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    What do you want from us?

    I'd like to quickly point out in regards to the people who are posting 'pro's and con's'. The pro's and con's of the Molotok Event were posted on the thread itself, as it will directly effect how quickly the CDF respond not only to the future horde event, but also to the takistani border skirmishes. As far as vehicles, map changes, etc. Go. I agree, I miss being able to edit the map, use apc, jets, etc. But this isn't Arma 2. And, some people suggested hosting the event on A3, but lets be honest for a second. I struggled to get 6 volunteers for the peaceful Prodejna event. We got 1/4th the amount of whitelisters we were hoping for as far as Molotok is concerned. Trying to port over to A3 for 1 event would just make the retention rate even worse. Sadly, we need to work with what we have. Admin tools, for dynamic stuff, are of course up to Rolle. Thank you for the feedback so far, we are actively reading to see what you guys want, as we can't seem to get an accurate read. Some people want interesting pvp events, some want small group specific events, some don't want events, some want world lore, and some people want things that simply can't be accomplished at the moment.
  2. Phatal

    Operation Molotok [RP-PvP] - Lore Event

    Alright everyone, This week went by in a flash. Tomorrow is the start of the event! Some people have had questions about which phase they're in, and other various questions, so I'll go ahead and answer them here for everyone. Our current total of players for the event (everyone who has signed up and is being whitelisted) is at 55. I'm not sure if there are any Staff members who still need to sign up, but I don't expect that number to go above 60. As you may recall from the original post, the idea was to have 40 players per 'Act' (an act consists of 2 phases). However, as you can tell we don't have enough whitelists for that. Next question, @RogueSolace 'When will we find out what phases we're in'. After discussing with Major and trying to figure out the best way to do all of this, we're going to have everyone whitelisted for both 'Acts'. Meaning everyone who has whitelisted may participate in all 4 phases. It's not ideal, but this way everyone who has signed up and wants to be in the event can be. You don't have to be on both days for all the hours required (major and I will be of course). This is just so that we have the option for people to keep playing, if there aren't enough people on during Sunday then we'll probably just cancel that Act and decide the results based on tomorrows point values. Lastly, please make sure you look at the time schedule on the forums. I'm going to ask Roland to make 2 channels in discord for the event (one for each team), however Major and I will likely be in a separate discord to discuss plans, talk with our volunteers, and coordinate with the admin team. Thank you everyone who signed up. It's a shame that we didn't see the turnout we expected (despite the amount of people who want events ;-; ) See you all tomorrow!
  3. Phatal

    Operation Molotok [RP-PvP] - Lore Event

    Hello everyone! So our current white list count is at 47 total for the event, with some event staff mixed in there. That is enough for 1 full set of 2 phases, and our entire event is supposed to be 4 phases. If you guys or your groups plan on going to the event, please whitelist. As it stands, we may not be able to host it at all/may have to shorten it way down. We were expecting a lot more interest and participation but there seems to be a lack of interest in large events like this. So, please sign up! Message friends, group members, etc. Major and I want the best possible experience. If we have to make it to where the 1st and 2nd Phases are combined along with the 3rd and 4th, we can do that, we just need enough people! Thank you, Phatal
  4. Phatal

    Operation Molotok [RP-PvP] - Lore Event

    As long as people sign up to play we’ll have no problems We’ve been working on this for a while, hope you guys look forward to the show we’re gonna put on.
  5. Phatal

    What do you guys think of this?

    Before this thread continues I want to post a disclaimer, Currently all in game 'mini-events' are done by the GM/Admin team. There are times they do or don't consult with us prior to doing so. Loremasters do NOT have tools on the LIVE servers to perform dynamic/mini events on our own. We do, however, have them on the event server and for the duration of scheduled events. That is all.
  6. Major and I are working on getting some standard events out. He's focusing on some oneshot events, I'm making a more interesting and 'hostile focused' event series. Expect these threads within the next few days. 

  7. Phatal

    If You Could RDM One Member Who Would It Be?

  8. Phatal

    Lore wipe and map change?

    So, kind of like real life. Where people who had nothing to do with the past, get blamed for things people did years ago. Because they're either from the same country/region, or because they're descendants?
  9. Phatal

    Lore wipe and map change?

