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  1. You guys are all legends, had a blast, all good times, I'll still get on and be around just looking for a bit of a change for now.
  2. We have only been attacked twice since the base is only a few days old. So there is not to many examples I can give to you of people getting inside the walls of the compound. What I can say is that when the 503 attacked they were able to get three people into the tower during that fight two were gunned down by the one person in the tower who happened to be better at holding a corner then they were at pushing it the other one was not an official member of 503 and put his hands up after being shot.. They were on the same floor as him and if he had not won the gun fight they would have taken the tower. When the Joyces attack one of there people pushed the tower and killed our man inside and fought quite will from the tower. the joyces were also able to get a man inside the main walls but he was outnumbered and complied when told to put his hands up. Yes our base is strong but in no was is it impossible the breach as it has been every time we have been attacked. Even if you hack saw open the gates, there are only two to get into the main compound. There are other ways into the compound as well, If @Roland wants to know what they are we will tell him. For obvious reasons I will no be openly sharing them. I would also like to poin out the base was approved by roland and a majority of the council. This thread has quickly devolved from being about the bunker, the OP's point to being about how hard it is to attack us and how it is easy to defend our base. This sums up a lot of what people are saying but this is not our fault. I am not against bringing back ladders they were glitchy and were abused hopefully they can be fixed and brought back.
  3. This is getting a bit ridiculous at this point. The only points people are trying to make is that it has a PVP advantage, which is exactly what a military base should do. For the people that know how to go look at it in map editor and for those that don't it is up at tisy if you really want to see it. There is one stair case and two rooms. this is no different than trying to push a house. If you are complaining about PVP there is a pretty good chance you know how to push a house. For those that think pushing a house is to hard, then know this it is down stairs throw a gernade down there, two or three will clear the whole bunker. Now for the RP reasons. Did you read the lore on it at all or just look at this pictures? It is a military installation. Military installations have well protected armories. Should it have disappeared because the base was abandoned? Doesn't make much sense does it. As for people saying make something like the Joyces, or Soup Kitchen though there bases are great and do suit them will. Our group is not a group of roamers that are never at there home (the Joyces) and we are not a group who believes in handing out everything for free (Soup Kitchen). Both of those groups are great and there bases match there RP and there group. Our group is about making, protecting, and providing for our community. So yes we have high walls there are easy to protect but as the Joyces and 503 know, as they have both attacked, you can get inside. Our base is not OP anymore than the prision, which might I add is not public (destroying there walls to build your own is griefing as is placing your own locks on there gates. Not so public is it. Like Jim said above me no one has 6+hours let alone a week to hold down there base till the walls despawn.) As for people that want to steal do what everyone else does break in at night when we have no one on. If you are looking for a fight, you can't get mad that we have an advantage of our walls, but the bunker is not an advantage. Everyone is acting like you can shoot out of it but not into it. I think a lot of people got mad over two reasons here one is you feel lied to which to that I say then let only rolle and the admin team approve bases then no one can complain about it. Second is that it is pvp oriented. It is part of our lore and goals as a group to protect the community we have made and yes that does involve two things a bit of pvp (hard to protect what you don't fight for) and second a well fortified position. It takes two sides to pvp if you don't come to our base and try to start a fight with us there is no advantage to our base in pvp. TLDR: There is no more pvp advantage than holding a house, It fits our group and out goals, and it can be broken into.
  4. Feedback: Banshee often answers my questions when he can. Always has given me good advice on situations and how to handle them, as well as explaining things from a different point of view or pointing out something I may have miss. He is a very helpful staff member. Suggestions for improvement: I would suggest that the big man skips GM and promotes him right to admin.
  5. If you have met someone IC before without them covering there face and you run into them again without a facial cover and //does my charactor recognize you can they say no? Also is it Badrp to say you have somehow had plastic surgery in the past few weeks in an apocalypse?
  6. I'm a furry and i'm offended
  7. Well I'm sorry then you are the only one who didn't enjoy themselves. I just got a message from lemon we both had fun and so didn't everyone else. Maybe hostile RP just isn't for you but I wish you the best.
