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  1. KyleRP

    The People's Collective of Chernarus [PCC] [Strict Recruiting]

    Slava Chernarus? Slava Chernarus.
  2. KyleRP

    A Formal Apology

    You people and your damn games.
  3. KyleRP

    Bring Back The Salt Meter

    2018ers, smh. Also +1 this should be brought back, it should count the number of reports and general discussion posts as a way to measure salt.
  4. KyleRP

    Unique Faces (22nd July 2018)

    Looking foward to it!
  5. As @Zaanan said, it just encourages baiting. Personally I think the old dynamic kill rights should be brought back, brings back the fear in initiating and hostilities.
  6. Oh haha you got me, big prank
  7. KyleRP

    My Watch Has Ended

    The loremaster team, literally the only people who make it interesting, and make fun events for everyone, have been disbanded. Wow, well im sure the BorisRP school of RP and excellence will be more than willing to accept you
  8. KyleRP

    Mademoiselle's Profile Picture Thread

    Yeah, I did it really badly lmao
  9. 456543973_paintmemes.jpg.caac1f09dcfd2d8d5b6360b98d25977e.jpg

    1. Sleepyhead


      what does it mean

    2. KyleRP


      "a person who is new to or inexperienced at a particular activity."

    3. Eagle


      Haha lmao XD

    4. KyleRP


      Haha big meme eggs dee

  10. KyleRP

    Mademoiselle's Profile Picture Thread

    Would you want a border?: Yes please orange contributor colour If yes, what colour? Colour of contributor (orange) Do you want a certain character/image? Still image of this please https://imgur.com/b1EtoOi

    1. BorisRP



  12. KyleRP

    Storytime, anyone? (Open Frequency)

    [Aaron holds down the PTT] "You're really gonna expect payment off of a guy who you played a game with at your free will? Good luck with that." [Aaron releases the PTT]
  13. Too many greenhorns, go orange

    1. Banshee


      Go red or go home I say!

    2. KyleRP
  14. Austin was born in California to a caring family, his dad was a former USAF pilot who served in the Korean war. His father flied recreationally, and also hosted an air tours company, taking people up in his twin engine Aerostar 702. He would fly people all over California from Byron Airport, showing them the sights. From a young age, Austin always knew he wanted to grow up like his dad, and become a pilot. At the age of 20, Austin went to to a private pilot school. Half way through completing his training (20 hours flytime) his father passed away from a heart attack. In his will, he left Austin his Aerostar 702. When Austin completed flight training and obtained his private pilots license. Austin immediately took up the reigns on his dads air tours company, taking people all round California, his flying hours rose to a couple hundred in a few weeks. One daya independent transport company asked Austin for help, flying cargo into south america. He agreed, and to get a little bit of help he hired 3 other pilots flying similar planes to him, the job was simple, pick up cargo in Byron, fly it direct to Colombia, and just fly back. On one run out, as Austin landed, he was kidnapped by a Colombian cartel. Austin had a potato sack over his head and was shoved into the boot of a shoddy car and driven out into the middle of nowhere. The cartel needed a pilot to fly cocaine into america, as all attempts getting across the border had failed. Austin, with little to no choice, agreed. He picked up cocaine from a discreet airfield in Colombia and flew it into America, dropping it out of the ejection port in the bottom of the aircraft. The cartel was pleased with Austin, so much that they added more and more coke and even guns into the mix. Austin agreed with the cartel that he would get 25% of whatever was sold. In 2009, the civil war in Chernarus kicked off, the cartel only saw this as a business opportunity, and so did Austin. Austin picked guns up in Colombia, flew to multiple discreet airfields to refuel and eventually, Chernarus. Weapons would be flown in to the airfields and to makeshift airfields where they would be unloaded to CDF or Chedaki, Austin would get his pay, take his cut and deliver the money back to the cartel. It was one of the most profitable jobs Austin ever did, even if he got shot at whilst doing it. Even after the end of the civil war they still delivered weapons to gangs and criminals. By this time the cartel was operating in surrounding countries, making the flights less hazardous and shorter. At the height of the crimewave after the civil war Austin was delivering cocaine to a Chernarussian gang when his plane was intercepted by Chernarussian Air Force and was shot down, Austin survived the crash into the ocean but was presumed dead, he swum back to shore and went into hiding, meanwhile the country was falling apart due to the infection and Austin was trapped in country.
  15. KyleRP

    Well, lads, it was fun. o7 to everyone.

    I literally told you to stop breaking rules hnhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh See you later man
  16. Looking at the forums like:

    Image result for what the fuck gif

  17. KyleRP

    Oshit its your birthday, happy birthday!

    1. Mademoiselle


      Thanking-wa ❤️ 

  18. KyleRP

    • KyleRP
    • StewieRP

    This is stolen valour, STOP!

    1. StewieRP


      dont know what you excpect me to do m8. didnt see anything in the rules or on the forums so how was i supposed to know 0_0

    2. KyleRP


      Because you put your name as RP at the end and copy us, smh

    3. StewieRP


      that.. literally helps with nothing involving the current situation. nor did you give useful information, and clearly did not read my response.

    4. LouieRP


      I gave him consent. 

    5. Eagle


      Why does it matter that he has RP in his name? 

      It's not like you have the copyrights to an RP tittle lmao.

    6. KyleRP


      Oh urite eagle.

      RP ©

      Thats better

  19. KyleRP

    The Sea Men

    This is top notch, I love it
  20. Artyom was born to a working family, along with his brother Fjodor, he worked in the factories near the docks with his family, whilst his brother worked at the local supermarket. He worked on a factory producing weapons for the CDF but would skip work on some days, due to this the CDF conscripted him along with his brother. He didn't like the CDF, it didn't fit with his ideology, so along with his brother they both deserted to the Chedaki whilst on a patrol during the civil war. They worked with the Chedaki until the civil war's end, when the Chedaki was crumbling they layed low in the northern mountains. When the apocalypse started, both Fjodor and Artyom joined the PCC, otherwise known as the Peoples Collective of Chernarus.
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    I approve of your new profile pic

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      Great movie

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      tyty boys

  22. New char music 😄

  23. KyleRP

    Maybe I can have a job...maybe? (open freq)

    [Aaron holds down the PTT] ”Your a few months late, that shut down a while ago.” [Aaron releases the PTT]