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  1. John Caboose, or Caboose as his friends called him, was an above average teen when it came to size. He excelled at sports and anything he could us his size to his advantage on. Caboose struggled in school find most high school classes to be above his intelligence level. Any class he passed was because that teacher wanted him to continue to play sport or were pressured by coaches to pass him. After finishing high school and being accept to a few on sports scholarships. While trying to pass college riding out on his good athletic qualities. Around the fourth semester with caboose's constantly failing grades he was kicked out of college. Left with no goals or guidance he was lost. Just floating through life and moving from country to country.
  2. twig

    Allow the robbery for items once again.

    I feel like there need to be a reason for it other that look a pretty M4. It has to fit the character and make sense in the situation. If you need supplies and it fits a group goals or the lore of you character then you should be able to. I feel like some people will abuse this but in my experience it wasn't an overly abused before the rule change.
  3. @XxGrAipYyxX I am honored to be your wheelchair and run you around anytime. To all the other guys the hunt is still on!
  4. @Taryn, I believe @Rolle clear all of that off this page for a reason. If you or anyone else would like to have a conversation about this please feel free to come to our open coms. We can have a discussion there. We didn't discount what you said about it being used as a fascist symbol we simple pointed out that this symbol like many other symbols and words in the past have been changed or modified to mean something other than the original intent. As you said though. It wasn't originally a fascist, we are using for its original meaning.
  5. On my phone but when I get home tonight I can and if I don't just remind me oocly in taking or something. Great work by the way.
  6. Thank you to everyone who made Quickie Mart possible you are all amazing @Mr. Blue @Sxcomba @GrimTheGreat @Lori and so many more
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    10x Hall of Fame giveaway

    yes please do want
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    Computer giveaway

    count me in
  9. Hanging out in Stary for some sweet campfire rps, I see Peter Zolsevich, we tale him around Stary trying to get him alone we finally do and when we initiate on him he eats I told him to drop his gun as soon as he is done because animations and shit after he is done eating when this happens he opens fire and is blasted. No vid
  10. So skip was talking to this nice hobo when a dreadful text rper comes along when the hobo realized it was a text rper he took his leaving I assume like the rest of us he didn't want to read a whole conversation. I was in the building behind the text rper if something went wrong. The text rper shot a zombie unsuppressed which made a hoard. Skip and text rper take off and I head off in a slow pursuit. I hear more shots assuming they killed the zombies I slowly roll up and skip is dead. Not knowing the full story and wanting to get some insight I talk to the text rper. I don't kill him right away because I was going to stalk him for a bit but he logged soon after i stopped talking to him.
  11. Eli was raised as an only child to two loving parents. He had a normal childhood in northern china. His dad always pushed him to excel in everything he did which drive him to become very well rounded. He was above average in school and sports, which later drove him to be quite a good soldier. As Eli did his mandatory military service to his country he learned many valuable skill for the world he would soon find himself in. Eli was trained mostly with scoped rifles, as well as combat medicine, and survival techniques. When Eli had finished his service he though it would be good to go see some of the country he had defended. In his travels he realized that there was a lot more to the see than just his country so decided to travel abroad. having traveled to most of the major countries he started to pick at random some smaller countries. some exciting places not everyone has been. Eli quickly found the country of Chernarus and enjoyed studying up on it's recent bloody history and thought that is where he should go.
  12. @i am Bambi and I were in kab where @angry_skipper was going to meet us I heard him say he was being approached by 2 guys with yellow armbands. I said thats vdv, knowing they would try to take skips M4 I started to move that way and so did bambi. I crested the hill and when on the outside of the church to get a better look. Just as I got in view of them the shots started, skip almost instantly died I also watch bambi crest the hill a few seconds later and the turned him around. I told bambi not to shot and we would wait till we had more of an advantage to attack as we both had winchesters and bambi was face to face with one of them and had no cover. no vid sorry
  13. No, as I play on a calculator with a monitor, keyboard, mouse plugged into it.
  14. i skimmed his report. probably why i get B's
  15. That zub not vyshnoye? A for effort though.
  16. Eli Grey's POV So me and @i am Bambi were driving along in our POS car looking for a few more wheels we stopped in kab to look for some when we ran into a few people and talk to them for about 10 or 15 minutes. Toward the end of our talk is when I spotted @Puncture decked out in military gear, which caused a few of the people to ask if he was VDV. A little while after a car roles up and four guys hope out. a few of them instantly check the inventory of our car. All of them looked like fresh spawns most didn't have visible weapons, backpacks or much of anything. I started feeling uncomfortable because I was having connection issues which everyone was aware of because I said it OOC. When @Nihoolious made it super clear he was going to rob us I started to run away. I was already running before they dropped the initiation I made it to some bushes before I was shot and died. I have a few questions for questions, If @Puncture is text rping how can he abide by the new rule of 11.5 When speaking with another player, you may not communicate over the radio (TeamSpeak) with your allies unless you speak over the radio and in game at the same time. Telepathic communication is not acceptable. Second other than gear what was the RP reason for robbing us? We are weeks into the apocalypse the are supplies everywhere. third the motorcycle helmets why did you put them on? you say it is so we don't see your faces but everyone had there face exposed at one point or another in our encounter. fourth I wasn't there but I was told @i am Bambi escaped because as soon as I was killed all but one of you ran to my body to loot it, why? We kinda believe this was purely gear based rp. also can you please list all your allies please because it was more than just the two.
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    KoS Report

