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  1. anyone from the staff team care to explain why @WeeMeme is perma'ed?

    1. Stiflex



    2. Mexi


      Ask @Rolle

    3. KyleRP

      calling in @Rolle for his point of view

    4. Rolle


      Disregard for previous warnings and our rules, rule 4 by me

    5. KyleRP

      So its just a straight perma ban? wat

    6. Cid


      He can appeal as anyone else if he so chooses to.

    7. Rolle


      Yes, in this case it unfortunately is. If one disregards warnings and doesn't care to follow our rules, only a ban is effective.

    8. KyleRP

      yeah maybe like a day ban, or a week ban but fuck me sideways a perm? what did he do?

    9. Cid


      I believe Rolle already explained that above.

    10. KyleRP

      yeah like specifically what did he do

    11. Cid


      I suggest if you want a better understanding onto what he actually did, you ask the man himself if you can contact him.  He disregarded some of our rules, and Rolle put him under the category of Rule 4.  There isn't much else to say on the matter that hasn't already been said.  If Rolle feels like he wants to explain further he can.

    12. evanm23


      I can assure weememe was not trying to get himself banned

      he did not do any sorts of harm i would  say.


    13. Hebee


      All I know is that he posted a status update saying that the beans - points ratio he got for a post made it worth it. - As far as the disregarding the rules. I am sure there are other reasons to which I am unfamiliar with, either way it sucks because to me he did not seem like a bad guy who was out to grief the staff team, just made a meme or two. Regardless that is something that I do not have the full story on so other than that I will not comment other than rip :( .