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  1. Back from my week long paintball trip. And don’t worry guys I only broke my ankle! 

    More Nikitin Prodejna events will begin again soon. Also, I plan to begin dynamic events revolving around the horde that is approaching from Asia. More on that at a later time. 

  2. Dr. Sova is the son of renowned Dr. Josef Sova, who gained notoriety before and during the 2009 Chernarussian Civil War. His father traveled far and wide around South Zagoria, treating poor citizens who could not afford healthcare or resided in restricted areas. When the troubles of Zagorian independence came he continued his work, treating soldiers, partisans, and civilians, no matter what their political background was or who they supported in the bloody conflict. Ultimately, his generosity and care for the citizens of South Zagoria led to his downfall as he was apprehended by Chedaki insurgents and tortured for assisting CDF soldiers. He was eventually rescued and returned to his work, continuing to travel around the province during the fighting to help those caught up in the war. Despite this he was re-captured by Chedaki forces in Krasnostav and executed. Following the war Vaclav's father was commemorated both locally and abroad as a compassionate humanitarian. Vaclav's mother had died when he was very young, and his father's meager salary left little for him to live on. He received a grant to travel to the US and follow in his father's footsteps as a physician, eventually graduating from Harvard Medical and returned to Chernarus shortly thereafter and gained employment at the Miroslavl Medical Center. He specialized in prosthetic, human augments, and physical therapy for those injured in war. He also received a minor in Mass Communication and frequently tinkers with radios and other communication devices. During the outbreak Dr. Vaclav Sova has worked tirelessly to help those hurt or displaced in the conflict, uniting with others who live on Kratka Street to house refugees from around Chernarus. He has become something of a community leader and guides the decisions of the collective. This has led to a need to travel outside of the safezone for goods that are not readily available inside the walls...
  3. Phatal

    The Nikitin Prodejna Event Series - Trade Post

    *The following picture is posted around various points of the Tradepost.* *Picture of suspected 'Maskovane Terory' (Masked Terrors) member Sub Lt. 'Church'. Be on the look out for him and other Terrors in the area*
  4. *Weeks since the last update, the radio waves reaching South Zagoria have been filled with static, only long range radio installations capable of communicating with the closest cities and settlements. However, the familiar voice of the radio station from Lyuti Island break through the air waves* "lud-s th- news from the Northern Border. We will now return to national news. President Kozlov recently dispatched troops to the North following confirmed reports of Chedaki movements. President Kozlov also condemned the Terrors, calling them cowards who prey on the weak and innocent. He announced the formal creation of a national task force with agents ranging from the Western Border to the Eastern Border. In response, the Terrors launched their first unprovoked attack against a CDF convoy, disrupting a supply delivery to settlements in Central Chernarus. We've been given a statement from the CDF, "Attention Citizens. All medium and long range exploration passes have been revoked until further notice. If you see any suspicious activity, report it immediately to the nearest garrison." On to Trade Watch. The 'Citizen's Trade Guild' has successfully returned from a trade venture to BPR territory, further solidifying the peace that was established between the government and the BPR forces. The 'Free Merchants' will be travelling for Central Chernarussian settlements to attempt to aid those who suffered from the Convoy attack. Chrysopoeia Corporation will be returning to Miroslavl for trade in the coming days. We've also received communication from a new trade group, today we will officially announce the establishment of the 'Kratka Street' Miroslavl based trading caravan. They reached out to us a few weeks ago. They intend to return to South Zagoria and have likely already left, their itinerary marks them as arriving and setting up trade tomorrow, June 9th. Make sure those of you out there visit and take care of our new caravan! Lastly, we will remind everyone that the trade caravans have stated numerous times, they are looking for various items, but specifically want Fuel and Propane. The CNF still refuses the comment on the unconfirmed reports of large movements of the Southern Russian Fleet. The Horde previously mentioned is predicted to come its closest to the Country sometime in August, expect increased presence of infected prior to its arrival. Please continue to follow government mandated quarantine procedures if you utilize your short range exploration passes. That has been Radio CCNN live from Lyuti Island." *The news broadcast ends and the radio chatter returns to intermittent static and voice snippets from areas out of range of the South Zagoria Oblast.*
  5. until
  6. Phatal

    Metagaming rule trial

    I've personally never liked this rule. I've always found it clunky and strange, as there are plenty of times I have been next to people in real life and whispered into my baofeng to my teammates, without the other party being the wiser. Ultimately, I'll give it a chance again, but I believe I'll still vote no when the next poll comes up. Call me stubborn, but I think that sometimes it's best to not force people to transmit what they're saying when in a situation like this, and I can already hear the people in discords complaining about people using their shitty accents while talking.
  7. Phatal

    Ask the LMs about the Lore!

