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  1. I'm kinda confused by something. (Maybe I've just not been around and missed some things) But, in your lore you have 2 sentences that kind of confuse me. "Chedaki officials execute the Chernarussian Prime Minister, Alexander Baranov, and declares the nation the Chernarussian Socialist Republic. " and this one: "The Chedaki seize the majority of South Zagoria including the region’s capital, Chernogorsk." Again, maybe I missed something, I haven't been around in a bit after all. First one: I'm confused by this a bit. As far as I know lore wise, the Chernarussian prime minister was never executed by Chedaki, nor was the nation ever declared the 'Chernarussian Socialist Republic'. Second one: When you say 'seized the region's capital' you mean the region of South Zagoria's capital, in which case that would be correct, however you later say that the Chernarussian Prime minister was executed and they declared the nation something. It's at this point I was very confused. So, unless you mean either 1. They seized Chernogorsk, the 'capital' (in name only) of South Zagoria, then yeah that's correct. However, Cherno obviously isn't the capital of Chernarus itself, after all, because Novigrad is the Capital. But then went on to declare that the region of South Zagoria itself was a country, then alright I could buy that though I would clarify it in your story. Or 2. What's most confusing is how the alleged execution of the Chernarussian Prime Minister occurred after seizing Chernogorsk. After all, this doesn't really make sense. Why would the Prime Minister of Chernarus personally be in Chernogorsk, a war zone? Also, I'm confused in general because if the Prime minister himself were executed, then the U.S. wouldn't have been able to step into the fight in Chernarus in the first place as it would break their agreement with the UN and would be deemed aggressors. tl;dr To be honest I'm not really sure the Prime Minister was ever executed. I can understand them declaring South Zagoria a 'whatever' after seizing it, but the way your lore is written at this point just seems a bit incorrect. Now, if things have changed and the execution of the prime minister is canon now, please link me it. Or if your lore is from the perspective of the platoon, that's understandable too, though it would be nice to disclaim that ahead of time. Outside of those things above, it looked like a really interesting group and I'm glad to see the remnants of the CHDKZ may actually have presence in game again.
  2. Group goals overhaul

    After reviewing over the changes you mentioned, as well as having prior knowledge as to the 'SMART' goal structure, I honestly don't think that applying them to this community, and more specifically the goals in this community, is a Smart idea. (get it? its word play) The whole idea behind 'SMART' goals, is the improvement of self, group (as in real life group), and corporate effectiveness, production, and focus. In real life the application of SMART goals, also comes with a few precursor necessities that need to be completed. For one, everyone needs to be working for the same goal/s and have a reason to be working towards them, for many in the real world or corporate structure, this is for self improvement, monetary gain via work progress, and self enrichment with the promise for gratification. tl;dr, 'SMART' goals were designed for people all working as one, for specific reasons and are typically for either self, or whole group progress. However, with the above stated, I fear that a few things have been overlooked or ignored when the choice to put this criteria into effect was made. 1. As we are all well aware, DayZRP and the RP in the servers, while based on real life is not real life. 2. While it is true that 'SMART' goals was originally intended as a useful way to steer groups into a path of progression and improvement, along with result production, I feel that this is also with the assumption that all things being worked towards are in fact obtainable. 3. Lastly, I feel that, given the state of the game at the moment, as well as the general mindset behind groups, group members, the individual, and the progression of characters, as well as the unique individuality of each character, I believe it is constricting if not close to impossible to attempt to force each and every member of various groups, some of which are merely, as stated above, survivor groups or groups of characters brought together by in game encounters or brought together for no real, over arching purpose, such as the benefit and progress of a corporation or the need to improve business outcome of individuals. 1. SMART goals, are intended to be used in a real life scenario, with people all hired or working towards 1 or a few common goals. The issue with attempting to merge this into the DayZRP community and group system, is that, for one, it isn't real life. People come here to enjoy themselves and to play their character while included in a goal, they don't necessarily come to DayZRP, to have the idea behind various massive corporations, as well as various therapists and inspirational speaks, forced into their free time, time which some people use to escape this very same droning and boring concept. 2. Most of the goals that SMART goals were intended to put into place were either individual improvement goals, or goals meant to lead to the to certain gains, with the group all working towards that same goal. The issue here is, 1. People who play DayZRP don't attend it on a regular basis necessarily, nor do they have the ability to commit the necessary time to the game in order to achieve some of these goals. While it is true that you can do quite a substantial amount of days until completion. (ie 150+ days), it is still a bit of a stretch to make the assumption that people would be able to feasibly complete said task when, unlike what is assumed under smart goals, their entire day/work day is not able to be focused on said task completion. I, for example, could only commit up to 10 hours a week give or take a few to in game progress. This, therefore, leads to an issue inside of SMART goals, because while you do have the ability to set a long time bound goal, it is still a time binding goal, and in reality, SMART goals is supposed to utilize the average work day if not more of effort for improvement. Lastly, here I want to argue the idea of 'obtainable goals'. What exactly do you mean by that? An example you posted (I am paraphrasing here) was the creation of an 'outpost' within 150 days. What exactly does that entail? To this group of survivors, an outpost may just be a circle of barns with a fire in the middle a tent here or there, where as to large bandit, hero, or military groups, an outpost could be anywhere from something of similar size to something equivalent to a small military base, which leads to my next point. 3. Due to this games lack of complete development and completion, various functions of this game that are do able in real life are not present, such as base building, and other various necessary functions that would make task completion feasible. An outpost or taking over a town is fine and dandy, but due to the constrictions of this game and playtime, as well as the availability of the individual, how do you intend to see if said goals are being met? If my group is unable to get on for a day or so, or if my group is mainly U.S. based, and while we are on, we claim to own or control a town or have an outpost, but when we aren't we obviously don't, how is that necessarily the completion of the goal? And how is it the in-completion of it? From the groups perspective, we have a outpost or whatever that, while we're on we claim control of, due to passerby's standpoints, depending on the individuals perspective, they may never see the group or rarely see it so to them, the goal wouldn't be complete, and then to the SMART goals perspective, the goal wouldn't be able to be completed. Which causes an issue. Ultimately, my main issues with this idea are that it limits groups even further than you presently have, while still not giving any real incentive for group creation, it enforces an unrealistic and constrictive rule set onto the groups, making it very difficult for their continuation, and it provides unrealistic standards to live up to. One question I find myself asking is, how do you plan to determine whether or not a goal was met? By what the group decides? Then if I just say all my goals are met at their deadlines whats the difference from the previous method? If you plan to moderate/check to see, how do you intend to do that? What if the group isn't available when you check on them, what if you're in conflicting time zones, I understand you have an administration team, but do you intend to have them all go in game to check? I feel that could end up being a waste of time, and if you do plan on doing that, what are their standards and definitions of completion? I just foresee this doing far more harm than good, especially in group creation and character creation/individuality.
  3. DayZ 0.63/BETA Discussion Thread

