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  1. This character page will solely be used for the trading post event series. Please do not remove, do not send me a PM, do not panic. You fine supports are doing a fantastic job, keep it up. This message has been approved by both the loremaster team and the gamemaster team. Thank you! This character page will solely be used for the trading post event series. Please do not remove, do not send me a PM, do not panic. You fine supports are doing a fantastic job, keep it up. This message has been approved by both the loremaster team and the gamemaster team. Thank you!
  2. I support Racism in RP. From a lore standpoint, you're living/surviving in an ex-soviet state, bordered by Russia, 'Takistan' (a primarily Islamic Caliphate Country), a fictional sea that borders the black sea, and Kazakhstan. In real life, people in these types of countries tend to have a degree of racism. Russia is a very 'bigoted' and 'Hateful' place in comparison to Western countries. But you also have to understand that, that is their culture and their way of life. Years upon years of history, wars, interactions, and other interactions among people lead to what is known as 'Racism', 'Bigotry', and harassment. All of the above being said, do I condone it in real life? Do I walk around being flagrantly racist or bigoted? No. I, like everyone else, have my own beliefs and standpoints. Those beliefs and standpoints, however, should be checked at the door when you get onto the internet. That's just how it is. The world is a harsh place. People in countries comprised of sand, behead homosexuals and treat women like property. People in downtown Detroit wear blue and red colors and call each other racial slurs whilst pointing guns at each other. People in Asian countries openly post signs that state that people of certain skin pigmentation aren't allowed in certain areas. People in Russia beat homosexuals in the open. So, back to the main point of this post. I think Racism has more than enough merit in this community, given that we are role playing people that are in this country. I will always be a supporter of role play first, ooc second. If something makes sense, its something your character would do, and it fits the rules then it should be doable. Curtailing the rules and subsequently the role play, only serves to monotonize the RP. That's my two cents anyway. Maybe I'm just a racist & bigot from Texas though.
  3. Hello @rokvam, Thank you for the question. The simple answer is yes, that information is in the current lore. If you look here, you’ll find information about Chernarus up to the outbreak: if you look here, you’ll find all known world information (such as the underwater nuke, there’s only been 1 by the way) : Lastly, if you have any further lore questions, feel free to post them here: In the future, Major and I plan on adding more information as well, but for the moment we are waiting until we have all our ducks in a row. All the above threads and information can be found under the “DayZ Lore and Stories” section of the forums. Hope I helped you with your question! Phatal.
  4. Phatal

    The Nikitin Prodejna Event Series - Trade Post

    Alright everyone! The 21st is nearing and I've got some updates for the thread. I added the location, as well as the protected compound shaded in red. As was stated previously. Major will be the main force behind the tasks. I'll be assisting him in those, and focusing on the trade, RP, and the effectiveness of the compound itself. Remember, it'll be from 1-4PM EST, 5-8PM GMT. The event calendar has the location and time automatically converted to your timezone. Also, this faction will be purchasing Fuel and Propane, as well as vehicle parts, protective vests, and other various supplies. However they won't buy just anything. They will also be selling information. But the information goes up in price depending on how specific of information you want. (For example, information on Chernarus, would cost more than information on New York city! And yes, we will be selling information on most places around the world! Exclusive to this event.) We will be using S2 for the event, and @Roland has promised to have it open around the time for the event. Lastly, a reminder. We won't be Teleporting people to the event location. If you wish to come, please take the time to pre-walk to the Chernogorsk area. This is to prevent a long que from forming, and help keep the performance and experience exceptional for everyone. The location can be found on the original post on this thread. It will be at the Chernogorsk Docks. Have a great rest of the week, I hope to see you out there! The location is part of the event. Don't go near it before Sunday. Damaging the compound and the surrounding structures before and during the event will be considered griefing and punished severely..
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  6. *After two weeks of intermittent bursts, mostly static or occasional short snippets of sound, a faint crackling would be heard. After a few hours of the crackling, you begin to hear the rough sound of someone's voice attempting to cut through the chatter. Finally, the person manages to get close enough and is able to cut through the interference and a clear, calm voice is heard* "Ahem. This is the trade caravan for Chrysopoeia Corporation. We will be arriving in the South Zagorian Oblast for trade on Sunday. According to the remaining weather radar's and satellites, it should make for a nice day to trade. I want to remind anyone listening that we are in search of necessities such as Fuel and Propane for trade. We are also looking for vehicle parts, protective vests, and various medical supplies. We will be trading in Roubles, as most of the country has adapted to this system. We obviously have plenty to sell, and for the right price we can even sell you some information on what's going on outside of this cozy corner of the world. Also, due to the recent sightings of the 'Terrors' in this Oblast, we will be leaving at 3 o'clock sharp. Please be safe on your approach to this area, and don't take chances when it comes to bandits. Chrysopoeia Corp. is very interested in the resources still bountiful in this part of the country, and we will most likely return relatively soon. We will be positioned near the port in Chernogorsk. This has been Chryopoeia Corporation's Trade message. Every hour on the hour. Out. *The radio would then return to the intermittent bursts of static and voice snippets. After an hour, the exact same message would play again on loop.* //(Reminder. The location is part of the event. Don't go near it before Sunday. Damaging the compound and the surrounding structures before and during the event will be considered griefing and punished accordingly.)
  7. Anyone wanna donate their life to me so we can play League together? I need someone who’ll just play non-stop for a few hours throughout the week.