    First off, I can't give too much of an answer to this question. For some of these responses it'll be vague or 'it just is'. That's not because I don't feel like answering or I don't know, but because if I got too direct it would give away too much about the infection itself, it's origins, etc. With that disclaimer out of the way, I'll do my best to respond to this. Major knows these particular details best, however I'll try not to butcher the answers. Q: "What makes just Kamensk area biologically infectious?" A: The body pits themselves do tend to have a higher rate of infection compared to other places lacking bodies. That being said, that's not the source of what makes the area infectious. All I can say in response to this question is that you'd need to investigate Troitske more with the proper equipment to find out. I'll also add that it's not just 'Kamensk'. There are other areas that share something in common with Kamensk that would be equally hazardous, however the current map isn't as developed or large as it was supposed to be, so for now those other areas are simply 'Unknown infectious areas'. Q: "If it is dangerous to be there it would be dangerous to be anywhere in chernarus by now." A: Not a question, but I'll respond to it regardless. This isn't correct. The infection around Kamensk is an aerosoilized variant. That being said, the infection doesn't spread very well and quickly dissipates across larger areas. Hence why it is very concentrated around an area that can be seen as 'Unknown infectious area source'. Q: "Body pits yada yada" A: Body pits are mostly a dayz dev utility. We've made some of them be lore impactful, but for the most part aside from a large grouping of bodies that have rotted and may be a breeding ground for infection, it's not much else. Hope this helped. If it didn't, then feel free to go investigate Troitske in proper equipment and maybe we can progress the lore some more
  8. Phatal

    The Nikitin Prodejna Event Series - Trade Post

    Alright everyone, we've got things squared away (and one Roland home from vacation), so we will be resuming the series. Next Sunday, May 26th, will be the next event. Stay tuned for details and updates on who will be there!
  9. Now that Roland is back it's time for all those who wish to volunteer for events to get back in gear. Gonna shake off the rust. As soon as the servers are squared away I'll post info for the next trade caravan and who'll be appearing.

    1. Major


      Inb4 nobody volunteers

      *complaining about lack of events continues*

  10. To further clarify, As Major has posted above. It has been stated on the forums numerous times that a gas mask is Required when you are on Troitskoe. The main threat is the Biological Contaminant which, without a gas mask, Lore wise will infect you. The only exception would be if you are immune but only 1% of the entire former global population is immune. However, Hex and Major had a discussion and a misunderstanding arose which led Hex to believe that it wasn't BadRP. Going forward though, anyone seen on Troitskoe without a Gas Mask can be reported for BadRP. Once radiation zones are modded in by our developers we'll be adding them, and they'll be a more permanent fixture, but until then please abide by the lore and wear gas masks. Regards, - The Lore Master Team
  11. If you and anyone else feels as you do above, I encourage all of you to apply for staff. I mean this with pure sincerity, some of the things that you all think should be simple (pulling logs for example), can be extremely complicated due to the game and how the logging system works. Reports and verdicts are always going to have some issues because, unless all sides have video evidence it will typically be a he said/she said issue. That being said, if you feel staff is currently struggling and you don't agree with the patterns, then I implore you to apply and try to come in and talk about it and change it. Community members who repetitively sit and talk about how things are wrong or performing poorly, but don't step up to try and fix that, are ultimately just adding to the issue. Staff will always be able to do more, be more consistent, and have an easier time with quick response times, with more staff members. I'm not saying that there aren't issues currently. Everyone has their own opinion on how staff should be, who should do what, who shouldn't be in staff, etc. etc. But what I am trying to say is, more applications and more unique viewpoints and opinions, will result in a change. If you want something to change, you need to be the first one to try and change it. That's how most things in life are. (As far as compensation goes. Honestly I don't think it's a good idea. Compensation is a slippery slope, and punishing staff members for errors or verdicts that ultimately get appealed is like saying the Judge and Jury who voted Guilty on a murder case due to present evidence, should serve life sentences when new evidence is brought in that can exonerate the person who was previously guilty.)
  12. Phatal

