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"Can't beat them ingame? the forums are the way to go!"

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  1. Its made by bohemia, its the only dayz on mobile there will ever be, they can barely make it optimised on a PC, let alone a tiny little phone.
  2. The mobile version already exists... its a terrible pixelated version of DayZ
  3. Someone recommend a good movie to watch to keep me from boring myself half to death?

    1. LouieRP


      Ready Player One. 

    2. Eagle


      Gangs of New York.

    3. Genji


      The Emoji Movie

    4. KyleRP
    5. Genji


      Image result for cheeky gif

    6. WhiteKnight
    7. Brayces


      What Dreams May Come.

      Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind

      Uhh... I can't think of any others.

  4. KyleRP

    Various Shenanigans

  5. ArmAs great and all... but its a ballache to get everyone to download the same mods, packs etc when we can just click play and get ingame.
  6. You are a Marine and a SEAL? Who came to save America? and the world?! Good read
  7. KyleRP

    Anarchy media thread

  8. Got inside manned lmfao what is this 2017?

    1. Gallo


      I tried to get my gun out to save you mans but you were dead. Then I blasted him three times and i get one hit lmao.

    2. MingTou


      slava chernarus 😉

      bl dude

    3. Charles


      That was me bud, ha.


      Slava 😉

    4. KyleRP

      Your only a chernarussian nationalist when you scream “SLAVA CHERNARUS YOU FOREIGN FUCK” after you kill me, smh

      anyhow good fight boys

    5. Charles


      I apologize, probably because of ping related issues. Good fight 🙂

    6. MingTou


      He said it before, but 400 ping Australia life 😞

      Anyways good fight 

  9. KyleRP

    • BorisRP

    You should use it tbh

    1. BorisRP


      thats gonna come from you

    2. KyleRP

      I use grammarly, its useful

  10. KyleRP

    Anarchy Announcement.

    [Aaron rolls his eyes, holding down the PTT] "We don't manipulate kids, but then again you people believe anything." [Aaron releases the PTT]
  11. KyleRP

    Zone Rentals for Groups

    Renting zones for hostility so people know where to avoid? Yeah its a no from me, I like to go about the map and explore, not be restricted to one spot.
  12. KyleRP

    The Symptom [Selective Recruitment]

    Looks good, although since you've just unarchived you might wanna look into putting group goal timeframes and whatnot although im sure you'll do that anyway, good luck.