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  1. Thing is, I dont need the game downloaded on my pc for it to work. So I dont even have any files in common about DayZ or in general.
  2. Hello, I have a question regarding Nvidia Shield and the chance to play with it. So, my pc isnt good enough to run DayZ, thats why I use Nvidia shield (Geforce NOW). It is a service that STREAMS the game for you and you can play it just like you do on your own. (has barely any lag behind it since I have super fast internet, cant even notice it). I was wondering, is there a chance I can play on the server now since I need the launcher and it launches with steam, but I need it to launch with my shield. How it works is, I open the program and I type in steam information there and then it starts, but I think I cant do that with the launcher. Any idea how I could solve this?
  3. uhh ohh, ur still around as well... damn ? that is great to hear. you and misty for some reason were my role-models later on the game ? even tho it was mostly kill. kill. kill. good to see people are still around. I really miss the mod -[[[
  4. I havent played dayz for like 3 years now I think since I joined and finshed uni, but something keeps dragging me back here. I had some of the best time of gaming ever in dayzrp back when we still played the mod 2012/13/14. Just wanted some young guns to feel the power SVR once had. i remember this day like it was yesterday... ? Serj Kovalchuk, ex-svr, ex-al-takizh, ex-stalker and everything ex I was before. Love the community and game still, but cant find time to play it properly, cheers and there is mooore, but this one was highlight when every clan on the server initated on us, we were literally kos'ing left right and center p.s. who remembers al-takizh attack to the castle near novi/stary gorod? we acted normal, but planted satchels all over the place and initiated. cant find the video, was sick! edit- is misty or Wunseh still around? I remember them getting banned looong time ago
  5. Serj Kovalchuk Back in the days of old Chernarus he was an elite soldier. He worked and was part of very well known group called Sluzhba vneshney razvedki or as everyone referred to it - SVR. Serj was really up there, he was known by every leader in the group, but what is even better, known by EVERYONE else in the land. His name wasn't just name, it was a legacy. While working with SVR, he and other comrades took mercenary jobs for greater loot, gear and pride after all. It was a very cold and scary time to not be friends with Serj. As time went on and a lot of SVR members went M.I.A., he thought it would be a good idea to possibly leave the land. Which he did. It lasted over 4 years and no one knew where he went. Until now. A new chapter of Serj Kovalchuk has just begun. With little knowledge of the new Charnarus, he is starting to step his foot back on to the land. But without the previous intentions. In the time he was gone, he was living with couple of rebels from back then. They all agreed to return, but this time being completely Neutral towards anyone. They, the rebels, and Serj, have lost their respect on the land. They need to rebuild it. Without guns and being super aggressive towards anyone who comes in their way. That is the past. Serj's current plan on the land is just to see where the place takes him. A new chance to make friends or enemies. He is willing to risk it and try again.
  6. Serj Kovalchuk is looking for a group to join. He is an ex-SVR soldier and living with this background. I keep playing this character. Ive been here for a long time - I know how this works better than you think. Please contact me via PM in forum if you think your group could fit my character.
  7. Hello. Havent been here for a long time, but slowly willing to come back. My character is russian and always will be. Im lookin for any kind of group which would like me to be in. past clans - svr/jbg/echo 1/al-takizh/isoa and maybe some other which i dont remember. hit me up in pm.
  8. dont quite remember u. also idk about how famous you are, but for some reason Azarov brings something back... 6
  9. probably misty and wunsleh. they changed my character completely. because of them I went hardcore russian only. forever.
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