    Death Match

    ToeZ. He's a man of No Ruckus allowed. @Spartan vs @Pontiff
  13. Phatal

    The United Nations | (Open Recruitment)

    I, like Major, am very skeptical of this group. It has been done more than a few times before, each iteration has been wiped out, chased out, or given up. Given the current state of the U.N., and everything else happening around the world, I think it's going to be difficult (to say the least) to change anything and to have any kind of impact on the server that isn't just 'Blue Helmets better initiate'. That being said, everyone deserves the opportunity to try new things and learn from their mistakes. I hope that, if this does become a mistake, you learn from it. Good luck, I'm here to help and I hope you guys are able to accomplish something the last 3 versions couldn't.
  14. Thank you for the feedback! I look forward to seeing you post your group and I hope we have great future interactions.
  15. Phatal

    A song of whitenames and roleplay.

    It was posted though?
  16. Phatal

    A song of whitenames and roleplay.

    I joined in 2013. Whitelist process could take a week or two and wasn't easy. This is the first time I'm hearing that the Whitelist doesn't require you to look at the lore but if that's the case then something is wrong. If people joining the community aren't required to read and understand the lore, I'm not sure what the point in having 'RP' in the logo is. I like to think that I've been doing a good job and I know for sure that Major is doing a good job, but not having the lore be a requirement for being accepted to this community really kinda invalidates a lot of the time and work we put into the community. +1 to a harder and more comprehensive whitelist. The game has fairly decent updates, its still popular, and less than 2 weeks ago we had to have a second server on at all times to help keep the overflow manageable. I don't think population declination and growing disinterest is an excuse anymore.
  17. I’m not saying I agree or disagree with anyone’s ban. I’ll always be of the mind (this isn’t my official view as staff this is my personal opinion) that people shouldn’t be banned based on what goes on outside of DayZRP with the exception of certain circumstances (For example calling staff Nazis on twitch, etc. as that’s not really private is it?) However, to all the people saying “Now we have to be worried about what we say privately or risk getting banned. And “This has never been the case before and I’m concerned with how it’ll affect the community”.... Where have y’all been for the last 5 years? People in 2015 were getting banned for stuff they said in private applications.. I can’t remember every individual one, but I know personally that Zbor, among other individuals and groups, had members banned and groups disbanded for things people had said about staff in private. Were the things nice? No. Did some of the information leaked about individuals in which they confided in someone information or broke rules? Yes. Do I think people who break the rules and got snaked shouldn’t have been banned? No. Breaking the rules should be punished but that’s a different story. Overall, this has been happening for a while. Don’t flame people over the internet. If you do, do it to someone you know won’t snake you. If you don’t trust anyone, maybe you and your flame is the issue. But this ‘banning people for private discussions’ has been happening for years now. It’s not a new concept.
  18. Hello, 2013er here. I wanted to say 2 things. It'll be short. 1. RP during mod isn't as good as you think or remember. Our standards were low, nostalgia is a hell of a mental phenomena, and RP was roughly the same. 2. RP during standalone isn't here nor there. It's not fair to compare this game (Standalone) and it's players who joined the community for it, to those who RP'd and played in mod. Our mentality was different. Their mentality is different. The mentalities clash. Some leave, some don't enjoy it, some stay. There have been heavy amounts of banditry and boring hostile rp/initiations, there has been plenty of campfire rp, and there has been plenty of gear rp. I've come to accept that, to a degree it's just apart of the game. Overall, the standards were different (Low/no standard, to higher/set standards). Don't get me wrong, when I think of mod I think of great times, great rp, and greater rpers. But the truth is, the nostalgia and bias affects my judgement. When I step away from that and look at Standalone, there's also been great times, great rp, and great rpers. Plus the community has spent more time on Standalone than it did on Mod. That's all. I miss mod, but it's dead. Time to move on.
  19. *After a few days of resumed disruptions and static, following the departure of the Chrysopoeia Corporation, the radio waves return to life again with a familiar and crisp sounding voice* "-e-l th-t's the news about the Western Border. Now, back to national happenings. We've received confirmed information from CDF forces that the Chedaki have begun probing south of the Black Mountains, and recently a series of raids was conducted on various settlements along the river North of Miroslavl. The terrors activity has begun to shift East, those of you in the Central and Eastern Oblasts, be sure to travel in pairs and don't stray far from your CDF counterparts. On to Trade Watch. We've received confirmed reports that the Chrysopoeia Corporation, is returning from the South Zagoria Oblast. Following the seeming success of the South Zagorian caravan, Chrysopoeia and other caravans have said they intend to return or venture to the newly rediscovered land that was previously believed barren of life. The 'Free Merchants' successfully made it to Novigrad and will remain to trade for another few days before returning back towards their settlement. We have unconfirmed reports that the 'Citizen's Trade Guild' was allegedly attacked en-route to BPR territory by the Terrors. We will provide more information as it becomes available. In the future, all caravans who submit their trade routes to us ahead of time will be featured on this news segment. Once again, most caravan's are accepting Fuel and Propane for trade, cities are continuing to stockpile supplies. Recently there have been unconfirmed reports of a large movement of the Southern Russian Fleet in the Black and Green Sea, but the CNF hasn't commented on such speculations at this time. The Government has issued a warning to everyone that they should stay inside of the cities, as recently a horde has been seen to the North and East of the border, and small pockets tend to break off from them. Recently a large group of citizens who left one of the cities perished, and almost lead to a complete breakdown of the cities quarantine. This has been Radio CCNN live from Lyuti Island." *The news broadcast ends and the radio chatter returns to intermittent static and voice snippets from areas out of range of the South Zagoria Oblast.*
  20. Phatal