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  8. Hello @Rutkiy, The Lore Master team have reviewed this group and your lore and we'd like to address a few issues. (Long Post inc.) To begin, I'd like to say that I have no issue whatsoever with you making a Chedaki group. However, your backstory currently conflicts with the actual lore and what is going on in the country. On top of that, the Chdkz are technically a staff faction. So while 'remnants' is a perfectly acceptable way to go about it, the way your group lore is structured doesn't properly make you 'remnants'. First off, what you say about the Chedaki controlling the Black Mountains is correct. According to the lore and what has been established, the Chedaki do in fact have control over the Black Mountain area and also have contact with Russia. That being said, a few contradictions with this are found in your backstory. Namely, you refer to the Chedaki wishing to annex Chernarus back into Russia and resume Communism. From a lore perspective this isn't quite accurate. The Chedaki have mostly phased out broad spectrum 'communism', as even modern Russia has made it clear that it has no plans of resuming to it. Russia has been in communication with both Belozersk and the Black Mountains. The Chernarussian government at the moment don't even necessarily consider the Black Mountains (at least the area highlighted above) as still a part of a whole. The CDF and CAF still patrol it, and on paper it hasn't been annexed, but the Government has other things to worry about than trying to weed out the Chedaki who have had years to prepare and dig themselves in in the Black Mountains. Which leads to my next point. In your backstory near the end, you talk about how they're ready to leave and are prepared to go at your word. I'll touch on the 'having the Chedaki at your beck and call' in a later point, but for now I'll focus on the 'ready to leave' part. This simply isn't accurate. The Chedaki are mostly isolated in the Black Mountains and only recently have traders begun traversing into the Black Mountain area. At this point they've had to survive 2 brutal winters post infection, not including the difficult winters they faced between 2009 and now. The Black Mountains are also their main foothold, a piece of land that they can point at and say 'look daddy Russia, we own this. Want to help us get more?', but they're also their most fortified and defensible location. It is highly unlikely that, with the exception of probing forces, any large scale assault or movement of Chedaki forces would leave the Black Mountains. They have too much to lose, and they've also had countless and continuous skirmishes. The setback of the failed Coup attempt in Belozersk also hampered any plans they had of increasing their control. Next I'll address the current manpower of the Movement of the Red Star. Following 2009, as your lore states, a lot of Chedaki and Chedaki sympathizers were chased, hunted, and executed. NAPA was exceptionally brutal in this, to the point where the government had to openly criticize them. That being said, while NAPA still vehemently hate the Chedaki, after a few years the manhunt slowly died down as NAPA began to face legal issues and other internal disputes. Ultimately, once the manhunt died down, the Chedaki had time to consolidate, recruit, and other sympathizers that had previous laid low slowly made their way to the Chedaki. All of that being said, the real influx of man power to the Chedaki didn't occur until after the outbreak. Around the same time that Novigrad realized the BPR were going to be a legitimate issue, the Chedaki were in talks with Southern Russia officials. They received aid, previous asylum seekers, and a handful of advisors. Ultimately the Chedaki were treated as nothing more than what the Russians treated those they sent to the Ukraine, they still received aid and some level of low-level backing. From the outbreak they also received new volunteers and forces who were looking for safety or a place to stay. All in all, the Chedaki have a sizeable force. That being said, they're still a highly defense focused force, and after the 2 years of rationing and struggling through winters and hard seasons in a mountainous regions with low crop output. They don't really have the resources to launch attacks, but they are still strong enough to push the CDF back. On to the part about having the 'Chedaki Remnants in the Black Mountains' waiting on your word. This, to put it simply, isn't accurate. No one person, especially not someone who not only walked away from the cause, but also only had the rank of 'Nadpraporčík', would be able to command the entirety of the Chedaki forces. The Staff Team in general, isn't fond of any one player or player group having 'an entire x of people waiting to strike'. This again, is why the Chedaki are mainly a lore faction. Similar to how we wouldn't allow a group of '1st Marines' to walk around saying 'We're from the 1st Marines, if you piss us off we'll have the rest of our division invade'. Lastly, the Chedaki haven't been silent this whole time. As mentioned above and by Major in the 'Ask the LMs about the Lore!' thread: "The Chernarussian border needs to be defended. The Chedaki coup failed in Belozersk, and they now hold the Black Mountains. The BPR has made an agreement with the Chernarussian government. So there are lots of people they don't want to let in." The Chedaki have been active. At the moment the entire country is in a bit of a calm state due to exhaustive wars of attrition, combined with the apocalypse and a dwindling stock of supplies and slowing of production. The Government is focused on maintaining Utes and the territories it has, while dealing with the infection and other outside sources. The BPR have come to an armistice with the CDF at the moment and are using this time to consolidate and regroup. The Chedaki are biding their time and attempting to procure more resources purely so they can continue the fight. The world has ended, civilizations have collapsed and the people of these factions are starting to feel that reality. Wow, that was a lot. Anyway, there are a few glaring lore conflicts with your group. Again, we have no issue with playing Chedaki members or sympathizers. We simply want it to be done in a proper way that doesn't infringe on the lore to date. (Which, there will be more clarifications and information regarding the current state of the lore in the future). So, if you wish to say that you are Chedaki loyalists, or a fringe branch. Or even a group who defected from the Chedaki because you didn't approve of the way the main force was going, that's fine. But saying that you, yourself, represent the entirety of the Chedaki isn't. And while the Chedaki may not be the strongest faction, they are still stronger than any group in our little corner of Chernarus. Also the USMC isn't in Chernarus anymore. Some of your group goals are, themselves, in conflict with the lore.
  9. Phatal

