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  1. *Kevin picks up the radio as he hears it from inside his shed* Yeah, I've met with Anarchy already and got my Licenses. I heard they are setting up a new camp somewhere, don't know how true that is. But I have an old friend there, before I exiled myself for a long time. *Kevin puts radio down goes back to lookout*
  2. *Kevin wakes up from his afternoon nap as he hears the radio transmission* Do you know the names of the people *Yawns* or the group they are a part of? *Stops for a second to scratch his eyes and open his door* I can be rather immature, thank you for telling me about that. I often think too high of myself. *Kevin laughs a little and puts the radio into his tent*
  3. *Kevin picks up the radio* Probably would be, might have to move either way, I'm in a good spot. *Growling can be heard on the radio* One second. *Kevin puts the radio down, about 1 minute passes until he picks it up again* Sorry about that. Yeah, I may be moving not far from here, but also thinking about sticking around as I do like this place. Even if people bully me and will try and get me to move somewhere else. They would need to do something pretty harsh. *Kevin puts the radio down*
  4. *Kevin picks up the Radio and is a bit hesitant at first* *A soft American accented man can be heard* Hello... Everyone. I have recently moved away and I started to build up my own place. I thought I was pretty remote and away from others. *Pauses for a second as he thinks* I was recently robbed pretty badly and I have lost 4 of my tents... I was waiting to open a new Trading outpost in... *Thinks if he should disclose the location yet* It's sad, I have gotten another tent since then and I still have a lot of merchandise, but I don't know if I should tell people the location yet. *Get's lost in thought* Tell you all what. If you guys think this is a good idea, and would like to see this become a thing, reply to me. I will broadcast this for a bit longer, and if no, then, I'll stop. If it becomes a thing, then we will have an auction every week, twice! The outpost will be open everyday pretty much and you can still trade, there will still, however be merchandise that wont be sold unless it's auction night. The more people we attract every auction night will increase the amount of auction nights. *Stops for a second* If anyone wishes to help me, reply and we'll discuss things on a private radio frequency. If any groups wish to cooperate as well, tell you're leader to contact me on a private radio frequency. During all night of the auction, I want everyone to be on neutral grounds. *Thinks about what happened last night* Oh, to the people who robbed me, while I was asleep, you know who you are don't you. I would be happy if you at least apologize. I don't want any bad blood. *Stop and looks around for a minute* So yeah, if people are interested, I will announce dates soon, and time as to when we will open. If you people really enjoy the idea and want to contribute, I'll tell you the location as well soon enough! To all people whom were listening, thank you. Kevin, out. *Kevin put's the radio down and stop transmitting*
  5. Day 001: God damn is this a good day! Let me tell you. First I find this perfect condition mountain backpack, and I also found a new Glock! Thanks to the guys who stole it from me. At least I got a new one! I also found a nice little hidden pocket in my backpack, and in it there was a bunch of paper! 32 Pages in total! I'm very excited to be able to finally leave something behind after I get shot in the back of the neck. Anyway "To the dear person who's reading this" I'm sure you're thinking: "Well this has no information about the guys location or anything really". You're wrong! I'm actually never in one place, I roam from town to town. I was actually in a few places today. Went from Novaya Petrovka to Severograd and from there to Area B4! I met Daniel there. He's a great guy who I showed my base (You want to know where it is? Too bad.) and grouped up with. He's a very decent lad and knows his stuff rather well. He literally fended off 18 Infected with me! 18! We counted the bodies. After that he came to my base and we made a fire there. A dude called Nathan joined us who seemed very desperate for help as he was close to dying... We helped him and he left a little later. Said he'd be back soon. Didn't say when he'll be back though. I'm writing this as my eyes are slowly closing. I'm very sleepy and I need energy to wander around and sing my road songs tomorrow!
  6. "Hey Beautiful! I should be back in about... 2-3 weeks after we're done with the guys! Can't wait to explore Chernarus and Takistan! I'll send you pictures and videos every day. Sorry that I'm only able to send a voice message, I wanted to call but you're asleep If I'm correct so I didn't want to bother you. I just wanted to say that I love you and can't wait to see you! I'm gonna miss you a lot but I'll call you when I can. Reception is pretty bad out here! But yeah, give mom and dad a big kiss from me and I'll see you soon! Love, your one and only bearded love bear, Kevin." *Beep... Beep* This was, the last message, I send my girlfriend. Before this. Before all went haywire. 4 buddies of mine came with me on our trip. Now it's only two of us left. We got caught in the crossfire that day Severograd got overrun. We had no chance at getting out. Well, not all of us at least. We knew we will either get shot in the back, or get out with one or two of us left behind. The latter occurred as two of my mates died. William and Todd, both of them took a bullet or two. I remember watching Todd run ahead of us, and telling us to keep our heads down. As Todd looks back to make sure everyone is alright, he got shot in the head. We knew we had to get out as fast as possible. Running south of the city was out best option. As we ran and ran we got to Gorka. We found a barn house and stayed there for the next two days. We wanted to use our phones but the connection dropped completely, we we're out in the blind. As the third night came, a group of soldiers came up to the barn with flashlights attached to their guns. They were looking around, ready to shoot anyone in their way. I wanted to wake up the others but only Jhosip woke up and the rest were getting sick, and couldn't get up. Jhosip and I quickly fled trying to help the others but it was too late for them. They stayed there and as we ran from the barn we heard a few shots. Didn't have to think twice about what happened in there. As the two of us roamed around for the past few days we've recalled everything that happened because we were back at Gorka a few days ago. Jhosip and I are ready for what's coming. And we'll do whatever it takes to survive, even if all hope is lost.
  7. Thank you everyone! Thanks for the advice @Ramon! Going to check out the guides and tutorials now!
  8. How's it going everyone, my name is Meeloo or Kevin in you prefer. I joined the community the other day and I just wanted to say hello, hi, nice to meet you guys. If you're ever looking for free food then you just have to look for me (Hint: I'm usually way up north). So yeah, nice to join the community and I hope I'll see you guys in Chernarus!
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