    I just want to remind everyone that, a lore wipe always seems like a good refreshing idea and then 2 weeks into the new lore things tend to go back to how they previously were. In fact this exact scenario has happened twice in the past. I think everyone just needs to focus on how they affect the lore, and work that way. New players can easily come up with ways to get their characters in Chernarus they just don’t read/can’t find the extra lore info the LMs have in the stories and journals section. I’ve supported lore wipes in the past and tried new things post lore wipe, but it always devolves into a pseudo old lore mix. Something that hasn’t been done since mod is actually just sticking with the lore and pushing it further. Major and I have a lot planned that we’re waiting to release and start releasing over the coming months. I think for once instead of trying to reset the lore we should push through it and develop it. Everything the players do in game and all the events upcoming will have effects on the country and the countries around Chernarus. idk tho. If you think the solution to “it’s been 2 years and I’m bored time to turn it off and on again” then so be it. I’m just interested in trying to play the lore out, rather than ending it. Plus again, people always like lore wipes until they realize no attitudes really changed, only names.
  10. Phatal

    Metagaming changes 3 week poll

    Well, I've given it a chance and overall I still don't really see the point in this rule. This was never really an issue in Mod, and even when it was a bit ridiculous, all it took was someone saying 'Hey it wasn't cool how your guys just stood there while people tried talking to you'. As far as the 'realism' or 'immersion', I go back to my former point. You can take a standard Baofeng radio with an ear piece and attached mic (very standard and very cheap with each purchase) and you can sit there and talk into it without people hearing you/understanding what you're saying or even realizing you're communicating. I just got back from a trip to Oklahoma in June (broke my ankle btw), in which we use boafengs. You can be 15-20 feet from someone, talking quietly and being inconspicuous and they not be able to hear you. We even had people walk right past us while we were whispering over mic in a wooded area. idk. I think that this rule was ultimately made by two types of people. Those who want hyper-immersion/cluttered communication which, it's DayZ I'm not sure why you'd want that, and immersion only goes so far. And then there's people who get mad when some people are quiet for more than 5 minutes when they're describing their life story to you, while you quietly talk to your friends in discord/ts and decide whether you want to initiate. Ultimately, in bandit groups I've been in we just had the person being spoke with talk, while the rest of us patrolled or talked from a relative distance away, to where they wouldn't be able to hear us whisper into clip mics anyway. So, all that said I voted 'No'. But I'd love to see it go 50/50 just to see how Rolle chooses.
  11. Phatal

    S1: KOS Berezino

    I haven't been in game since the 9th due to school/family issues so I believe that is someone else with a same character name. I also haven't used Mark Daniels as a character for over a month.
  12. Phatal

    Ask the LMs about the Lore!

    The DayZRP Lore currently uses all of the Arma Maps in it's universe. Similar to how Namalsk exists, so too does Taviana, Altis, and others. If the Arma Devs introduce a new country, namely 'Livonia' then we will likely incorporate it, however unless significant interest is shown in it's current condition, it's unlikely we'll make any specific forum threads explaining it's existence. Similar to how players currently can come from Altis, Taviana, and other Arma maps, people could come from Livonia as well.
  13. Phatal

    The Nikitin Prodejna Event Series - Trade Post

    Alright everyone, I have some bad news for the event. Sadly, we're going to have to postpone this event. I've posted on here, posted in the event discord, and even asked staff members to be volunteers. I had a total of 10 volunteers not including Major and I. However, due to issues I've had 4 volunteers back out. I have no problem with that, real life comes up and I've been a bit lack luster in involvement prior to this one due to my ankle being broken and my grandmother being sick. Thus, due to the lack of volunteers this event is postponed. If you're interested in joining the event discord to volunteer for future events (all volunteers receive compensation), please PM Major or I on discord. Going forward, until I have a minimum of 10 Non-LM volunteers we're going to hold off on scheduling this event. Volunteers for this and other events like this are vital to it's continuation and existence. This is one of the first events where the community gets a bi-weekly chance to affect not only what happens in South Zagoria, but also have an affect on the rest of the country. Also, please don't expect any/all staff members to volunteer for this. Volunteers should be exactly that, someone who wants to or is willing to help us create something. That's about it. Everyone enjoy your weekend. Stay tuned for more radio information, and for the other upcoming projects we have (such as the horde)
  14. We could honestly do a lot with this. We'd need a quality map definitely, but if the ability is there we could do it. However, like most side projects it would be up to the community to make it survive, and I'm not sure we'd be able to as this community tends to always go back to Chernarus
  15. Phatal