    So to gain that info you were metagaming my name by pulse checking me? That is the only way my "name" is reliant at all. The pants were not the same as we talked about this already and a hat raincoat and gun much to go off of but whatever man. Yes at GM I made fun of you for crying and told you to be a man about it Which is in a different voice all together. I talked to some GM's and no there isn't any rule about having to change your name. Also if you don't just quote a snip-it of the post I did mention the hat, must have just missed that part though. I highly doubt that is doing everything in your power to protect someone taking them from the safest possible position to the most vulnerable or "telling someone to be a human-shield" 8.1 You must do everything in your power to keep your hostages alive and in relatively good health. That includes protecting them from external threats like zombies and leaving them with a realistic chance of survival.
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    KoS Report

    So to start this off I have two characters associated with the court, I have Hue Matt who has an Asian voice and Eli Grey who is my normal voice. I was not Hue at the time, I didn't change my name because of an +8 man queue which I thought wouldn't matter because it's just for logs and metagaming. Which after being part of @Puncture torture that was cut short earlier that day they assumed and i'm pretty sure they pulse checked me for that info as @Puncture repetitively told me he remembered me. During his torture i said about a dozen words in a different voice and having my face cover and was wearing glasses and a hat. Which ICly makes in impossible to know it was me. When asked he said it was from my clothing which the only clothing that was the same was a green rain coat, mind you it is so common that the other two hostages (not associated with me in any way) were wearing them and @Puncture was as well, and a green baseball cap. Eli Grey's POV - So I was rolling to Stary with some IC friends I set up on a hill because there was a lot of activity in the town. Shortly after that some people ran up to me and started talking to me so I informed the guys and kept in contact with them so they would know if I stopped I was taken. The people seemed kinda cool we scouted the city and I relayed info to my team of locations of movements, Then 6-8 people roll the hill and sprint around us I tell the guys I'm probably going to get taken. When they initiated they started to move us to kab when we get there i'm split off from the other hostages and take up to a room in piano house by just @Puncture where he tries to get me to admit that i'm Hue Matt/part of the court, which I can't because I wasn't, he gets frustrated I have to go OOC through text so that he might understand whats going on. After that I'm moved to the shed with the other hostages I am there for about a minute when my guys roll up and start shooting. After the first round of shots I'm still alive one guard is uncon on the floor and the other guard run out of the building I lay down because it was the safest place for me. The guard runs back in and tell me to stop laying down and to stand all the way up and go to the corner or die. I feel like this put me in the biggest line of fire and when I was laying down I was in the least. I think this was intentional so that the hostages would be shot, then Imagine that someone come around the corner sprays the guard infront of me and kills me too. 00:20:38 | "Nikolas Sladek SHOT Hue matt by AK74 into Chest." 00:20:38 | "Nikolas Sladek SHOT Hue matt by AK74 into Chest." 00:20:38 | "Nikolas Sladek SHOT Hue matt by AK74 into Chest." 00:20:38 | "Player Luke Krey has fallen into unconsciousness." 00:20:38 | "Pubert Kentucky SHOT Luke Krey by AKM into Head." 00:20:38 | "Nikolas Sladek SHOT Pubert Kentucky by AK74 into leftarm." Ignore the luke Krey part and you will see exactly what I was talking about he shot me and the guard in the same second because of where I was forced to stand.
  19. Server and location: S1 Novy Sobor Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2130 Your in game name: Hue Matt Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: @Payto Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: So I was moving up from the coast and ran into Novy to get some supplies as at this point i was a fresh spawn without much to my name. As I approach the PD a man comes out asks me to put my ax away, it was out for killing zombies, the proceeds to raise his gun and tell me to put my hands up. I do as i'm told then comes the drop the backpack, then I'm told to take of my pants with something along the lines of "I want to see that booty take off your pants", after the pants it's "lose the shirt too i want to see those nips". Not judging but it was kinda weird seeing as we were both men. after I was stripped naked I was moved to the garage 10 feet away tied up and told to get on my knees for his safety. I don't see how a naked unarmed man is a threat but I did as I was told. I asked why he was doing this as he went back to my gear to rummage through it. I was only told for practice as he hangs out with bad people and needs to get better. I was trying to get some RP out of this but there was just none to get and after pushing just a bit to much for that RP I was finally told to shut up or he would shoot me in the head. the he shut the doors and ran away. The whole situation took five minutes at the most. I sent the suspect a PM about talking about this in ts, it was ignored for 4 hours so I guess it comes to this. 6.6 Short robberies that have little role play involved are considered as BadRP, therefore will be punished accordingly.
  20. I would like to know when and what I did that wasn't complying? You asked me to put my ax on my back before you even held me up and I did it because i knew where this was going. My whole point of this is you had no reason to do this ICly and you have made that very clear. You have to have a logical reason for things you do just like in real life. 6.1 You must always have a valid in character reason which would justify a hostile situation. I don't care about gear I didn't have anything and you know that. I care about you holding me up, me prying to get you to talk to me and after no more that a couple of sentences you tell me it's time to stop talking or you will kill me. All you would have had to do is take ten minutes escort me somewhere else and get some info off me, or torture me, or give me even the slightest thing to play off of.
  21. I asked the GM's and was told you never went to the help desk
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    Settlement Rules

    -User was cautioned for this post!-
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    Settlement Rules

    Castiel is right and they sure shouldn't be eager to run into an enemies base either haha