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  1. I remember rolle saying something along the lines of, you're just mad because you don't like the new rule, we've made controversial rule changes before that are just the norm now, i.e. char names in game. Well It's been quite a while now and I think we can all agree that it isn't working, in your attempt to rid of confusion you've just created more.
  2. Flashy

    Allow the robbery for items once again.

    You didn't read what I typed did you? Rolle doesn't give a finark m8.
  3. Flashy

    Allow the robbery for items once again.

    It's your friendly neighborhood Flashy droppin' in to drop some sense bombs on all yall. This is all you guys need to realize how meaningless it is to voice your opinion or submit your feedback, it's honestly a massive waste of time. Rolle is going to create the rules for the server however he sees fit, regardless of what the majority thinks, regardless if he's only played 17 hours, regardless if it eats the community from the inside out because he knows you guys are all still going to play and populate the forums. Why is that? No fuckin' clue mates, probably because we've all made good bonds and friendships around this server and it's become more of a social platform to chit-chat than a fun post-apocalypse "simulation" like it used to be. It's hard to sever those ties, and also I think a lot of people are sticking around hoping Rolle will one day just change his mind and bring us back to the good old days, that's why I'm here and that's why I'm trying to keep my nose clean seeing as how I'm up against the edge, but goddamn everytime I come on here and see some stuff like this I feel like jumping (metaphorically).
  4. Whats up with RP nowadays being so stale... Everytime I get on it's the same fuckin' thing. > Run into populated area > See someone > They walk straight up to me, " Oh hey there! " > I reply, " uuuh, hi? " > We have typical filler conversation like... where are the people, you sound american, oh shucks this weather, nice clothes, I'm looking for x clothes. > As this is happening a fire place materializes between us. > man sits > emotes pulling out cigarette ( because good rper ) > So how'd you get to chernarus? > readscharacterbackstoryverbatim.txt > you? > readscharacterbackstoryverbatim(2).txt > Nice. > Nice. This is why hostile RP has always been my typical brand of RP, because it's so much more interesting, it's the fuckin' apocalypse. You aren't going to run around and act like everybody's friendly neighbor. You're going to be apprehensive to even approach people, scared of certain groups, and areas. Not just running up and tippin the cap to any old fuckin' stranger. But I digress.
  5. I'll start. Also I'd like to use this medium to have intellectual discussions with people about topics that people usually can't seem to talk about without losing their shit. If staff is watching, please take care of those who start to bash, use hate speech, or just generally break community rules here, I'd like to keep this mature and respectful much like Steven Crowder does. <3
  6. Flashy

    Change how flaming points are dealt with?

