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  1. Steven Crowder Appreciation Thread

    He has been made into a meme, however I don't think he IS a meme tbf.
  2. Steven Crowder Appreciation Thread

    That honestly sickens me, society nowadays is getting so ridiculously bombastic and just plugging their ears and shouting their ideals at the top of their lungs. Instead of talking about these things at a table, like adults, and attempting to find a middle ground. Which is why I love his change my mind series so much, because that's literally exactly what he does.
  3. Steven Crowder Appreciation Thread

    Wait, I didn't hear about this? Why are they blocking his content???? Yes I know I really would like to open up a discussion on that but I know about the sensitivity of that topic on this website and it's a shame. His video on it was excellent and I wish more people could actually open up that dialogue without getting so upset and understanding each other's side.
  4. Steven Crowder Appreciation Thread

    I'll start. Also I'd like to use this medium to have intellectual discussions with people about topics that people usually can't seem to talk about without losing their shit. If staff is watching, please take care of those who start to bash, use hate speech, or just generally break community rules here, I'd like to keep this mature and respectful much like Steven Crowder does. <3
  5. Another N-Tox cringey song thread

    I feel personally attacked by this song
  6. DayZRP rule changes - March 2018

    You guys are all over thinking this whole thing, I drew a simple diagram to explain it. Hope this clears up any confusion! (: All jokes aside I can see this getting very confusing, and it brings much concern to me. I hope this doesn't stick around
  7. DayZRP rule changes - March 2018

    "unless the event organizer has said it's ok." So, Bandit Timmy hears over the radio that there's a supply drop. Bandit Timmy wants these supplies. Bandit Timmy decides, he want's to take these supplies for himself an his bandit grouparino. But no.. Bandit Timmy cannot do this. Unless of course he asks the event organizer OOCly for permission, thus eliminating the element of surprise, tension, and overall degrading RP in my personal opinion. The reason hostile RP is so good, is because Bandit group A can sweep in from anywhere, at any time, without warning, so you're always on edge. WHICH YOU SHOULD BE. It's the fuckin' apocalypse for Christ sake. However now, this tension you might feel, deciding whether or not you should go to this supply drop is gone. You stroll up, tip your cap to the other fine gents, give a good hello, grab the things you'd like, then you all set up a nice lil campfire and read your character bios to each other... This is why pre-planned RP has never been a particular flavor I chose when I'm at the RP Ice Cream shop, it feels forced, faked, and honestly just bad. But these are my opinions, and you have yours, and one of us is the owner of this server, so they end up having the final say at the end of the day. However I felt I should pitch my 2 cents, do what you want with 'em. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. I need some help...

    Jake hears the response from the water and gets out, his clothes soaking wet. He grabs the radio and presses the PTT Alright whatever you say Russian Bro! He sprints all the way to Ratnoe, when he gets there he begins to come down from his trip, and the pain and cold sets in. Nearing hypothermia he grabs his radio and presses the PTT. I- I... I'm here, and I'm-m-mm all out of "pain reliever" It's so c-c-c-cold... He releases the PTT and lays on a bed, still slightly damp. As hypothermia begins to set in he wraps himself in a blanket and begins to cry.
  9. I need some help...

    Jake could be seen running through the trees, tripping his balls off. He stops and grabs the radio from his bag, pressing the PTT he speaks incredibly fast. " HA, don't worry about it Mr. Russian man I got myself some pain relief all right I am fuckin FEEEEEEELING it right now, well not it, like the pain, I feel like I could run a fuckin' MARATHON right now! " A holler could be heard and then violent coughing. " I think I've run, what.... 9? 10? Kilometers now. Fuck I Don't know I just can't stop I feel so ALIVE! " "Anyway I can meet you some where, just name the place, I'm there, I'm like the fuckin' usain bolt or whatever his name was. " " YO WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT, I gotta go this water looks so fuckin' crazy right now I HAVE to jump in it. " He released the PTT and runs towards the lake, obviously seeing things.
  10. I need some help...

    Jake listens to the broadcast confused, he shot this Strawberry guy because this lady told Jake that she was tortured by him but now she's saying it was a misundestanding? it almost sounds like they're friends... what the hell. His train of thought is broken by the gun shot heard through the radio and the transmission ending. He presses the PTT seriously concerned TEDDY? ARE YOU OKAY? WHAT WAS THAT? WHERE ARE YOU? I'M HERE IN THE HOUSE YOU LEFT ME BUT I CAN COME TO YOU WHERE ARE YOU!? He releases the PTT with a serious look of concern on his face.
  11. I need some help...

