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  1. Thunder In The Mountains

    Thunder in the mountains Ryan was riding through the hills of Russia, the roar of his newly repaired Harley Davidson FXDL echoed throughout the hills and woods that surrounded the lonely road. The odd destroyed car or the undead were all that Ryan could see for miles, he squeezes the brake and slows down to a 50 kph crawl as he winds the abandoned roads, he pulls out a long range radio and makes a final transmission to Rory and the gang before he goes out of its 5km range. “Hey Rory, David, anyone else, I’m gonna be gone for a while…” He pauses temporarily, thinking if he should tell them where or what he was doing, he decides not to, there was no point in worrying them. “I ain’t leaving, just got some business to deal with up in Russia, I’ll be fine ju-” He slows the bike down as a barricade blocks the road, it didn’t seem to be military, a pile of pipes, wood, and cars blocked the road, he switches down a gear before 6 heavily armed men wearing cuts like his leap over and run around the barricade, they start to yell.. “STOP THE FUCKING BIKE, TURN OFF THE ENGINE!” Normally Ryan would put up some form of fight, but with 6 guys aiming Kalashnikovs at his face he figured he best not try his luck, he squeezes the brakes, bringing the bike to a halt. “Alright ALRIGHT” He turns the key switching the engine off “engines off… Who the fuck are y-” he gets one good look of their cut, Hells Angels…the Outlaws MC nemesis. He looks up to the patched member as he draws a crowbar in one hand, smacking Ryan in the face with it. Rolling backwards off his bike, Ryan groans as he tries to get up. His radio flies out of his hand and is shortly crushed by the Sgt… Ryan makes a charge using all of his power at the patch member, he grabs the crowbar and wrestles with the patch, until the Sgt. At Arms comes and knocks the wind out of him, Ryan is knocked to the ground, barely able to breathe. He staggers to his feet before he gets hit in the face with the crowbar again, rendering him unconscious. Ryan wakes up in a garage, he is tied and hanging from the roof by a rope, hands bound. A patch member notices he’s awake and frantically runs into the main clubhouse, yelling that he’s awake. The president walks in accompanied by a whole load of other angels, Ryan is still dazed, he looks to the president as he opens his mouth. The president speaks in a Russian accent. “Wakey wakey rise and shine, Ryan” the president throws a right hook into his stomach, Ryan winces and his body recoils from the punch. Ryan notices he’s shirtless, his cut hung up in the corner of the stale garage along with his shirt, the president walks up to Ryan’s cut hung up noticing his infamous “ADIOS” patch. The president walks back to Ryan who is still dangling from the roof, he says to Ryan as he walks up to him “So what does that one mean, the ADIOS one.. Never seen an outlaw patch like that before” Ryan sluggishly mutters “Probably cos you ain’t from the states, it means Angels.. Die In Outlaw States.. Fucking bastard..” He spits at the presidents shoes, the president calmly whispers “Prospect..” Looking towards a prospect before pointing at his shoes. The prospect comes over reluctantly and gets on his knees, wiping the spit off the shoe with his shirt. The president then speaks again. “Okay then, Ryan… You can be our punching bag for a few hours, then we will gut you like fish, spilling your entrails, yes?” Ryan smirks at the president, before opening his mouth again. “Okay then, bitch boy… bring it” The president chuckles before clicking his fingers, the rest of the members in the room start to approach Ryan before the president leaves. The members begin a punching frenzy on Ryans already scarred body. Ryan winces and turns, recoiling at the punches. After what felt like an hour of non stop beating, taunting and degradation. The members leave the room for a break. Ryan’s body was in pain from head to toe. from all of the punches and wiggling, he seemed to have loosened the restraints, using the last incy bits of energy he owned he started to wiggle. Eventually the rope loosens enough that Ryan falls to the ground. He gets up and looks around him, he walks over to his cut, putting on his T-Shirt and his cut, he looks around for a weapon. He sees an iron pipe on the bench, stumbling over to it he takes it into his hands, he staggers over to the door to the clubhouse and yells out. “DONE SO SOON? IM READY FOR ROUND TWO!” A prospect hears the call from Ryan and jumps out of his seat, eager to prove himself he walks over to the door cracking his knuckles, he swings open the door and walks in, noticing Ryan isn’t where he used to be before.. THWACK! Ryan belts the prospect in the head with the pipe, he keeps smacking his skull until he stains the floor red and grey, he bends down and grabs the prospects handgun, chambering a round before sneaking into the clubhouse. It was a fairly simple layout, a small bar in the shape of an L with stools, behind it 3 sofas, with the members all drinking and relaxing on the sofas. Ryan peaks around the corner, seeing a kalashnikov propped up against the wall close to him, sneakily he reaches over and grabs it, shoving the pistol into his cut before chambering the AK. He walks out from behind the wall in full sight of everyone. The president makes eye contact with Ryan before his eyes widen. “God forgives, outlaws don’t…” Ryan squeezes the trigger, unleashing a hail of rounds into the sofas and its occupants. The bloodcurdling screams of the angels as they died one by one until the gun stopped firing. Through the fog of gunpowder Ryan sees the president, he’s hit in the stomach but not dead. He starts to crawl for a gun but Ryan beats him to it, kicking the gun away, Ryan draws a knife, labelled with the Outlaws MC logo. “Wheres my bike?” The president refuses to speak, staring Ryan down. Ryan impales him in the leg, the president screams as Ryan twists the blade. “Where is it..? WHERE IS IT!” He twists the knife more before the president cracks, screaming “Outside, OUTSIIDE!” Ryan removes the blade and then stabs it in his chest, before removing it and putting it back in his boot, leaving him to die. He walks outside and gets on his bike once more, turning the key the bike roars to life, Ryan pulls away from the clubhouse and makes his way back to Severograd. A few hours later Ryan’s bike can be heard thundering on the northern road, he parks his bike up next to the council haybale, looking down on the pub. “Home sweet home..” He walks into the bar lethargically, sitting down on a stool in absolute pain, he was broken, shattered. He winces as he gets up again, dragging his feet up the stairs, he collapses onto the bed, barely able to move. He sits there staring at the ceiling, confused. Before muttering to himself.. “Im getting too old for this shit..”
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  3. Rory and the gang [Private]

