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"In Bootcamp. See you lads soon. o7"

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  1. Like this. pics or it didn't happen
  2. We back boos ;)


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    2. Oliv


      hey, that's a lotta white. Welcome back man

    3. Gnikiv the Mountain

      Gnikiv the Mountain

      is this you coming back to the community?

    4. Mexi


      No one left but get your ass back here boyo, good job and welcome back if this is you back for a bit 

  3. My view on the ride to basic. (:

    Peace out bois.


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    2. evanm23


      good luck laddie

      luv u

    3. Peaches


      Goodluck my nibba. Better hopr they got milk shakes or they gonna get knocked the fuck out

    4. Aeryes


      Im active duty Airforce. Have fun lol

  4. Recruiter is picking me up right now, thanks for the kind wishes guys. See you soon



    1. Western



    2. Jetwells


      Good luck, Stay safe. 

    3. Randle


      Goodbye Flashykins you little waiting in open comms for a week kinda dude.

  5. Welp... This is it lads. Glad I met the friends that I have here, but I'm off to better my future. I hope to be back, but I'll be busy as fuck. So if I don't ever come back, or I come back to another mass suicide. I just want you guys to know I love u <3 

    To the rest of you.. Chill fam. It's a gaming community. 


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    2. Kevin

       We'll see ya when you get back man

      Take it easy.

    3. Shane


      Take it easy man have a goodun <3

    4. evanm23


      Good luck dude, have fun while u doin it.

  6. Common Folk [WIP]

    Thank you @Phoenix I appreciate the free advertisement but I only do graphics for real ones But yeah she's absolutely right, the red text is basically just heathens 2.0? (btw never liked that either..) and then the random other title cards mixed in with TLOU titles all just looks like trash imo. I mean I guess the name is better... It's not my first choice but it's better than the last days or whatever it was before. No offense man but why don't you just join a group??? why do you feel the need to try and create one of your own?
  7. I'm happy for you <3 

  8. Hello from Canada

    a fellow dnder c^: welcome.
  9. bug ?

    it should be in there, it moves.
  10. Happy Murica' Day.

  11. The Death of Doctor Tyrus Mason

    how do you have early versions of my new groups art that I did....?
  12. it's lit boys. 

    1. Shane


      Love you <3

  13. I mean it's the legit name tho, we're going for realism. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_Airborne_Troops
  14. alright let's stop stroking ourselves in our own thread lads.
  15. Saturdays are for the boys


  16. Common Folk [WIP]

    The Last Days - The Last of Us Elijah - Ellie Joe - Joel The last of us graphics... I mean I don't meant to be a dick, but jesus man... You got quite a lot of "inspiration" from The Last of Us.. I personally would recommend changing up the group name and character names. Maybe changing the graphics as well... It just feels extremely unoriginal as it stands right now.
    • Flash
    • Iso

    was I right or was I right?

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    2. Flash


      yeah to close the report (;

    3. Iso


      Always a possibility 

    4. Flash
  17. Alright to those that care, I'm outta here July 12th to leave for Basic. ( I'm joining the Navy if you couldn't tell ) Basic is about 8 weeks, could be more, could also be less if I get put into a push division, we'll see.

    After that I'll be going straight to A-School which will be 41-49 weeks long. I'm still debating whether to get a laptop or not, if I get one it will probably be like a basic chromebook or something just to help with class work and such. I don't really want the distraction of video games and stuff, A-School is going to be tough, and require a lot of focus so don't expect to see me around too much.

    I'll probably mess around the forums or pop-in to say hey from time to time, but I won't be in game. So with my last 2 weeks here I hope to dunk on as many of you as possible IG (;

    Have fun with the lorewipe btw, I'll be missing it but it sounds like it's going to be litty.

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    2. Hebee


      Understandable have a great day

    3. Kevin

      I'm seeing my recruiter tomorrow morning,

      Best of wishes Flashy, we'll cya around friend.

    4. Alex Vivian

      Alex Vivian

      Cya around nig Ni??a

  18. Tents?

  19. Teamspeak?


    1. Hebee


      Behave yourself mothertrucker. 

    2. Flash


      yes dad.

    3. evanm23
  21. Constant Pvp and executions.

    so what you don't have your special little outfit you like to wear when you roleplay, you don't NEED it to roleplay. It's 3 years into an apocalypse odds are you don't have your special little outfit anyways. Roleplay out that you had your things stolen, and left for dead. Roleplay out that they took your grandads pistol that he passed down to you or whatever. You don't NEED gear to roleplay, that's a garbage excuse that I have heard time and time again and it's usually from the sort of people that sit up north with 3 drum mags, like do you need those 3 drum mags to roleplay properly? really? Excuse me if I seem a bit peckish this type of stuff just tends to grind my gears.
  22. Constant Pvp and executions.

    what do you NEED to roleplay?
  23. Constant Pvp and executions.

    "at least" quit acting like you're better than us or some shit.. everyone has their own way of enjoying RP. some do it around a campfire some like to carve people some like to instill fear and control mass areas because we have the skill and man power to do so. Mindsets like yours are the TRUE problem with the server, don't hate on other peoples opinions or how they chose to roleplay. You say we're worried about gear, but it sounds more like you are tbh....