    Vultures (Open Recruitment)

    This is a very nice looking group. Solid graphics, logical backstory, and potential. Good luck!
  16. Everyone should Rest Assured, Russia has not 'fallen'. The Horde event will all be explained in game through actions, radio messages, and an official thread that we'll be posting soon. This groups makes sense from a lore perspective so I'll go ahead and silence anyone with concerns by saying that it is 100% Lore Master Approved.
  17. Phatal

    Playing as the opposite sex

    Hey guys, Cringey Text RP'er from 2013 here. Personally, I think Text RP and RP as a female (especially back then when there was a significant lack of females on the servers) is fine. I've got an average of 180-200 wpm or something along those lines, and having to Text RP probably helped and benefited from some of that. Honestly, I played with a lot of Text RPers, still play as a text rper sometimes. The only time I've ever had issues with Text RP is when the other party obviously has no intention of taking the 10 seconds to read my text and responds, or acts like I'm playing a mute and ask repetitively 'can you not talk??!!?!?!?!!?'. From my perspective, Text RP is fine, and honestly I have yet to hear a good voice changer that makes people with obviously masculine voices sound effeminate enough to pass for females without being chipmunks or so metallic its like I'm talking to that one female terminator. Text RP is a good alternative for those who want to play the opposite sex, those who can't use a loud voice/use a mic due to background noise and general noisiness of their house, and for people who don't have confidence in their speaking yet. But I'm not sure, maybe I'm an awful Text RP'er and no one ever bothered to tell me. I've enjoyed, and been complimented on my Text RP numerous times throughout the years. Now that I'm a Lore Master, most of my time is spent doing different things, and with real life I don't get to Text RP as much. But from the Text RP'ers who show up to tradepost, it's obvious to me the quality hasn't dropped. Ultimately though, this threads main topic was 'do people play girls, and should they sound like a WWE Wrestler'. No, on this server that kind of behavior is Bad RP. If you wish to play as a female, you'll need to Text or attempt an effeminate voice. But I encourage people to take the time, do the research (more than just watching some tv shows of womens reactions), and try to roleplay as the opposite sex. Especially considering the penis to vagina ratio likely isn't as realistic as it could be.
  18. Phatal