    The Nikitin Prodejna Event Series - Trade Post

    Hello everyone! The event held on the 21st was a great success! Even though it was Easter, we still had a very great turn out. We had quite a few visitors, and we handed out some of the more interesting tasks thus far. Speaking of tasks, I want to thank all those who participated. I want a special shout out to @Ducky and his boys for volunteering to play the hostile group. We had nothing but positive feedback for the tasks, and I want everyone to know they'll only get more interesting and complex/open ended in the future. Every action, every task completed, and every faction helped is actively affecting the lore and what's happening around Chernarus. You'll see some of the proof of this in an upcoming Radio update from CCNN on the Event radio thread. As far as trading goes. This faction was known as 'Chrysopoeia Corporation'. The volunteers who portrayed the traders did so accurately and I couldn't have been happier. Those of you who got 'scammed'. That's all part of the fun and RP. You gotta haggle! Those of you who didn't see something you wanted? Save your roubles and come to the next event! Every event will utilize roubles as currency. As for the visitors. This time we had about the same if not a few more visitors than last time. However, due to some growing pains and unforseen issues that arose, I am going to address something. I've made a few amendments to the event rules on the original post. I'd also like to point out that, in the future people who violate these rules at the events, will be punished as per both the event and forum rules. Things such as needless 'big-dicking' (such as you'd see on the radio thread) and other intentional disruptions will be dealt with in an according fashion. Bantering, speaking in a hostile manner, etc. Is completely allowed, but there's also a point where it does nothing for the situation. The factions you're interacting with (for the most part), have a large backing of numbers. If you wish to interact in a hostile way with the faction, please PM me on discord or the forums and we can work something out. Next, I wanted to give a shout out to all my event staff. @Pontiff and @XeharaThank you for donating swaths of your time both before, during, and after the event. @DaRsnnThank you for supply last minute guards as volunteers. I value all of you far more than you realize. even pontiff I guess. This brings me to my next point. In order for us to keep these events entertaining, fun, and alive.. we need YOU! If you have availability on Sundays, are interested in seeing what it's like, or don't plan to attend an event on Sunday, we could greatly use your help! Lastly, make sure everyone checks back on this thread and the radio thread in the future. Starting after this week, a new form of advertising will occur but I'll leave that as a surprise for now. I hope to see familiar and new faces out at the events next Sunday (May 5th). Everything you guys do, say. Every task you complete/fail. Every faction you help/disrupt. It all effects the lore in Chernarus as a whole. tl;dr: Event was a great success, We want more event staff volunteers, Your interactions with the traders affect the lore, the event rules have been updated on the thread. Whew. That was a lot of talk. But seriously thanks for all the great RP thus far guys. I look forward to May 5th, and I have so many more plans for the events. I hope to see you all again soon, Phatal
  21. This character page will solely be used for the trading post event series. Please do not remove, do not send me a PM, do not panic. You fine supports are doing a fantastic job, keep it up. This message has been approved by both the loremaster team and the gamemaster team. Thank you! This character page will solely be used for the trading post event series. Please do not remove, do not send me a PM, do not panic. You fine supports are doing a fantastic job, keep it up. This message has been approved by both the loremaster team and the gamemaster team. Thank you!