    Tbh, this video pretty much sums up my thought process on DayZ Standalone and its' future.
  4. DayZ 0.63/BETA Discussion Thread

    All I can say is, I've criticized and pointed out the fact that this game is way too slow and borders on false advertisement for as long as I've owned it. Personally, I think moving DayZRP to Standalone was a good idea, up until we found out what Standalone would stagnate out into. As some of those above me have said, personally I enjoyed laughing and raging and having a good time with this game, but I think I've just about lost all interest and patience with it. It's gotten to the point where I only even check to see if the game has entered beta, because I'm really not interested in logging back into the same boring crap that we've had for the last few years (before you go 'oh phatal, but theres new graphics and weapons and etc', whoopty freakin doo, it took them 4 years to figure out how to make trees look nice, switch over to a new engine (which shouldn't have been a problem in the first place), and add in some dank guns and plants. Aside from most of the 'features' not working properly or working and getting that sense of 'wow... I spent the last hour just to watch some tilled dirt appear' that leads to stagnation and disappointment. All I can really say is that the only thing keeping me here is, as voodoo posted above "hope", and the fact that I'm waiting to see if the next survival game that comes out doesn't save dayzrp. tl;dr I've been here the entire time the game has been out, and its 95% as bad as it was when it first came out, only with false promises, and repetitive shortcomings.
  5. What got all of you into DayZRP?

    Let's see, played DayZMod in 2012 with some friends from my highschool and online, got really into it and looked for a server that me and my friends could play on w/o KoS. Found DayZRP, decided to read and decide if it was what I wanted, it was, joined and tried to get my friends to join (they never did). Been here since July 2013.
  6. Real life picture Thread

    2 Pictures of me, still waiting on the others that have more of my face visible.
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  8. DayZ Beta Modding Discussion

    To be honest, here's my hopes for the modders. 1. Fix this awful game from 2014 that was supposed to have all these features that are just now being added, 2 years ago. 2. Make the game better balanced and less 3 zone central. 3. Fucking remove that stupid stamina system ASAP. 4. Script in the millions of players that stopped playing this game because it is as close to false advertisement as you can get. 5. Whatever you mod in, make sure it doesn't screw with the people with shit computers who stopped playing because they get 12 fps.
  9. Would you want more brutal roleplay?