    I agree
  7. Actually I think you were, the name Hondo sounds familiar.
  8. No one is bashing anyone, please don't put words in my mouth, I'm on thin ice as it is... I'm saying I haven't had good experiences recently with RP and I believe the cause of that is a lack of fear and people being generally over-friendly. I literally tried my hardest to be a cunt in Lop, disregarded their rules, told people to fuck off, started a fight, still no initiation.
  9. Most of my ideas require people on my side to execute well, and people who can actually pvp. However most of these people I have have in mind are on thin ice like myself, on a server that looks down upon pvp/hostile RP. So they're sick and tired of being hated on for trying to enjoy their particular brand of roleplay, and don't play anymore. Which tbh, I'm getting pretty close to doing the same.
  10. Hells yeah dude I too was a more left swinging sort of dude, closer to the center really mind you, but honestly that was because I wasn't fully aware of all the statistical and factual evidence available on most of these issues. I feel like a lot of the left base their arguments and political agenda based entirely on emotion rather than logic. Like guns for instance, are guns used to kill people? By some people yes, a leftist with good intentions mind you, wants to save lives. Their idea? ban the tool used to kill people, that should solve it right? Well logically speaking, banning the guns they're talking about, wouldn't in fact solve anything.These big scary black "AR's" are the cause of less than 1% of mass shootings, and these are the ones they want to ban. These so called "Automatics" that are so easy to get your hands on, not the case. You need a class 3 license to even do so, which is a pain in the ass to get, and in a lot of states, isn't even an option. That is if they actually mean like full-auto when they say "automatic" and not semi-automatic. Most of them don't even know the first thing about guns, like round size, how they operate, their real purpose, etc. They're just so caught up in the hype of people getting killed in these shootings, which of course is bad, and start throwing around all these non-sensible gun control bills. I think more people should open themselves up to the other side and their ideas and at least listen, you might change your mind, you might find some middle ground, but instead everyone stays inside their bubble of media, being constantly told the same things over and over and never hearing the other side of it.
  11. So apparently the WAY you say stuff matters now lads. New rules and all that. So you can go up to someone and if you say it nice enough it's not an initiation. "Hey man I think you should put your hands up" Not because you're robbing him of course but because he just got done running and is winded, and you're just trying to help him catch his breath. Hopefully this doesn't cause any confusion for anyone in the future and, I mean worse case scenario, possibly get someone permanently removed. Imagine how sad that would be Try it out next time you're playing on DayzRP. <3
  12. I mean if it's believe that it wasn't an initiation then I guess my question is considered answered and the thread is pointless to carry on. Especially with how toxic it has gotten. Requesting this is /closed.
  13. My only question is had the guy who said he was walking into a sniper's shot, and that dusty would be shot if he kept on, shot dusty for carrying on. Would he get hit for invalid initiation? This would solve the entire argument tbf.
  14. Fair point. However, I just don't think the ban on these rifles is cool. Maybe make people take a firearms safety class before owning one, reoccurring mental exams, gun ownership age even. I just don't think it's unfair to ban these weapons based on a few situations. There are roughly 30k lives taken from firearm incidents yearly including suicide in the United States where as there are AT MINIMUM 500,000 lives saved WITH firearms each year in the United States.
  15. And what do we do in the event that the government decides to go the wrong direction, begins to strip rights, and harm the people. Does this seem unlikely this day and age? Sure. Is it impossible? No, countries have undergone drastic changes in very short periods of time and very recently and the people did not have the means of protecting their rights against the government due to the government being the only ones with access to rifles that regular people did not. Now this is an extreme, and very hypothetical, but it is what our country was founded on, fleeing a tyrannical government, and when we made our own, the founding fathers wanted to make sure that if it were to go the wrong direction, or happen again, then We The People would have means of stopping it.
  16. He has been made into a meme, however I don't think he IS a meme tbf.
  17. That honestly sickens me, society nowadays is getting so ridiculously bombastic and just plugging their ears and shouting their ideals at the top of their lungs. Instead of talking about these things at a table, like adults, and attempting to find a middle ground. Which is why I love his change my mind series so much, because that's literally exactly what he does.
  18. Wait, I didn't hear about this? Why are they blocking his content???? Yes I know I really would like to open up a discussion on that but I know about the sensitivity of that topic on this website and it's a shame. His video on it was excellent and I wish more people could actually open up that dialogue without getting so upset and understanding each other's side.
  19. Flashy

    Another N-Tox cringey song thread

    I feel personally attacked by this song
  20. Flashy

    DayZRP rule changes - March 2018

    You guys are all over thinking this whole thing, I drew a simple diagram to explain it. Hope this clears up any confusion! (: All jokes aside I can see this getting very confusing, and it brings much concern to me. I hope this doesn't stick around
  21. Flashy