    Jake awakens to Teddy's reply so excitedly and quickly rolls over to grab the radio. As he does so, pain flares up from his chest. What an idiot he thought. He wonders why she calls him Jamie... his name is Jake... had she forgot so soon? Or did she tell him that his name was Jamie in his confusion after the fight... Jake chuckles as he hears her talking about his clothes, " her priorities are so out of whack. " he chuckles so more but stops with a sharp inhale from the pain in his chest. He presses the PTT button and speaks. " Teddy you're so funny worrying about silly clothes, don't worry about it. I had plenty of time on my hands sitting here and I found an old sewing kit in the drawers in this house. I tried my best to stitch it up but I don't think I really did a good job. You can be the judge " he laughs " I'm still here, I can move now, I took the morphine... My cravings grew to strong... I'll look for you around here, I don't think I can go much further. " He sets down the radio and then here's a mysterious woman reply and some strange Russian man who claims he knows Teddy. " Teddy do you know this Russian man? He sounds like trouble... " " Also, to the other woman over the radio I'm in severe grad? I don't know the lay of the land all that well I'm sorry... " He releases the PTT again and sets out looking for Teddy. Feeling rather good after taking the morphine, but slightly high, which he liked.
  12. I need some help...

    Jake awoke suddenly after rolling over onto his broken ribs while asleep, gasping for air. The wooden floor he was sleeping on wasn't the most comfortable place to sleep with the injuries he incurred the day before, but he still couldn't move on his own. He was left with one last stick of morphine given to him by a small girl, and he was saving it for whenever he planned to move. Since the day he was shot while saving a funny french girl, he had been trying to formulate a plan to get some serious medical attention for his injuries, or at least a soft bed to rest in and recover. So far he had thought of nothing.. He grabbed his radio as he did almost every time he woke up in pain and pondered putting out a cry for help over the radio waves, although as he had these thoughts the man he shot and potentially even killed, Strawberry, entered his mind. What if he was alive, and searching for him, what if he had friends just as sane- if not even more insane, were already on their way to retaliate. As all of these thoughts entered his brain, one, in particular, crossed his mind. The smile on Teddy's face.. Her big dumb pouty lips, he realized his dumb infatuation with her was a lost cause, but still he couldn't help but get her out of his head. "it's useless," he said to himself. She was on a whole other level compared to him, plus she seemed like she was at least a few years older than him, no more than 5 surely though, he thought to himself. "AAAAAAH FUCK JUST GET HER OUT OF YOUR HEAD IDIOT!" He couldn't... After thinking about it for a few more minutes he finally pressed the transmit button on his radio while on some random frequency. " Hey...... uh...." He paused wondering what to say. " It's Jake. I'm looking for a girl named ted- " He stopped himself and decided against naming her, if she were listening she would reply... he hoped. " I'm just looking for some help..." " I uh... suffered some injuries from one of those dead things the other day, I think I broke some ribs... " " I've been all but incapacitated since then. I'm sleeping on a hardwood floor with some blankets and a pillow. I wake up at least 5 times a night in agony. All day is spent in pain, wondering what the fuck to do. " " I didn't want to have to do this, call out for help on a random frequency, but I need help... Bad. I have one cartridge of morphine, it might numb me enough to limp my way to you, if you aren't too far..." " If anyone has medical skills... hell even a bed I could crash in for a bit, I'd be eternally indebted to you... " He released the PTT and realized his poor choice of words, being in debt in the world before was bad, but now... there's no wondering what someone might want from you to pay it off.. He had no choice though. He presses the PTT and continues. " So yeah, I think that's about it.... any help would be appreciated he coughs from the pain in his ribs. Thanks. " He releases the PTT and slowly rolls over in agony and attempts to go back to sleep, holding onto the radio for dear life.
  13. Whats your Career , or are you studying? :)

    U.S. Navy, I'm a Fire Controlman. I maintain and operate the weapons on the ship, still in A school learning my job though. Not sure what weapon system I will be specializing in just yet. Could be CWIS 20mm Gatling gun that fire at 5000rpm, sea sparrow missile system, Rolling Air Frame missile, Harpoon missile system, Tomahawk missile system, mk160 5" cannon, mk 76 3" cannon, whatever it may be I'm excited.
  14. Real life picture Thread

    What I've been up to over the past few months while I've been gone. Warning, some serious spam here..
  15. Official DayZRP Standalone Media Thread

    Some Q U A L I T Y roleplay content T B H... It's kind of long but it's a wonderful story of drama, rage, love, despair, and so much more. <3 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/236011856?t=01h10m15s