stupidity. That didn't matter to Dante, he's alwasy looked out for his self not giving a single damn towards what people think about him. Dante studied in a private school, his parents, mother, Olivia Keegan, was well paid,. Dante's father Max Keegan, left at the age of 2. Dante never had a fatherly figure in his life, so he had to manage on his own, he's had no trouble getting friends and a girlfriend in school, while keeping his grades up. Dante then graduated school and went to study Computer science at a university down by Cambridge. He had friends all over the world, so he went to visit his friends in Canada, there they all decided to go to Brazil for a fun trip. Everything went according to plan, they had fun nights 7 nights of insane parties and wild adventures, until his flight back home. He needed to get back earlier than his friends due to his university, so he caught a flight back before his friends. The only thing that was odd was that the flight wasn't being piloted by the assigned pilot. He was off to a completely different part of the world. Last thing Dante remembers is a masked man in the cabin knocking him out.
  2. Dima: yes it was me who said it in the end that i have died and that there was some one in the barn.
  3. Vladimir Dima's POV: I was Walking along the road of stary sobor and gulgovo with Danny, when we met two people (didnt catch names). We said hi and Stuff i asked if i could get the silencer of his gun and they said to keep everything down there, i moved back and decided to walk along the road to our original meetup point when the guy asks to look at our Winchester, i refused since i dont trust giving other people my gun. He kept insisting and i kept refusing that's when he had told me to drop my gun and i turned around to see that he had a gun pointed at me and another pointed towards Danny. Aware of the fact that we're being robbed right now, I dropped my gun and started listening to them. They told us to go towards the barn, we did as we were asked, i contacted the radio and told them we were being robbed. They hadnt told us to drop our radios OR type it in the emote way. but i later did not use radio after we were told to turn our radios down. Then they asked our names,as i wanted to be secretive i wanted to fake a name, so i said the first two names which came into my subconscious mind, Max Dunne (i had no idea he was in the dayzrp server or such, or maybe i did since thats they first name that popped in. I got to know later that he in fact did exist in the server. And he is in no matter involved in this). While walking towards the barn, i was trying to buy us time, buy singing and distracting them by pointing out the fact that is shirt was dirty. once we were in we were told to put our hands up and look at the wall, as Danny had done so, i was questioning about which wall and thats when we heard shots, then BOOM we got shot in the head right then.
  4. Mortgen

    S1: mass rdm/baiting/metagaming 14/09/16 16:53

    Vladimir Dima's POV:i do not think i was anywhere close to this incident when it happened. So i am really unsure why i have been brought upon, hopefully i would be able to help in the near future
  5. Mortgen

    S1: Attempted RDM/Mis ID In Kabanino - 14/09/2016 14:30

    Your Initiation was invalid my dude. You pointed a gun at him - I don't think you ever told him to drop his gun and put his hands up or he will be shot. You can question someone without raising your gun. Read through the rules of Initiating on someone again. Pointing a gun does not gain you KoS rights on someone unless he states to drop his gun and put his hands up or else he will be shot. There always has to be an "or else" to an initiation, otherwise it's invalid. Yea you are right, oh well, i need to get a lot better, ive been a member for only a couple of days but lets hope i do not repeat this.
  6. Mortgen

    S1: Attempted RDM/Mis ID In Kabanino - 14/09/2016 14:30

    Sorry Mortgen but you can question someone without pointing a gun at him when douglas said this guys pointing a gun at me we turned around and seen you pointing a gun at him hence we shot. that is what i said also Mortgen i fired the first shot and it killed you as i stated before i did ask Teror414 did he hit the robber and he told me yes so i didn't question it when we checked the area you were dead and everyone else was still standing. Jo turner as far as im aware did not tell us they got hit otherwise i'm sure we would of made up for it IC with giving items and an apology of course with RP. I do know that I can, but the only aim i wanted was to know where the FAL was, you see i questioned a couple of people and they were questioned by Charlie for some winchester rounds for which i know are my FAL's so i got a lead and was told that he was nearby the northwest airfield. so me and the medic made our way towards there when we met up with Father henry, took him with since he wanted to find some food and we met the three people, Dr. Jo, and the rest, and you guys came along, i asked what you would take for that Mosin , and you left, then Douglas came up, and i DEFINITELY knew it was him, so i took my gun up since he had robbed me before and wanted to show him at this very moment right now, that i was intimidating him, i wanted him to tell me, isnt that what you would do if someone robs you, lets say i didnt have my gun up, i'm questioning him and he pulls his gun up and shoots me and plus he had you, so i needed to do something. well thats what happened from my POV, i may have played it badly but i did what i thought would be decent to pull some info outta douglas.
  7. Mortgen

    S1: Attempted RDM/Mis ID In Kabanino - 14/09/2016 14:30

    Vladimir Dima POV:- Allies:only two people who i met, Father henry and a medic, which i did not get the name of, only called him medic. I, the guy who had raised the weapon had no intention of killing the man (hard to believe, yes). I was saying that he was with or is man of charlie james, I was only questioning him as he was a part of a robbery that had taken place yesterday. Yes i know i have no rights to take revenge since my 2 hours of revenge time had been over. That is why i simply tried to intimidate Douglas. before that i was simply walking with a medic i had met up earlier and a fellow named Father Henry, we were walking towards kabanino, i do not see that i have broken any rules since, i had not taken any shots, and I indeed was shot at really fast without the men outside realizing what is happening, probably they were on team speak. And as douglas was replying to me, i got absolutely no chance to do anything as i got shot at immediately. And the person who was shot at in the video, was in the wrong place in the wrong time. plus the shot that the person had taken on me was enough to kill me and i do not know why he kept on shooting. And looking back at the person who shot me, it indeed was CeeJ's (charlie james') group since douglas and Gary were with him, so i was not wrong at ID'ing the man