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DayZRP 5th anniversary - 50% Premium sale


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  1. Everyone getting donator ranks and im sitting here with no money like



  2. Why are you blue?

  3. I was browsing the DayZRP forums when suddenly i stumbled into your profile, this video clearly shows my absolute horror, never before seen footage.

    You monster.


    (btw it gets loud at the end)


    1. Phoenix



  5. Character page is looking pretty dank now

    wish i could add music to it

    1. Kieran_Hales


      it is lad it is, get some premium in your life and you can


    2. Kyle_Jones


      Mate, premium is for people with lodes of moni.

    3. Kieran_Hales


      50% sale lad

  6. [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    swept up okay, give you a solid 6/10 yeezies.
  7. [Game] Lame Super Powers

    granted, but you only have super strength when you dress like spongebob. I want the ability of laser vision.
  8. Anyone decently good with photoshop hit me up

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Kyle_Jones


      F U C K  Y O U  M E A N  B @Peaches

    3. Peaches

      Sorry, I don't speak I T A L I C S

    4. Kyle_Jones


      I only speak in B O L D  U N D E R S C O R E  C A L I B R I..

  9. When they get OOC salty so they have to downvote your character lol


  10. Survivors of the Southern Moana (W.I.P)

    Just gonna leave this here, Nice group idea but if you dont want memes like this, maybe change the name?
  11. Behind every whitename supersoldier


  12. DayZRP 5th Anniversary!

    You still don't, filthy whitename. 150 hours in DayZ? that should be in the thousands mate, I would love for you to get active and be a key person in the RP world Those are rookie numbers JK do whatever the fuck you want tbh, good job Rolle! happy 5th anniversary DayZRP!
  13. aaand the teamspeaks fucked rip.

    1. Aiko


      Probably should have read the announcement right before it went down. They are going down to fix the sync.