    World Lore Thread - Broadcasts, Stories, Rumors and Facts

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    The Nikitin Prodejna Event Series - Trade Post

    Hey everyone! We've gotten a lot of positive feedback through discord and other means for this event series and I wanted to start off by saying that, on behalf of the Lore Master team we're happy to be able to provide it to you. This week (Similar to the first week we wanted to host the series), we've encountered some issues that makes hosting the series impossible. The update and various other circumstances have combined that prevent us from bringing you our utmost best experience. Because of this we're going to be placing the series on a short 2 week hiatus. The second week (April 14th) I will not be able to lead the event and thus it will also be postponed. That being said, I want to reassure everyone that we still plan to host the event series as often as possible. We will be coming back strong on the April 21st. We have a lot of great ideas planned, and more ideas that get suggested to us. Factions have already begun interacting with groups that they've gotten information on, so if you're one of those lucky groups don't worry as that won't be affected as heavily. We're also hoping to keep establishing worth and use to the in game 'cash' item and will be interacting with some groups on a faction basis to accomplish this goal. So don't worry, your roubles will still have value and you should still horde them Thank you to everyone again who has participated and volunteered so far! There's a lot I hope to do and provide to the community from this, and we will be back bright eyed and bushy tailed on the 21st! Have a wonderful two weeks!
  12. Phatal

    People Hiding Is Killing The Server...

    I do see your point. I just wanted to quickly amend what I said earlier in that, we wouldn't be blanket decreasing all gear. The 'good shit' would still be roughly the same, we would be lowering the more survival items. Rather than making everyone want their 'good shit' we'd make everyone need food or water. Making the necessities more difficult to come by, rather than the equipment, has a higher likelihood of success as opposed to blanket reducing/only reducing weapons and military loot.
  13. Phatal

    People Hiding Is Killing The Server...