    The Nikitin Prodejna Event Series - Trade Post

    Next event will be this Sunday, June 30th! Regular time. I wanted to add a couple of new additions and changes. Change Log Changes: Roubles - Roubles will now and forever going forward equal 100 Roubles per single in game item. (Basically, the 'stacks' are of 100's). So, for example, if you have 1 stack of 100 Roubles, it would be 100 Roubles worth 100 Each, which is equivalent to 10,000 Roubles. This is the final iteration. There will be no changes hence forth unless something game changing occurs. Hyper-Linked here is the official Tradepost Pricing. That being said, each faction may trade things at different prices, want things more or less than others, or may try and rip you off in game/barter with you. It's RP. Respond in an RP sense. (If you have a particular issue with the tradepost prices, ask @Phatal in discord for a link to the Event discord. After you volunteer once you can make your case for a change in items value. Factions - Factions that host the tradepost. Many people have asked 'How can we affect the faction negatively'. Some groups, Kamenici and the House for example, have gotten proper permissions to affect us in game. They contact me or another staff present, ask for permission, and talk with me to sort out what is a reasonable action they can take. However, starting last week a new mechanic has been introduced. Every faction who has hosted at least 1 event, will be able to be eradicated. What this means is, at the end of each event the guards and traders/task givers will leave the compound. They will have to get to a certain destination which will be mentioned throughout the day. Groups can offer to guard them as they leave, or they can track and try to kill them. This IS A KOS part of the event. If a trader/guard member successfully gets to this zone, which I will post in IC Radio Chat on the server 30 minutes before the end of the event, then the faction can return. Traders who make it to the zone for this duration of the event will essentially be 'out of South Zagoria' so they will be allowed to log out. All others will try to get to the zone at all costs. Non-Volunteer guards can be KOS'd, so that is a risk they need to accept before the start of the task. Non-Volunteer guards will not be allowed to log out, they must stay in game the normal duration of a combat log timer. Additions: Volunteers - Everyone who participates as a Trader/Guard/Antagonist is a volunteer. They willingly give 3 hours of high-pop server time on Sundays to be there. As such they have been and will continue to receive compensation for such time. Compensation is solely in game items, and they are given out by Staff members only so we have the final say on what is and isn't given out. That being said, I need more volunteers if y'all want events. The more volunteers we have the better. If you're interested please PM myself on discord and I'll give you a link to the event discord. Tasks - Thus far tasks have been given out, with the explicit in game/rp knowledge that you may be KoS'd and it is a take at your own risk. Last event, some community members in RP and OOC were confused by something that occurred, so I will officially explain tasks now. Tasks are in game quests given out by Traders/Task givers. They typically involve investigating, retrieval, subjugation, or other various MMORPG-esque tasks. That being said, this is a survival game, and it's RP. If you take too long to complete your task, or if multiple large groups show up for tasks, your task may be given out to more than just you. They (almost always) are not unique. I simply don't have enough antagonist volunteers, nor in game time to make the magic happen for 3 different tasks at once. That is why I have it as it is. You should have to compete with others to complete tasks, initiate on those trying to do it first. Generate rp. Tasks will only continue to be more dangerous and more competition filled. I have a lot of ideas for tasks and we've only put a toe in the water as far as I'm concerned. Radio Transmissions - For those who don't know, I post radio transmissions for IC purposes in the thread linked here If you group wishes to attend but doesn't know how they would get ic info, this transmission would be received by all radios so feel free to use this as a means to get there. Clarifications: Teleports - The only people who receive TP's are volunteers. I post the location of the event on the website calendar typically 3-4 days before the start of the event. Utilize this time to travel to the event. There will no longer be TP's, and there haven't been since the very first time. Event Start/End - The event start time is the exact time when listed on the website. Arriving before hand and griefing/entering the compound and trying to get people who are still trying to get dressed for the event is bad RP. This event may be on the live server, but treat it as if it was on the event server. It starts at the time indicated. People attempting to walk in and force half naked volunteers trying to change to RP, or attempting to steal items from the traders will be removed or killed and may be punished further. The last 2 events I've had to basically yell at people in game to get away from the 'item dump' at the back of our trading areas. I've also had to take various steps last event to remove someone who refused to listen to the event staff before the event started. Starting from this event I'm going to be much harsher. People attempting to walk in and silently steal items from the traders, and people attempting to disrupt the tradepost before it begins will be recorded and reported or killed. It's 1 thing to attempt to smooth talk your way behind the counter, it's another to silently walk up and generally ruin the immersion and fun everyone is getting. Antagonistic Forces - For those who don't know, starting 2 events ago, I began using a specific group of volunteers as antagonists for tasks. These volunteers are shooting to suppress/wound targets. If you take a task, you may die. KOS is allowed during most events and I will clarify when I give the task out what to expect. Those who have taken them can attest that I typically say something along the lines of 'and be careful.. these criminals are the types to shoot people on sight and not ask questions'. Antagonists, faction wise, are typically Terrors. However when the Terrors or other groups that are typically antagonistic towards Chernarus, host the tradepost the antagonists may very well be CDF, COBR, NAPA, etc. Right well. There's my first "unofficial/official change log" for the event series. Overall I've gotten overwhelmingly positive feedback. Please consider volunteering. A post will be made on this thread and in the radio thread later today or tomorrow with some information that everyone should check out. I'd like to use this time to thank my staff, event, and antagonist volunteers. Without you guys this event wouldn't happen. @Xehara& @Kieran Thanks for helping me with the event, I'll probably ask for unreasonable help again this Sunday so don't you be late. Also, everyone please be patient with the traders. Sometimes things may take a bit longer, and responses may be a bit sparse, but I promise the quality RP will still be there even if you have to wait 30-45 seconds. Have a good week, I'll see y'all on Sunday.
  19. Back from my week long paintball trip. And don’t worry guys I only broke my ankle! 

    More Nikitin Prodejna events will begin again soon. Also, I plan to begin dynamic events revolving around the horde that is approaching from Asia. More on that at a later time. 

