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"We back motha fuckas"

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  1. YOU CAN'T MAKE 9/11 JOKES, unless you were an ex-admin then I guess it's ok????

    1. Voodoo


      Welcome to DayZRP, the place of inconsistency and bias actions.

    2. Dr Willsky

      Dr Willsky

      I used to make jokes like that, they always ended in a bang...

    3. Flash


      "you blew up your towers to justify a war"

    4. Hebee


      I just got 5 points for flaming again.

    5. Voodoo


      What for now @Hebee?

    6. Hebee



      That is a screenshot of my warning

    7. Flash


      Wow how rude of that staff member to assume genders.

    8. Voodoo


      So showing that someone is spamming beanz is now a violation but when someone gets in a report and we all give beanz for their post we are all out of order and abusing the beanz system which resorts in their beanz being taken away?

    9. Flash
    10. Cid


      I'd love to see this 9/11 joke.

    11. Flash


      Not so much a joke as a fuckin' american roast fest. just listen to @Dax's profile music. It literally states " You blew up your towers to justify a war. " Which is very insensitive to people who may have been affected by the tragedy.

      I tried to explain to him via PM, but he told me to either, A)  Not visit his profile. Or B) mute it upon arrival of his profile. 

    12. Cid


      I'll mention it for a discussion.  I can understand the concern.

    13. Flash


      I mean with this logic

      I tried to explain to him via PM, but he told me to either, A)  Not visit his profile. Or B) mute it upon arrival of his profile. 

      I think I'll go ahead and set my prof music to clips of Hitler speeches, and if anyone is offended they can just not visit my profile or mute it (: 

    14. Cid


      I would suggest otherwise.

    15. Flash


      I'm not stupid, but I'm just using it as an example, this whole double standard thing is reaching a whole new level. 

    16. Zero


      Please just stop, this will always happen. It's called professional courtesy, this falls under the "Everyone is equal" category, which is bullshit. Everyone is not equal and they will never be equal. While I agree if you make 9/11 jokes or genocide jokes you are a piece of shit, there's not much you can do it about it realistically.