    Honestly the lore team has been talking about doing the opposite and making some things less common. If you want to have people walking around and talking with each other, the best way is to make things a bit scarcer. Sure you'll get an increase in robberies for rare loot, sometimes food, etc. But you'd also get an increase in Trade RP, an increase in hub establishment, and an increase in people all around grouping in certain areas. This way, not only will trading and other rp forms become more prevalent, you'd also need to leave your safety bubble to get items, and more people would be able to buy more things from the event traders, other traders, and they'd be forced to be more centralized. That being said no one get your knickers in a twist because we have no plans to push for this to be implemented. It was merely a talking point and while Major and I would be like it, there are some glaring issues with the game that we're waiting to be fixed before we suggest it.
  14. Phatal

    People Hiding Is Killing The Server...

    Honestly if it weren't for the fact that birds of a feather flock together, having a territorial control map would be really cool and it wouldn't take all that much effort for us to do. Like I said earlier, I support War and Settlement systems as a step forward. It's unfortunate that none of the things mentioned so far though, will completely amend the issues we have in the community as far as RP, PVP, etc.
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    People Hiding Is Killing The Server...

    I’ve always been a fan and supporter of a group war system and a settlement rules system. That being said both systems have flaws and may cause plenty of problems. The unfortunate thing is, there is no “right answer” in this discussion. No one can force another to do something without giving them an OOC ultimatum. No one should expect others to enjoy this or that sweetly because you do it/want to do it. Major and I are doing what we can to attract people and give them a place to RP, learn about the world, interact with factions both in and out of the event, take tasks and interact with people, etc. So my “solution” is simply that I think the above systems may help. But also that we, as the community, need to try and openly talk with eachother, receive feedback and change from it, and accept that you just won’t get along with some people on the internet or in real life.
  17. *For months now, most radio chatter has been limited to just outside of neighboring oblasts for Chernarus. Russian jamming still plays havoc with any attempted radio chatter off of all of it's borders. However, for the first time in months of relative intermittent signals and silence from other parts of the country.. a disruption in the static is heard* "---bzzzt---bzzzt--And th-t's th- news fr-m the border. Next we'll be talking about traders. Recently, an influx of trading has been seen across the country which has greatly helped to re-establish the economy. From what we've seen these traders are using Roubles, and are helping to circulate goods from nearby countries and even other oblasts. However we've also received reports of a resurgence in criminal activity, and the vile group known as the 'mass terrors' are still on the run. This station has received a map and time table for some of the traders and where they plan to go. While we won't be releasing all of this information, we will release snippets. According to these submissions, the popular Chrysopoeia Corporation will be heading to the South Zagoria oblast, the Free Merchants will be visiting the 'Capital City' of Novigrad, and the Citizens Trade Guild will be arriving in BPR territory at Kasimov. Most caravans will be accepting fuel and propane for trade, as Chernarus starts to stockpile supplies. Further information will be provided by the traders in short bursts. Continuing on, today the CDF and CAF have confirmed the weakening of Russian jamming. What this means for Chernarus, they can't say yet, but all this station can say is.. it's good to hear from people again. This has been Radio CCNN live from Lyutyi Island." *The strong and clear signal then returns to it's former silence. As it fades out, more and more short bursts can be heard than before. A general static of talking, music, and other noises can be heard as South Zagoria once again opens it's ears. While radio stations that can respond to the rest of the country are few, South Zagoria can still listen*
  18. Phatal


    I'd say you could either go through one of the ex-soviet states, Poland - Lithuania, or through the Mediterranean and past Istanbul. But ultimately, it's up to you. Our biggest concern is just the sudden appearance of a 'city-like' aircraft carrier that spontaneously appears etc. etc.
  19. Phatal


    Yes, as I said the UN assist is perfectly fine. I just wanted to emphasize that an 'Entire Second UN Unit' isn't necessarily at someone's beck and call in game. As for the Aircraft carrier I would prefer if we could change it. We have a lot of upcoming World Lore and other interesting lore items coming in the future. And reading just what you've posted (Not necessarily the full story etc. I know) it doesn't seem to make all that much sense for it's existence and at this moment, the current Lore Master team doesn't see it feasiable for this 'Ghost/Mysterious' Aircraft Carrier to exist. That being said, you taking a boat or coming back here through other channels would be reasonable and the rp on small boats going to and fro places is mostly up to the players own discretion. Thank you for the response. The Lore Master team wants to keep an open discussion when it comes to situations like this. If you have any questions or other concerns feel free to PM me and we can work everything out.
  20. Phatal


