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    Long gone are the days where anyone could post on a report so I guess I'll leave this here.


    "The ONLY times I went OOC was to question your wounds, as I didn't understand what was happening to you. And when you went into OOC, so I could answer you. I don't see how I was excessively going into OOC."



    00:22:22 | Chat("Aaron Miller"(id=])): // You wouldn't be out of it this much if you were shot in the leg...

    00:26:33 | Chat("Aaron Miller"(id=])): // I want to RP with you properly, but you

    00:26:39 | Chat("Aaron Miller"(id=)): // make it hard..

    00:31:02 | Chat("Aaron Miller"(id=)): // You shouldn't even be unconscious in the first place.

    00:31:44 | Chat("Aaron Miller"(id=])): // You said the exit wound was the size of a fist, that makes no sense.

    00:32:04 | Chat("Aaron Miller"(id=])): // permakill character

    00:32:34 | Chat("Aaron Miller"(id=])): // You're not RPing with us.


    I'd say that there is excessive/unnecessary OOC... but what do I know?

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      Not all hero's wear fucking capes. 

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      who cares though? 

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