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  1. twig

    Your meant to be War Hero

    *presses the PTT* an anonymous muffled voices comes over Biggsbe... No one likes when someone takes credit for something they have not done. If you want to start a war start it like a man, on a grave you made not one I made. As for John Johnson, he did not beg like a dog, nor did he cry like you say. He took it like a man, claimed the actions he did and acted honorably. He didn't die over moody or any saviors shit this was about something else. If you question this then his body is buried at the base of Zub castle, he died like a man and got buried like one. As for you Biggsbe, you don't know me, but don't make the mistake of claiming something I did again. *releases PTT and tosses radio into a pond*
  2. twig

    Whats your occupation?

    Wal*Mart Greeter, I check your receipts.
  3. twig

    Staff Feedback: Banshee

    Link to the situation: N/A Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: Thank you for taking the time to talk to me. You went above what is asked of you and talked to me for a long time about the situation that occurred. Just wanted to make it known that you do a great job as a GM and handling situations Suggestions for improvement: Keep doing what you do.
  4. Server and location: Myshkino Tents Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 0220 Your in game name: John Caboose Names of allies involved: @i am Bambi @HartlssHeretic @Rapid Steve Name of suspect/s: logs will show Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): none Detailed description of the events: Was talking to a guy I just meet standing over a body we found by Myshkino tents and was just dropped. I am assuming this was a mis-ID.
  5. twig


    Ok thats fair, I wasn't really thinking about people just sitting afk in the woods.
  6. twig


    I noticed there wasn't any titles for time played. It'd be kinda cool to get some titles for those of us that have put a lot of time in game. perhaps a Mr./Mrs. No Life title if you have a top few played character, hours, or streaks.
  7. twig