    Hello @GalloWB and Beacon, I see that you guys got approved. Congratulations, however there are a few glaring lore issues that we would appreciate you amending or changing. 1. In 'Jack Castle's' Backstory on the group thread he claims to have come from 'Delta (SFOD-D 18A). He claims to have been sent to Chernarus as a 'CAG' leader and military advisor to the CDF. Both of these conflict with the known backstory to the current Lore. Based on the reference to the date of the outbreak noted in his backstory, a delta team would not have been deployed (at least not with permission from the Chernarussian Government) at that time. It was 2017 when the outbreak occurred and judging by the references, there would be no reason for a Delta team to be dispatched to Chernarus. Also, as a side note. 'CDF-SF' there is no Chernarussian Special Forces. The closest thing would be something akin to a Military Police or Governmental Police Detachment. Therefore, if you could correct these we would appreciate it. 2. 'Terrano went off to Greenland when a mysterious aircraft carrier appeared off the shore of the Southern Beaches of SZ with people and surviving governments.' The Lore Master team has a few concerns with this. Firstly, there is no single aircraft carrier that would be able to just 'appear' off the southern coast of SZ without the Chernarussian Navy or Russian Navy seeing it. Secondly, there is no such aircraft carrier in existence lore wise. Major and I are currently working on bringing out an array of world lore at the moment and when it is all finished we will be posting it. But I can confirm that no country has or would send a single aircraft carrier to Chernarus. Also, on a side note, a singular air craft carrier isn't as large as you think it is. There are a total of 29 potential aircraft carries in existence in the world owned or being built by 17 countries. Even with a country working around the clock to produce a new one, it isn't likely that they would come to Chernarus with it, nor would they willingly bring other countries and people on to said carrier. 3. 'Elizabeth having a UN Unit respond to her and send out forces to protect her' While we don't have an issue with you requesting UN assistance and protection, as you are currently working with a confirmed strain of a potential cure. It is very unlikely that the UN would be at your beck and call in regards to this. The current UN is a puppet of what it once was and they receive numerous claims of breakthrough and cure work across the still existing countries from various organizations. They are stretched thin as it is, and most of the UN that would be dispatched would be Russian. Therefore, while an entire company or unit wouldn't likely respond, a small task force or security team is within reason. 4. Lastly, the array of medical professionals in this 'Medical alliance' While there were a lot of researchers and doctors present during the infection. Most of them either perished in the early days, or retreated to the city bastions, or the UN/other countries. We don't have a particular issue as it is with having a few professionals from various large organizations as we can see some reason behind having WHO and DWB and CDC, etc. still having a presence at Ground Zero. We ask that you please not create up any more. As stated above there will be a world lore update in the near future, but for now we'd like you to keep the amount of non-local medical researchers to a minimum. Sorry about the wall of text guys, but it's just some things we'd like to see addressed. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or help. Please message myself or Major in PM or Discord. Other than that, good luck with your group. The Lore Master team looks forward to your development and what you plan to do with the strain and the alleged 'illuminati' you seem to believe is chasing ya. Regards, Phatal
  21. Phatal

