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  1. I'm back: Hey people! I have returned after, like, 9 months off! What's new? How's the wife? You still doing that thing you told me about with the tennis balls and used vegetable oil you were getting from that southern fried chicken place down the street? Is that why your hair's that colour now? Man, we've got so much to catch up on. I'm confused: So it seems like a lot has changed in my absence. I feel a little out of the loop. I've rummaged through the forums but there's still a few things I'm unsure about. Maybe you can help me with the following conundrums (in bullet point format)... A lot of the recent threads I'm seeing on the forums are focused on SA, and on the home page all the servers are listed under "Standalone Servers". So are the RP mod servers still around and populated? With the lack of mod support on SA at the moment, does the community focus on SA not detract from the Faction and Settlement/Faction Stronghold aspect of the RP mod experience, which played a huge part in the enjoyment of RP, at least for me personally? Is the SA lore and character knowledge considered separate from the mod servers? So should I adapt my back story (particularly in terms of timeline) depending on which version i'm playing on, and if I meet someone on the mod server, do I know them on the SA server? Can you teach me the tennis ball vegetable oil thing? I've got an idea: So, fresh start, fresh character. I want to make it fun and interesting though, both for myself and the people I bump in to. I'm thinking of playing an elderly man, hard of sight and hearing and showing signs of dementia. Barely even realises an apocalypse has occurred, mistakes literally everyone for his grandson and calls everyone "Billy", tells bandits to watch their language and complains that back in his day kids weren't allowed to play with guns. Haven't landed on a name yet though, so I'm open to suggestions. Something simple and typical of a crazy old man. I kind of like the idea of "Grandpa *First name*" or "Old Man *Surname*". All suggestions welcome. All jokes aside, I am not making light or making fun of dementia. My Grandma is 82 years old and suffers from severe dementia and my Grandad died in October of last year from Parkinsons at the age of 87, during the later stages of which he suffered from dementia. Despite this, every time a saw him or see her, they're absolutely delightful and very fun to be around. When they'd ask a question three times, or mistake me for my uncle (32 years older than me), they'd roll their eyes and we'd all have a giggle. That is the essence of the character I intend to portray. I don't intend to offend anyone.
  2. Unfortunately the search function doesn't pick up in-game names and as far as I know there's no way to locate people on the forums with in game names, so it can be hard to locate players. Generally I just ask OOC in typed chat what their forum name is or if they have skype before we part ways as that seems to be easier. If you had a really good RP session, you could also try your luck in the "Who's RP did you enjoy" thread or post in there yourself, including your in game name so it gets picked up by the search function.
  3. Reallocate resources and staff away from DayZRP to run a H1Z1RP server and community? [video=youtube] Seriously though, right now (and in my opinion, for the foreseeable future) H1Z1 is all engine stability and no gameplay (aka bollocks). It's literally the evil twin of DayZ. Exactly the same and the complete opposite. H1Z1 is to DayZ what Dominos is to Papa Johns. One is fast, consistent but ultimately feels a bit rushed and soulless, where as the other, while it may take a bit longer to delivery, always feels a bit more personal and is made with more carefully prepared ingredients, giving you a more rewarding experience. ... I'm hungry
  4. Happy to help where possible. I'm based in the UK and usually available from 6PM - 1AM (GMT) week days and pretty much any time on weekends (girlfriend's mood permitting). I've also acted/voice acted/narrated on a few short films and student projects in my college days, and I have decent editing ability if you need any help with that side of things.
  5. Brabbzy


    I'd personally agree that a queue system is more fair than spamming. The same amount of slots will become free over a set period regardless of the joining system, and a queue system means the people who've waited the longest get in first. Sure, you could join a queue of 5 and someone leaves the server every 10 minutes, so play something else and keep checking back. You could just as easily sit there spamming for hours on end because people keep getting infront of you by a split second. Still, as has already been said, it's a long way off, but a valid topic for discussion, even at this stage.
  6. Dude, for realsies, trying to get help on the forums (which is monitored by the people who decide on applications) instead of reading the rules thoroughly and carefully is probably not going to help your application. Just stop, go back, read both carefully, and you'll spot it.
  7. It's very obvious if you read the rules thoroughly. If you're skimming just for the sake of finding it and not taking in the rules themselves, you'll probably miss it, which is kind of the point.
  8. The orange and white stripey one in the fish tank behind that thing in the pastel burgundy shirt? Go Fish: For every fuck he does not give, he gives 2 orgasms instead.
  9. Awesome idea, must bring up some pretty unique situations. I'm imagining your character and a friend being taken hostage, and your buddy desperately trying to plead with your captors for some food or a can of coke to get you back on your feet while you slowly slip out of consciousness. I just came back and I'm thinking of playing an elderly man, hard of sight and hearing and showing signs of dementia. Barely even realising an apocalypse has occurred, calling literally everyone "Billy", telling bandits to watch their language and complaining that back in his day kids weren't allowed to play with guns. Haven't landed on a name yet though, so PM me if you have any suggestions. Don't want to take the thread off topic.
  10. Someone, give this man a medal. +1
  11. 10/10 man. Bravo. You clearly have a knack for story telling. At first I was like "electrical engineer, so there's a convenient explanation for being able to repair cars *rolled eyes*. Then joined the navy? I assume that involved some weapons and medical training huh? Here we go again, another Mr Perfect all-rounder". Then I got to the wife bit, and I raised an eye brow. Using the smell of copper to set the scene; unique and fantastic. I'm there, I'm gripped. Then the self doubt and mix of vengeance and guilt, great basis for a compelling character arc. Innocent or guilty? Noble and reliable companion with a troubled past, or dangerous delusional schizophrenic psychopath? Would be great to read how this character progresses if we don't end up meeting in game. Good luck. Also, I have a Crested Gecko called Biscuit, so 11/10.
  12. There is an end game in SA already man. It's called 'gathering all the best gear in the game over a couple of days, getting bored and heading to Cherno/Elektro for some real action and almost immediately being punched to death by a sneaky fresh spawn, then rage quitting and coming back to DayZ RP where the goal is unlimited interesting player interaction rather than monotonous looting and inevitable frustration'... Mode.
  13. [video=youtube] *licks UberDeathKatz's face*