  22. I support Racism in RP. From a lore standpoint, you're living/surviving in an ex-soviet state, bordered by Russia, 'Takistan' (a primarily Islamic Caliphate Country), a fictional sea that borders the black sea, and Kazakhstan. In real life, people in these types of countries tend to have a degree of racism. Russia is a very 'bigoted' and 'Hateful' place in comparison to Western countries. But you also have to understand that, that is their culture and their way of life. Years upon years of history, wars, interactions, and other interactions among people lead to what is known as 'Racism', 'Bigotry', and harassment. All of the above being said, do I condone it in real life? Do I walk around being flagrantly racist or bigoted? No. I, like everyone else, have my own beliefs and standpoints. Those beliefs and standpoints, however, should be checked at the door when you get onto the internet. That's just how it is. The world is a harsh place. People in countries comprised of sand, behead homosexuals and treat women like property. People in downtown Detroit wear blue and red colors and call each other racial slurs whilst pointing guns at each other. People in Asian countries openly post signs that state that people of certain skin pigmentation aren't allowed in certain areas. People in Russia beat homosexuals in the open. So, back to the main point of this post. I think Racism has more than enough merit in this community, given that we are role playing people that are in this country. I will always be a supporter of role play first, ooc second. If something makes sense, its something your character would do, and it fits the rules then it should be doable. Curtailing the rules and subsequently the role play, only serves to monotonize the RP. That's my two cents anyway. Maybe I'm just a racist & bigot from Texas though.
  23. Hello @rokvam, Thank you for the question. The simple answer is yes, that information is in the current lore. If you look here, you’ll find information about Chernarus up to the outbreak: if you look here, you’ll find all known world information (such as the underwater nuke, there’s only been 1 by the way) : Lastly, if you have any further lore questions, feel free to post them here: In the future, Major and I plan on adding more information as well, but for the moment we are waiting until we have all our ducks in a row. All the above threads and information can be found under the “DayZ Lore and Stories” section of the forums. Hope I helped you with your question! Phatal.
  24. Phatal

    The Nikitin Prodejna Event Series - Trade Post

    Alright everyone! The 21st is nearing and I've got some updates for the thread. I added the location, as well as the protected compound shaded in red. As was stated previously. Major will be the main force behind the tasks. I'll be assisting him in those, and focusing on the trade, RP, and the effectiveness of the compound itself. Remember, it'll be from 1-4PM EST, 5-8PM GMT. The event calendar has the location and time automatically converted to your timezone. Also, this faction will be purchasing Fuel and Propane, as well as vehicle parts, protective vests, and other various supplies. However they won't buy just anything. They will also be selling information. But the information goes up in price depending on how specific of information you want. (For example, information on Chernarus, would cost more than information on New York city! And yes, we will be selling information on most places around the world! Exclusive to this event.) We will be using S2 for the event, and @Roland has promised to have it open around the time for the event. Lastly, a reminder. We won't be Teleporting people to the event location. If you wish to come, please take the time to pre-walk to the Chernogorsk area. This is to prevent a long que from forming, and help keep the performance and experience exceptional for everyone. The location can be found on the original post on this thread. It will be at the Chernogorsk Docks. Have a great rest of the week, I hope to see you out there! The location is part of the event. Don't go near it before Sunday. Damaging the compound and the surrounding structures before and during the event will be considered griefing and punished severely..
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