    The Nikitin Prodejna Event Series - Trade Post

    Alright everyone, here's the rundown on what happened last Sunday! The Lore Master is classifying the event as an overall major improvement and success! Most of the issues from the first time (namely, the long wait line and the issues surrounding it) were amended thanks to a new system and more streamlined approach. Overall communication among event staff improved, and the overall RP quality thus improved. We successfully accomplished one of the main goals which was 'to get more people to do tasks'. All of this being said, there were of course some questions and things that didn't go 100%. The FPS were a bit of an issue for some people, as stated above some people were unable to do much as they would stutter. This was caused by 2 issues. 1. This particular faction we put a lot of time into building and thus we had a lot of extra entities from the walls and the storage containers. This will only be the case for this faction, the others won't have as many and going forward we're going to do our best to make things look nice but also stick to simplicity. 2. We had a lot more items sold to us than we expected. This isn't a bad thing at all, we just weren't expecting such an influx in weapons. Overall for those wondering about specific numbers, the Maskovane Terory walked away from South Zagoria with 3 AWM's, 12 M16's, 4 M4's, and a variety of vests, backpacks, and attachments and ammo. Going forward we're going to have seachests and barrels dedicated to the storage of such items that way we can move them off premises to prevent mass lag from entities. Continuing on, we introduced a new currency into the trade post formula. I want to give props to @SeversonRP he was the person who stayed up with me late into the night to work out the best way to do a currency with the suggested in game 'cash' or rouble. Going forward, Roubles are going to be a staple in all the events. Rewards, trades, bribery, etc. will all be done with roubles. The Lore Master team believes that by doing this, not only will we give a universal use for the 'cash' in game, but we will also give a much needed value to currency for the community. Our hopes are that people start using cash to trade for things outside of the trade post. Regular player on player trades being done for roubles, using roubles to buy off aggressors, are just a few things we're thinking about and hoping comes from this. Lastly, I want to announce that we will continue to do this event series on Sundays. It will always be held at the same time. A bit of a hiccup happened last weekend and a miscommunication arose. From now on we will be posting the calendar with the location both on this thread and on the community calendar on Wednesday or Thursday. We will also no longer be teleporting everyone to the event location. The event will be held on the event server on Sundays. Ghosting directly into the compound is against the event rules and we all know what will happen if event rules are broken. We will also be posting the general items that the faction will be buying/selling going forward so you know what to bring and what to expect. That being said there will be plenty of things sold and bought that I won't post. If you've read this far, then next Sunday the faction will be primarily selling 'Information about the current state of the World' for a fair but high mark up! And that's just one of the things we're selling. TL;DR: We had a great event, from now on all traders will be using Roubles (in game cash), and the location will always be posted a week ahead of time! We'll also always use the event server if it's up! Thanks everyone who participated! We hope to see you and more people come to the next one! More information to come and more fun to be had.
  22. This character page will solely be used for the trading post event being held on 30/03/2019. Please do not remove, do not send me a PM, do not panic. You fine supports are doing a fantastic job, keep it up. This message has been approved by both the loremaster team and the gamemaster team. Thank you! This character page will solely be used for the trading post event being held on 30/03/2019. Please do not remove, do not send me a PM, do not panic. You fine supports are doing a fantastic job, keep it up. This message has been approved by both the loremaster team and the gamemaster team. Thank you!
  23. Phatal

    The Nikitin Prodejna Event Series - Trade Post

    Right, thread has been updated with information on the Faction host, as well as it's location. I hope to see you guys there! We're gonna do our best to make it more enjoyable and keep that line down a bit. And remember, it's on the event server! Bring any and all items today to see if this lore faction will pay for it! We're converting to roubles, so you never know what we may want!
  24. until
  25. Phatal

    The Nikitin Prodejna Event Series - Trade Post

    Hello everyone! Time for a quick update! So, we'll be hosting the second iteration of the event tomorrow at the same time on the event server! Major and I will be updating the thread later tonight with the location and the faction! But be warned, this upcoming faction is not as nice and pleasant as the Kratka Street civilians! A few quick updates and reminders: Remember guys, this is an event and therefore event rules apply. Anyone found being disruptive outside of a realistic sense may be removed from the event. People found attempting to abuse the 'Invincibility bubble' or parkour their way into the compound will be warned or killed. So please, follow the rules! It makes it easier and more enjoyable for everyone! Also, we're going to have some event staff available to provide rp, sustenance and etc (for a price) if a que forms. These people and the guards share the same state and the area inside the event area. They can't be initiated on and you need to listen to them. We're going to be spicing somethings up so make sure you don't try and initiate on event staff or you may be barred from future events. Next, this week we're implementing a trial system to see if we can't get it to take off. We're going to be giving value to those worthless roubles you find all over the place! The traders will begin trading in roubles (maybe crowns eventually). In order to obtain roubles outside of finding them on the ground, we will have two traders devoted to purchasing Fuel, Propane, Weapons, Vehicle parts, and other various items from you in exchange for the roubles. Then you can either turn around and purchase something from the traders, hoard it for future purchases and rarities, or you can use it to buy and sell information! This week's group would love information about Kratka street and other small civilian groups in the area. Lastly, we're going to be putting a much larger focus on tasks. Tasks (or quests if you're an MMORPG fan) will give out roubles rewards and some other items as well depending on the difficulty. Tasks also are the main way to receive reputation for groups! Reputation will not only give people discounted prices with the traders, but they'll also get better, more interesting quests and they're likely to find out exclusive lore information told from the perspective of said faction! So talk to the task-givers before you trade! or else the Traders may not see you too fondly. TL;DR We're cracking down on the rules, using a new currency, and focusing on Tasks! I hope to see a lot of y'all on the event server tomorrow! Make sure to stay tuned to find out the specific whereabouts for the trade post. We'll be selling AK's, guns that are sold to us, and various other items. To those of you who have stuck around and read all the way down here, I'll give you a head start. The trade post this week is somewhere along the East to West highway at the North of South Zagoria.
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