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Status Updates posted by Phatal

  1. Major and I are working on getting some standard events out. He's focusing on some oneshot events, I'm making a more interesting and 'hostile focused' event series. Expect these threads within the next few days. 

  2. Back from my week long paintball trip. And don’t worry guys I only broke my ankle! 

    More Nikitin Prodejna events will begin again soon. Also, I plan to begin dynamic events revolving around the horde that is approaching from Asia. More on that at a later time. 

  3. Now that Roland is back it's time for all those who wish to volunteer for events to get back in gear. Gonna shake off the rust. As soon as the servers are squared away I'll post info for the next trade caravan and who'll be appearing.

    1. Major


      Inb4 nobody volunteers

      *complaining about lack of events continues*

  4. Anyone wanna donate their life to me so we can play League together? I need someone who’ll just play non-stop for a few hours throughout the week.

    1. cheeks


      @Beni The most salty of them all JK. 

  5. Phatal

    • Phatal
    • Chernon

    Gotta say Chernon-chan, I'm loving the profile. It's a really good look on you. 



    1. Chernon


      This has gone on for TOO LONG

  6. @Major

    <23:36:22> "Major": UwU nudges bolgy wolgy
    MajorToday at 11:31 PM
    Come in TS.
    Cuddle wif me and chief uwu nudges bulgie wulgie

    1. Major



    2. Mexi


      Time to take the old boy out back.

  7. Good news everyone!

    As seen in the event thread, we will be posting the thread for the 'Nikitin Prodejna' event series tomorrow! Make sure to check it out to stay up to date with the ongoing in game events and how you can become involved! On behalf of the LM team we hope you enjoy it. We also have a lot of other projects (One in game event, and a lot of RP events that will affect dynamic events and the other upcoming events) so look forward to those as well!


  8. Gotta say, I like the new Slipknot song. Can't wait for the next album. Sounds like they're going to try and go back a bit to their original stuff.

  9. Once .63 is out, regardless of the player count, I plan on attempting to bring a Nationalistic/Political group into the fray. If you're interested PM me or look for us out there. Still trying to sort out all the ideas and details.

  10. Are people still interested in nationalistic groups?

    1. Zero


      There are people out there still interested. I don't think anyone's been able to pull off anything comparable to ZBOR though and that's what people have been trying to do.

    2. BorisVC


      There was a group named Svoboda But thier leader got banned

  11. I'll probably re-install the game when .63 goes live. Then uninstall it and wait for Beta. Should be fun for the few months between them though.

    1. SillyGoose


      Fun fact: .63 is beta.

    2. Phatal


      Oh it is? Honestly I couldn't really tell. Why don't they just call it /beta/ then? 

      Also doesn't help that all the videos and streams say '.63 AND beta discussion'. Another reason I didn't think they were the same.

    3. Oliv


      Right now all the 0.63 stuff is still in testing, not even experimental. I'm not sure if Beta is technically going to begin at the beginning, middle, or end of 0.63 as they have said so themselves that not everything will be in at 0.63 launch.

      Nice to see you pop in though

    4. Major


      Good to see you around man!

  12. 5bd75d01cb7693ddc0e0e5e875828480.png.b8810eeb51a00be75ad01c0e37061a4e.png

    1. Spartan


      kek, who is that Sara chick?

    2. Blackfyre


      I think it used to be some hard right chick who was also lesbian at times, kinda hypocritical of her :P 

  13. That moment when your Community Rep is classified as 'Noobie' but you've been here since 2013 :/

    1. Spartan


      You noob

    2. Oliv


      I donated to the cause

    3. Hebee


      Have some pity beanz.

  14. For those of you who wonder what I do during my 1-2 month breaks now and then, here ya go.


    1. Blackfyre


      *Looks at favourite character and see's Asuna.*


    2. Zillysaur


      "Strike Witches"


    3. Phatal


      @HelsingTruthfully I don't see what everyone dislikes about her. Though I wouldn't say she's my favorite. I just have her up there as a place holder

    4. Blackfyre


      The SAO version of her is pretty 2 dimensional, but the Abridged version of her is a lot better IMO.

    5. Dom


      Hey luke

    6. Phatal
  15. Happy Birthday to me!

    1. Dom



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