    Change back to 100 cap on the server

    I agree, I like having a lower que to get in but not at the cost of lag and shitty frames. I have noticed a lot more lag after the change as well has cars acting funny and zombies freezing completely.
  8. @GMAK had a great time with you today man. Thank you for the permission, no one ever actually gives it. You were by far the best hostage I have had in a very long time.
  9. Sat in tower, watched friend die, kill white coat guy looting a body, while being shot at. I was up in the tower as an over watch for our base so i was not in voip range throughout the interaction. but I have watched the vid a few times and a few things stand out to me. 3.2 Your character must behave realistically and appropriately to the different situations you participate in, keeping the current world situation and context of post-apocalyptic world in mind. Do not act in a way that indicates no value for your characters life and survival. For example, attempting to kill people when heavily outnumbered, excessively talking back or insulting someone when taken hostage, or knowingly running into an area of active hostile engagement when not involved in the fight. Characters found guilty of breaking this rule will be permanently marked as dead. Chad sits there talking a lot of shit and clearly having no fear for a full autos right in his face as well as being outside our base where he had died just over an hour before. When I talked to Chad yesterday in discord he said that he was well within his rights to talk shit because he had an over watch. I do not believe that is how it works when you have well armed people two feet away from you and two people in a tower 150m away. Though he was not our hostage he was unarmed, outnumbered, talking shit, and kept trying to loot a body for supplies while being shot at after he already got an ak off a body and should have left with the ak valuing his life. 4.7 You may not bait other players into situations where you provoke the player into using hostile actions and then using kill rights to kill them. This is known as baiting. At one point he said that the only way he would leave was if someone pointed a gun at him and demanded that he leaves. He basically said I will only leave if someone initiates on me, which is baiting someone to do just that. I kinda find the whole balls of steel and not being realistic about someone with a gun tell you to leave as badrp. 3.4 When your character dies you lose all memories from the situation that lead to your death. You also must stay away from the location where you died for 1 hour and not get involved again with the situation that lead to your death. Server restarts, crashes or other OOC events do not affect these restrictions or time limit. This is known as "New Life Rule" (NLR). You died at 1:01 and Drahken died at 2:25 take away the 8 minutes for his video that put you up at GM 2:17, one hour and sixteen minutes after our death that we have you on video but Kabuk who wasn't recording talked to you twice in the GM wood before Drahken got you on video. You were definitely in the area prior to one hour. Furthermore you should have no knowledge of dead body, loot, your death or anything involving us. Having never met us prior to this or having been to our compound I dont see why you would come look in the woods for people. Also your friend who was not logged on during the firefight should know nothing about us or your death or the loot out in the woods. So I dont see a single IC reason either of you would know anything about it. "Going to say a few things before I ca post my POV as I am not on computer right now it was certainly not nlr and yes I died in the gun fight which was more than an hour before me coming to meet up with my friend NLR prevents you from coming into the area which means more than just exactly where your corpse is, and prevents your from remembering any of us and how you died and why you would have any problem with us. To be safe you should have had your friend meet you anywhere else other than were you died. would avoid this whole thing. towards baiting and stuff you literally walked up to me and starting asking me to leave while my friend was clearly in a bush right beside you just couldnt see. If my life was in danger I would have left but you were literally getting a gun aimed at you the whole time you would have no opportunity to actually kill me. Talking shit to people and saying an initiation is the only way you will leave and forcing us to initiate to make you actually fear for your life is the definition of this rule. You talked back and wouldn't leave and talked shit that is provoking. At one point you even said you would "do it, you wont" in reference to Drahken saying he would shoot you. As well as "the only way I am leaving is if you point that gun and threaten to kill me". That is also NVFL you are not acting like someone who is completely unarmed to someone with an ak. Having an over watch doesn't make you invincible or above the rules. Last you were in danger, you died. If there was no way to actually kill you then you wouldn't have died. also accusing me of looking for loot is pretty out there. Literally looking for people that my friend mentioned we’re out hiding in the woods Aka you guys! Accussing you of looking for loot is quite reasonable seeing how you ran right to a spot without any mushrooms which also was where three people died. we aren't idiots and neither are staff. It has become hard to get mil-grade weapons in the server now and I can see why you would come back looking for one. It is a lot more believable than looking for your friend who couldn't meet you anywhere else, or mushrooms which is what was said to me is discord yesterday. anyways if you guys would like to talk in discord let me know i can be on soon"
  10. We got told that pepper was taken at green mountain. He gave us a description of the three guys who took him hostage we start tracking them down with our defensive rights from them taking pepper. We find them and talk to them to confirm it is them, We shoot one and a firefight breaks out, people die, and pepper is taken again and killed. Can I ask who the three that took pepper at GM were? As for the dc dayz hard crashed and a play on a pos so it took a minute to stop freaking out and boot dayz back up.
  11. We sorted this in DM's close please.
  12. Server and location: S1 GM Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-01-31 00:32 Your in game name: John Caboose Names of allies involved: none Name of suspect/s: unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I was hanging out in green mountain with a lot of other people nothing hostile was going on at all I was climbing up the tower and when i got to the top of the tower as I was about to step off the ladder I was just shot and killed. No one said anything in voip to me.
  13. Server and location: Green mountain Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 0600 2019-01-29 Your in game name: John Caboose Names of allies involved: there were two others there with me don't really know there names Name of suspect/s: logs will show Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): n/a Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): No recording Detailed description of the events: Me and these other two pretty chill people were RPing at green mountain, a girl and a guy they were farming and having some good campfire RP with me. One of the two accused runs in through the gate begging for so water and asking about if there is any good loot, so we point him to the water down at the summer camp by the base of GM he runs off about five minutes or so later another guy runs in yelling about how green mountain is his home then the guy that was RPing with me tells him to leave and it isn't his home, so he leaves I sit down by the camp fire for a few minutes then I just get shot for no reason. I heard no initiation or anything at all prior to being shot. After I was shot and they breached the wall they did say it was a robbery and to put our hands up, but that was after they already tried to kill me.
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