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  1. Dalton was born into a lower-middle class family. His mother Was terminally ill and passed away when he was young. After her death his father abandoned him and his brother (Danny White) leaving them to fend for themselves. They were forced to adapt and learn valuable life skills, and began teaching those who didn't know how to survive. As teenagers they were taken to a foster home where they were made to learn "normal" things. (Cooking, cleaning, and Social skills.) Dalton was able to graduate and go on to working at a casino which a family friend had owned. He managed to get his brother a job
  2. I was VAC Banned 133 days ago (as of today) and was curious as to if there is any way to lift the can apply if VAC Banned stuff also should mention i was Blacklisted and i assume it was because of that, Thanks for your time.
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