    [Ryan is riding his newly fixed harley when he takes out his radio, holding down the PTT, you would hear a lot of wind] "Hey Rory, David, anyone else. Im gonna be gone for a while, I aint leaving, just got some business to deal with up in Russia. Ill be fine ju- *You hear the bike slowing down, Ryan mumbles "what the fuck?" Before screaming can be heard* "alright ALRIGHT the engines off, who the fuck are y-" [A smack is heard, Ryan winces in pain, there are lots of voices before the radio is smashed and the PTT disabled]
  4. [GAME] Rate the person aboves character profile!

    Shit fucking love it man, also the machine? I must have a shot of vodka with.. the machiiiine ! 10/10
  5. [GAME] Rate the person aboves character profile!

    Pretty sweet tbh 8/10
  6. I think im done with my char page now, it looks sweet.

  7. Streaming now on www.twitch.tv/kyleplayswarz

  8. Severograd Urgent Care (25.7 Hz - Open Frequency)

    [Ryan listens to the broadcast before sliding out beneath his bike and pressing down the PTT] "ooh oooh I got a name, lets call iiiit..." *Theres a long pause between his response* "The Bleeding Chernarussian! thats a great name." [He mumbles to himself "I make myself laugh sometimes" before sliding back under the bike releasing the PTT]
  9. Musical Broadcast [Open Freq.]

    [Ryan is under his harley still trying to fix the exhaust when the radio bursts to life, bobbing his head he slides out and presses down the PTT, you hear a thick bostonian accent] "ooohohohoh! Little like eminem ya know? I mean it aint professional but damn its the best shit youll get nowadays, keep it up man." *he pauses* "Oh right shit i gotta get working on this thing" [Ryan slides back beneath the bike after releasing his PTT]
  10. Im going to university in 4 days, 4 fucking days.

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