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  1. I'll probably re-install the game when .63 goes live. Then uninstall it and wait for Beta. Should be fun for the few months between them though.

    1. SillyGoose


      Fun fact: .63 is beta.

    2. Phatal


      Oh it is? Honestly I couldn't really tell. Why don't they just call it /beta/ then? 

      Also doesn't help that all the videos and streams say '.63 AND beta discussion'. Another reason I didn't think they were the same.

    3. Oliv


      Right now all the 0.63 stuff is still in testing, not even experimental. I'm not sure if Beta is technically going to begin at the beginning, middle, or end of 0.63 as they have said so themselves that not everything will be in at 0.63 launch.

      Nice to see you pop in though

    4. Major


      Good to see you around man!

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