    DayZRP rule changes - March 2018

    "unless the event organizer has said it's ok." So, Bandit Timmy hears over the radio that there's a supply drop. Bandit Timmy wants these supplies. Bandit Timmy decides, he want's to take these supplies for himself an his bandit grouparino. But no.. Bandit Timmy cannot do this. Unless of course he asks the event organizer OOCly for permission, thus eliminating the element of surprise, tension, and overall degrading RP in my personal opinion. The reason hostile RP is so good, is because Bandit group A can sweep in from anywhere, at any time, without warning, so you're always on edge. WHICH YOU SHOULD BE. It's the fuckin' apocalypse for Christ sake. However now, this tension you might feel, deciding whether or not you should go to this supply drop is gone. You stroll up, tip your cap to the other fine gents, give a good hello, grab the things you'd like, then you all set up a nice lil campfire and read your character bios to each other... This is why pre-planned RP has never been a particular flavor I chose when I'm at the RP Ice Cream shop, it feels forced, faked, and honestly just bad. But these are my opinions, and you have yours, and one of us is the owner of this server, so they end up having the final say at the end of the day. However I felt I should pitch my 2 cents, do what you want with 'em. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  22. Born on November 1, 1996, in Pennsylvania and grew up in Long Island, New York. His parents were both Harvard graduates who divorced when he was a teenager. Jake's mother was a first-grade teacher and his father was a college professor. Jake attended Long Beach High School in Lido Beach, New York, which he rarely attended in spite of good grades. He later dropped out of the high school and took online courses to earn his diploma. Shortly thereafter, he began posting his music on YouTube and SoundCloud under the alias Lil Sleeper. Jake moved from Skid Row to his Echo Park apartment in Los Angeles where he recorded and produced the majority of his commercial work. Jake played the trombone and tuba and expressed an interest in music and fashion from a young age. Jake regularly referenced addictions to cocaine, ecstasy, and Xanax in his lyrics and posts on social media, where he described himself as a "productive junkie" and advised his audience not to do drugs. He went over to Russia to shoot a video with an up and coming artist in the Russian rap scene, that was when they heard about the goings-on in Chernarus. Jake always dreamed of something like this, at least that's what he thought, so he went down and partook in the chaos. He regularly raped about death, murder, and misery, but in reality, he wasn't ready to cope with things he had seen and realized he wasn't who he thought he was.
  23. Jake awoke suddenly after rolling over onto his broken ribs while asleep, gasping for air. The wooden floor he was sleeping on wasn't the most comfortable place to sleep with the injuries he incurred the day before, but he still couldn't move on his own. He was left with one last stick of morphine given to him by a small girl, and he was saving it for whenever he planned to move. Since the day he was shot while saving a funny french girl, he had been trying to formulate a plan to get some serious medical attention for his injuries, or at least a soft bed to rest in and recover. So far he had thought of nothing.. He grabbed his radio as he did almost every time he woke up in pain and pondered putting out a cry for help over the radio waves, although as he had these thoughts the man he shot and potentially even killed, Strawberry, entered his mind. What if he was alive, and searching for him, what if he had friends just as sane- if not even more insane, were already on their way to retaliate. As all of these thoughts entered his brain, one, in particular, crossed his mind. The smile on Teddy's face.. Her big dumb pouty lips, he realized his dumb infatuation with her was a lost cause, but still he couldn't help but get her out of his head. "it's useless," he said to himself. She was on a whole other level compared to him, plus she seemed like she was at least a few years older than him, no more than 5 surely though, he thought to himself. "AAAAAAH FUCK JUST GET HER OUT OF YOUR HEAD IDIOT!" He couldn't... After thinking about it for a few more minutes he finally pressed the transmit button on his radio while on some random frequency. " Hey...... uh...." He paused wondering what to say. " It's Jake. I'm looking for a girl named ted- " He stopped himself and decided against naming her, if she were listening she would reply... he hoped. " I'm just looking for some help..." " I uh... suffered some injuries from one of those dead things the other day, I think I broke some ribs... " " I've been all but incapacitated since then. I'm sleeping on a hardwood floor with some blankets and a pillow. I wake up at least 5 times a night in agony. All day is spent in pain, wondering what the fuck to do. " " I didn't want to have to do this, call out for help on a random frequency, but I need help... Bad. I have one cartridge of morphine, it might numb me enough to limp my way to you, if you aren't too far..." " If anyone has medical skills... hell even a bed I could crash in for a bit, I'd be eternally indebted to you... " He released the PTT and realized his poor choice of words, being in debt in the world before was bad, but now... there's no wondering what someone might want from you to pay it off.. He had no choice though. He presses the PTT and continues. " So yeah, I think that's about it.... any help would be appreciated he coughs from the pain in his ribs. Thanks. " He releases the PTT and slowly rolls over in agony and attempts to go back to sleep, holding onto the radio for dear life.
  24. Jake hears the response from the water and gets out, his clothes soaking wet. He grabs the radio and presses the PTT Alright whatever you say Russian Bro! He sprints all the way to Ratnoe, when he gets there he begins to come down from his trip, and the pain and cold sets in. Nearing hypothermia he grabs his radio and presses the PTT. I- I... I'm here, and I'm-m-mm all out of "pain reliever" It's so c-c-c-cold... He releases the PTT and lays on a bed, still slightly damp. As hypothermia begins to set in he wraps himself in a blanket and begins to cry.