  20. Dr. Sova is the son of renowned Dr. Josef Sova, who gained notoriety before and during the 2009 Chernarussian Civil War. His father traveled far and wide around South Zagoria, treating poor citizens who could not afford healthcare or resided in restricted areas. When the troubles of Zagorian independence came he continued his work, treating soldiers, partisans, and civilians, no matter what their political background was or who they supported in the bloody conflict. Ultimately, his generosity and care for the citizens of South Zagoria led to his downfall as he was apprehended by Chedaki insurgents and tortured for assisting CDF soldiers. He was eventually rescued and returned to his work, continuing to travel around the province during the fighting to help those caught up in the war. Despite this he was re-captured by Chedaki forces in Krasnostav and executed. Following the war Vaclav's father was commemorated both locally and abroad as a compassionate humanitarian. Vaclav's mother had died when he was very young, and his father's meager salary left little for him to live on. He received a grant to travel to the US and follow in his father's footsteps as a physician, eventually graduating from Harvard Medical and returned to Chernarus shortly thereafter and gained employment at the Miroslavl Medical Center. He specialized in prosthetic, human augments, and physical therapy for those injured in war. He also received a minor in Mass Communication and frequently tinkers with radios and other communication devices. During the outbreak Dr. Vaclav Sova has worked tirelessly to help those hurt or displaced in the conflict, uniting with others who live on Kratka Street to house refugees from around Chernarus. He has become something of a community leader and guides the decisions of the collective. This has led to a need to travel outside of the safezone for goods that are not readily available inside the walls...
  21. Phatal

    The Nikitin Prodejna Event Series - Trade Post

    *The following picture is posted around various points of the Tradepost.* *Picture of suspected 'Maskovane Terory' (Masked Terrors) member Sub Lt. 'Church'. Be on the look out for him and other Terrors in the area*
  22. *Weeks since the last update, the radio waves reaching South Zagoria have been filled with static, only long range radio installations capable of communicating with the closest cities and settlements. However, the familiar voice of the radio station from Lyuti Island break through the air waves* "lud-s th- news from the Northern Border. We will now return to national news. President Kozlov recently dispatched troops to the North following confirmed reports of Chedaki movements. President Kozlov also condemned the Terrors, calling them cowards who prey on the weak and innocent. He announced the formal creation of a national task force with agents ranging from the Western Border to the Eastern Border. In response, the Terrors launched their first unprovoked attack against a CDF convoy, disrupting a supply delivery to settlements in Central Chernarus. We've been given a statement from the CDF, "Attention Citizens. All medium and long range exploration passes have been revoked until further notice. If you see any suspicious activity, report it immediately to the nearest garrison." On to Trade Watch. The 'Citizen's Trade Guild' has successfully returned from a trade venture to BPR territory, further solidifying the peace that was established between the government and the BPR forces. The 'Free Merchants' will be travelling for Central Chernarussian settlements to attempt to aid those who suffered from the Convoy attack. Chrysopoeia Corporation will be returning to Miroslavl for trade in the coming days. We've also received communication from a new trade group, today we will officially announce the establishment of the 'Kratka Street' Miroslavl based trading caravan. They reached out to us a few weeks ago. They intend to return to South Zagoria and have likely already left, their itinerary marks them as arriving and setting up trade tomorrow, June 9th. Make sure those of you out there visit and take care of our new caravan! Lastly, we will remind everyone that the trade caravans have stated numerous times, they are looking for various items, but specifically want Fuel and Propane. The CNF still refuses the comment on the unconfirmed reports of large movements of the Southern Russian Fleet. The Horde previously mentioned is predicted to come its closest to the Country sometime in August, expect increased presence of infected prior to its arrival. Please continue to follow government mandated quarantine procedures if you utilize your short range exploration passes. That has been Radio CCNN live from Lyuti Island." *The news broadcast ends and the radio chatter returns to intermittent static and voice snippets from areas out of range of the South Zagoria Oblast.*
  23. until
  24. Phatal

    Metagaming rule trial

    I've personally never liked this rule. I've always found it clunky and strange, as there are plenty of times I have been next to people in real life and whispered into my baofeng to my teammates, without the other party being the wiser. Ultimately, I'll give it a chance again, but I believe I'll still vote no when the next poll comes up. Call me stubborn, but I think that sometimes it's best to not force people to transmit what they're saying when in a situation like this, and I can already hear the people in discords complaining about people using their shitty accents while talking.
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