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  1. So @Rolle, few questions to shoot your way.

    1. i thought our warning points and history was being removed, i still have my points :(

    2. The character health system, what level or border do i need to reach in order for my character to be permakilled?

    3. We all lost a little content count, any reason or is it just the website getting booted up again?

    1. Rolle


      1. Only warnings issued before November 2016 were removed.

      2. Not decided yet

      3. A system wide recount after all group forums and some other old forums have been removed.

    2. KyleRP

      Im pretty sure you said we would get a clean slate.. whyyy rolle.

    3. TheProxJack



      remove ma points

    4. KyleRP

      @Rolle as well where is the safezone, i need to campfire RP egs deeeee

    5. Spartan


      The safezone is put on hold for now as other stuff has higher priority