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    1. evanm23


      its good, but i feel like the music is far too much.

      id use intense soundtrack if i were you tbh

      you kill him btw ?

    2. Stiflex


      Knowing dayz, he traded - at best.

    3. Lucass


      Nope, no trade today :( FeelsBadMan he didn't want to comply so i sprayed him down :P Would of been some great rp


    4. Dr Willsky

      Dr Willsky

      Looks like those nike's got you out of Roleplay...

    5. KyleRP

      @Lucass yeah sucks but i knew who you were, you woulda fucked up my character real bad xD

    6. KyleRP
    7. Dr Willsky

      Dr Willsky

      I was hoping you would stop, so we could continue our characters' storyline

    8. KyleRP

      @Willsky well we all have our hopes and dreams but some cant be achieved. I'm in deep shit with the chernarussians so i wasnt really gonna stick around, anyhow it was a fun chase so hope you enjoyed it :D

    9. Dr Willsky

      Dr Willsky

      would have been more fun if you stayed alive...

    10. KyleRP

      @Willsky cmooon it was a fun chase! cant expect everyone to not fight back now can we?

    11. evanm23


      lets rob people to forward rp lmao

      sounds like my group 

    12. Lucass


      Wasn't to forward RP ;) We saw him run from us for no reason, i chase him, he continues not to want to stop.. i initiate and kill him.

    13. KyleRP

      I ran cos you guys were chernarussians and they have beef with me, that and the fact that you all rushed me with weapons out. But no running is for pussies amirite? Shoulda stayed there for a chit chat and got initiated on there. xD

    14. Lucass


      +1 for that

    15. Dr Willsky

      Dr Willsky

      @Kyle_Jones just such a shame you decided to fight back a tad to early, I was coming in from the south for a pinsor maneuvre. Would've been pretty awesome.

    16. KyleRP

      Well i wasnt gonna wait for you guys to show up xD i was just gonna pop him and bail