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  1. @Havikar @Poster @God @HayLeigh @UnReALjay Yall are all amazing roleplayers and I have enjoyed much of my time with you over the last few days! Here is to many more really stupid adventures and Ray Charles music. ~Ace
  2. My water was not on red at the moment so I didn't think about it my water went to red after they had already left. And with the HP I had already when I got to sitnik I didn't want to risk dying to a zed. It is what it is though you can drop this report if you want y'all have a lot bigger fish to fry
  3. Server and location: Livonia/ Sitnik Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2020-04-04 01:00 Your in game name: Brandon Orions Names of allies involved: NA Name of suspect/s: Ingame name "Juice" and two of his allies we did use text so you might have logs for that Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): NA Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Attached Detailed description of the events: So my character Ace was making his way back from travelling with his friends to Sitnik when a man came running up behind me. I did not know he was there because I was listening to someone in the room talk temporarily but eventually saw him. I then turned around to see three people trotting up behind him, no biggie. They initiate on me after a brief conversation about my current group (Soup Kitchen) and take me to a house outside of Sitnik where they proceed to tell me that they dont like Soup very much which is how it is. I crashed once and came back describing I had a headache which is the normal excuse for that, however they told me to tell Soup who had done this to me and so on. NOW The whole thing from start to finish was very fast, maybe 10 minuets and im being very generous. They also left me with no water (at this point I was dehydrating to death as you can see in this screenshot below, the only reason I did not say anything about it was because I never noticed and they never asked if I thought I had everything I needed.) Not only did I not have what I needed to survive, was the RP very fast and kinda all over the place, but they left me with no water and two RAW wolf steaks that made me vomit and made the problem so much worse. By the time I got back to soup kitchen I was very low on HP and I just feel that they could have done so so much better. I am not always for making reports but when someones RP is on the line I feel it is worth the time.
  4. Same goes to you mate! Honestly good RP, I always look forward to the next time or the next adventure in soup haha Good night mate!
  5. Thank you for the invite, a bunch of quality wankers
  6. Ace listens to the radio quietly his face under his mask white as a ghost but his soul white hot with rage. Red did what he had to do to protect the people he cared about, the people he loved, and the people he called family which in my mind was very few. He was a fearless man with no more than all of our utmost respect. Let the man have his wishes, let his last words be honored in the way he honored us all. Do him that act of kindness. Ace lets go of his PTT and looks into the fire he had made and grits his teeth.
  7. Can you beat the clock as the time ticks away, running from place to place with strange messages on your radio, Can you survive the tireless journey towards the Runners final destination, Can you use your head, intuition and mapping skills to track down those who do not stop? Lets hope so. The runners are looking for more NA members to make up for the time gap between people who are asleep and awake, however it is not easy to find your way down the Runners Trail but if you think you are up for the task message me and let the games begin. ~Ace
  8. @coolman23 and his men approached me whilst I was searching the police station outside of Sverograd, they did not know it was me at first and began their sales pitch. They tried to sell me 187 KG of weed, this in its own right confused and intrigued me. Seeing as I did not have anything to trade they invited me to follow them in orders to help them sell weed, in which I obliged. We however, did not find anyone but had several wonderful interactions and beautiful immersion so thank you coolman and your men for the wonderful RP.
  9. So I think i will chime in here, after you told me my radio was too loud I muted my discord chat because it was going off. The player in the cross-hair is a campfire player as far as I can tell and had never been in a situation that has erupted so fast as it did then so she panicked and shot the hostage, of course she was wrong by shooting him but she did panic. My POV was I starting firing at one of Dr. Punctures men and then the hostage died in front of me, I was too occupied to care so thats all I saw. In my eyes though it was a panic'ed mistake.
  10. Server and location: S1 radio tower outside of Krasnostav Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-09-07, 06:50 Your in game name: Brandon Orions Names of allies involved: @Pepper Name of suspect/s: Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): He did grief the vehicle that belonged to my friend by stripping it clean after an encounter with him earlier. Additional evidence? (video/screenshot):
  11. @Pepper You were wonderful! I honestly think you have been my favorite patient because of how in depth we got with your character! Keep up the good work!
  12. My POV: I was searching the airfield when in my radio I heard my mates confused as someone had just shot one of my friends, John. I ran back as soon as I could which took me about 10-12 minuets as I was in the tents area of NWAF but by that time most of my guys has been either killed or scattered. I grabbed my gun but never got a chance to use it because me and the last two got killed soon after.
  13. Your in game name: Brandon Orions Names of allies involved: @Zillysaur Name of suspect/s: N/A Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I was running through the airfield tents and were about to leave the tents and someone had placed a landmine and I stepped on it.
  14. Hey guys! I dont know who robbed my by comince or (however you spell it) but thanks for the quality RP and for understanding I wasnt the one who got in your base haha, also note that tieing someone up might not be the best thing to do purely for the reason that happened to me! All the same I hope we meet again under different circumstances. -Ace
  15. Guys what has happened to the servers? They used to be so vibrant now they are dead. I just got back from Army training and it has all gone to hell. What happened?
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