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  1. twig

    Allow the robbery for items once again.

    I feel like there need to be a reason for it other that look a pretty M4. It has to fit the character and make sense in the situation. If you need supplies and it fits a group goals or the lore of you character then you should be able to. I feel like some people will abuse this but in my experience it wasn't an overly abused before the rule change.
  2. @XxGrAipYyxX I am honored to be your wheelchair and run you around anytime. To all the other guys the hunt is still on!
  3. @Taryn, I believe @Rolle clear all of that off this page for a reason. If you or anyone else would like to have a conversation about this please feel free to come to our open coms. We can have a discussion there. We didn't discount what you said about it being used as a fascist symbol we simple pointed out that this symbol like many other symbols and words in the past have been changed or modified to mean something other than the original intent. As you said though. It wasn't originally a fascist, we are using for its original meaning.
  4. On my phone but when I get home tonight I can and if I don't just remind me oocly in taking or something. Great work by the way.
  5. Thank you to everyone who made Quickie Mart possible you are all amazing @Mr. Blue @Sxcomba @GrimTheGreat @Lori and so many more
  6. twig

    10x Hall of Fame giveaway

    yes please do want
  7. twig

    Computer giveaway

    count me in
  8. John Caboose, or Caboose as his friends called him, was an above average teen when it came to size. He excelled at sports and anything he could us his size to his advantage on. Caboose struggled in school find most high school classes to be above his intelligence level. Any class he passed was because that teacher wanted him to continue to play sport or were pressured by coaches to pass him. After finishing high school and being accept to a few on sports scholarships. While trying to pass college riding out on his good athletic qualities. Around the fourth semester with caboose's constantly failing grades he was kicked out of college. Left with no goals or guidance he was lost. Just floating through life and moving from country to country.
  9. Hanging out in Stary for some sweet campfire rps, I see Peter Zolsevich, we tale him around Stary trying to get him alone we finally do and when we initiate on him he eats I told him to drop his gun as soon as he is done because animations and shit after he is done eating when this happens he opens fire and is blasted. No vid
  10. So skip was talking to this nice hobo when a dreadful text rper comes along when the hobo realized it was a text rper he took his leaving I assume like the rest of us he didn't want to read a whole conversation. I was in the building behind the text rper if something went wrong. The text rper shot a zombie unsuppressed which made a hoard. Skip and text rper take off and I head off in a slow pursuit. I hear more shots assuming they killed the zombies I slowly roll up and skip is dead. Not knowing the full story and wanting to get some insight I talk to the text rper. I don't kill him right away because I was going to stalk him for a bit but he logged soon after i stopped talking to him.
  11. @i am Bambi and I were in kab where @angry_skipper was going to meet us I heard him say he was being approached by 2 guys with yellow armbands. I said thats vdv, knowing they would try to take skips M4 I started to move that way and so did bambi. I crested the hill and when on the outside of the church to get a better look. Just as I got in view of them the shots started, skip almost instantly died I also watch bambi crest the hill a few seconds later and the turned him around. I told bambi not to shot and we would wait till we had more of an advantage to attack as we both had winchesters and bambi was face to face with one of them and had no cover. no vid sorry
  12. No, as I play on a calculator with a monitor, keyboard, mouse plugged into it.
  13. i skimmed his report. probably why i get B's