  8. I mean watched a video of your death, no scream, but who knows
  9. As you hostage I expected a lot more from your hostile role-play. If you were so worried about the role-play and not the gear you were robbing us for you easily could have turned yourself over when you were surround, or talked your way out. You didn't do this instead I was driven away and killed for your death. Your actions cut my RP short. So if you want someone to be mad at, be mad at yourself. Also I would like to know how your man even knew you died?? Strange
  10. All the evidence I have is in the screen shots of our DM's and Quotes from his original unedited POV. I did not record our call where he said PK or report though I wish I had and will always in the future now.
  11. The video he is talking about is in-game footage of the chop shop and his guy saying we could take the stuff. It is not of the discord call. Also the video is not mine and I believe all the others that were involved on both side are waiting for logs and to be called in. There were about 5 to 6 guys on each side involved in this altercation.
  12. *John presses the PTT* "Sounds like you are scared of use to bad you are afraid to defend your colors. Guess it's just a waste of our time to wait for cowards."
  13. John Caboose POV Me and the boys were in Cherno and we spotted some cars outside of the trading post. So we thought we might steal them. Then we saw the guard and thought maybe just take the wheels and make a chop shop. When we took the first wheel the guard initiated on us. he said something like put it back or i'll shoot. If PVP was what we wanted we would have killed him there. Instead one of our guys went out and talked to the guard and after a few moment he said he didn't care anymore and you can take them, so we did. This is not griefing after we took the car parts they belonged to use and can do with them as we please. So we tried to sell on the corner and RP'd using them for scrap metal. After a little while a few more guards were in the tower and one of us heard him say they were going to kill us all so we fled. They found me and soon after initiated one me. When they initiated that gives my dynamic kill rights. They took me to a house and tied me up and I tried to lie my way out. I was told if anyone interferes they will kill me. I was tied up and had no way to tell my guys this. When they started taking shots they killed me. I am not part of an approved group and no negotiation were made to release me. I will address every accusation one by one. Griefing - We were told we could take it. After that what we do with the newly acquired stuff isn't up to them. it is our stuff to do with as we please. NVFL - Lying to a hostage taker has never been NVLF. You are allowed to lie it is a part of RP and is in no way against the rules. I had no way to tell my guys not to get involved at them and the hostage takers never to my knowledge told them I would be killed if they did. I don't know if you expected me to tell them that even though I was tied up and had no way to. Baiting - If we were baiting why did we not kill the guard when he initiated on us the first time and why did we leave before you even came out of your gate. This was never about PVP. KOS - You were seen coming out of the house you had me in and where my dead body was, shot at while you ran and chased in a house. They follow you the whole way and even if they didn't know you personally pulled the trigger there is no doubt you were involved. 4.6 If you successfully capture a player through a hostile action and then take him into your custody, he is now considered your hostage. You must do everything in your power to keep your hostages alive and in a relatively good health. That includes protecting them from external threats like zombies and leaving them with a realistic chance of survival when they are released. A character that is taken hostage may be executed once for a hostile incident that happened in the past where the hostage was personally responsible for, or participated in a death of your ally. In any other circumstances, hostages may only be executed in the following scenarios: Metagamming - I muted right as I put my hands up. One of my guys was on the PD right behind you heard the initiation saw you take me and followed you. If I wasn't going to meta to save my life as a hostage by telling them not to shoot you why would I do it after I died? As for no one talking around the building. If my guys can hear my voice outside the building why would they need to ask anything. They saw you take me and watched you go to that house. 0 IC sense - we are contractors I told you that we hold no loyalties to you. 0 RP - We RP'd with your guard more than anyone probably had in hours. We even tried to get him to buy our scrap metal. We left because you said you were going to kill us. When you say things like that of course we are going to leave. As for bringing up the past. I am sorry you and your guys crashed a week ago. I'm not telepathic I had no way of knowing you crashed until one of your guys went ooc in voip to tell us. It is not AOGM when someone else crashes and you keep looking for them when you have no idea they crashed.
  14. No you tried to blackmail me I would request that this report stays open.
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