    Tbh, when I first played in DayZRP during mod, the game itself was a bit scary at times, especially with the zombies, night time, people etc. I've played so much of this game and seen quite a bit of RP, I have to say the only thing that really 'scares' me in this game now, is random surprise gunshots that I wasn't expecting.. I don't really think its easy to convey fear through a game like this.
  10. That moment when your Community Rep is classified as 'Noobie' but you've been here since 2013 :/

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  11. Ask the admins

    Asking: /any admin or rolle I guess Q1. So, having just returned from a bit of a gap in play time I'm reading up on all the changes before I go to jump back in game and I saw this thread: https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/85240-anti-telepathic-communication-rule/ And subsequently the new rule that came off of it. I've skimmed around a bit, and maybe I just haven't seen an answer yet, but how are TextRPers affected by this? Whilst in game previously, I could type and speak to my group in comms at the same time. And now with this rule, I can't speak in game as it would be badrp, but given this new rule, I'm not allowed to say anything to my group members whatsoever when people are around me? So do I just go silent when I see someone within voice range? Wouldn't that be a bit excessive? A1. This is actually probably the most difficult for text RPers. I would consult some of the more typical text RPers for this, but it could be done fairly easily. If I were to do this as a VOIP RPer, I would simply hold down both my PTT in game and PTT for TS and double mic. I would avoid providing information over TS that you are not providing over text, same as I would with my in game mic. It probably become more difficult for a text RPer because of the time it takes to type and the inability to keep moving while typing. We essentially wanted to stop people from Professor X-ing to their friends to set up initiations. An example I could give you is if you spot a guy hiding behind a house but there are people in front of you that would hear you, just simply type something like "Hey, I see a guy there" and you can then also say the same thing over TS. It sucks for text RPers the most, but it's actually been working out very well in game from what I've seen. -Oliv Q2. Secondly, As the reason to rob rule has been updated yet again, I was wondering if someone could explain a bit more as to what is bad and good reasons.. For example, if I or a group if I'm in one, have very rudimentary weapons or none at all, are we allowed to rob for gear and supplies? or is that against the rules now? And then, if my group is having a hard time finding supplies (Not sure how the loot has changed since I last played, but meds and food can be a bit hard to find at times) are we allowed to rob people if we suspect that they have medical items that would help/keep us/members alive? I feel like that would make sense. (sry, started to ramble there) A2. The reason to rob rule is much like the NLR, it is going to come down to much discussion and be very situational. There can be very many valid reasons to rob someone, but there are also some BS ones. If you have a sick group member who would die if you didn't get them supplies, I would consider that a valid reason and could easily be proven through screenshots or TS chatter in a recording. Plus, you would then likely take the medical supplies and not EVERYTHING the person owns. On the opposite end of the spectrum, your group robbing someone for an Aug when you are all sporting like an AK and an M4 each is a bit much, its excessive. In the end, even the examples I've given here might sway differently in an actual report, as like I said, it is a very situational rule. I do hope that the examples helped clarify it slightly though. -Oliv
  12. Tanya Valentina

    Pre-Outbreak Prior to the outbreak, Tanya grew up as a normal Chernarussian girl. As she grew up, she knew that there were people who wanted Chernarus to return to Russian control, but she never gave it much thought. Her father was an Officer with the Kirovograd Police, Her mother was a paramedic. She graduated High School with high enough marks that she was admitted into a college. She worked hard and managed to get her Associates in Comm. Studies. That's when everything went downhill for her cozy little life. Throughout this time, the country had begun crumbling and rioting. Tanya was fiercely awakened one day when she came home from class to her mother crying. She rushed over and inside on the TV was a live news broadcast. Pro-Russian protesters, believed to be facilitated by the ChDKZ, had gotten out of control and blown up her father's police station, killing 19 on duty officers and many other workers. A handful of months after this, her hometown would erupt into one of the main spots of contest between the CDF/NAPA and the Russian backed ChDKZ. Following her fathers death, she dropped out of college, moved her mother to Novigrad and enlisted herself into the CDF. Using her Communication education, she was given the position of Radio Operator, she trained to be with airborne infantry throughout bootcamp, but was abruptly changed to an armored regiment a few weeks before she was deployed. She would spend the rest of the Civil War staring at the inside of CDF controlled Heavy and Light armor units, occasionally engaging in small arms fire when the supply lines were cut-off and they were forced to wait for rear forces to pick up the slack. Upon the end of the civil war, she was discharged. She would later join a Mercenary Organization, telling her mother that the 'War hadn't left her' and that she 'Needed to be involved with the conflicts around her.' She would see a short stint of combat during the initial outbreak of war in Ukraine. However, due to the strain in command in the Pro-Ukrainian forces, her Mercenary group ultimately decided to leave the fight until the Ukrainians 'focused more on fighting the separatists, rather than themselves.' Upon her return home, she idly waited near the Organization's Secondary HQ, near Severograd. Post-Outbreak After the outbreak, Tanya attempted to stay with her Mercenary group. Cut-off from the Main group, she and the others from various origins held out inside of their compound, subsisting off of the rations and military weapons they had. 2 1/2 weeks in, Tanya and the other R.O.'s established some communications with the HQ and the outside world. After hearing what has transpired, HQ suggested that the forces in Severograd follow in the footsteps of the CDF, and pull out and make their way back to Novigrad, so that they can evacuate onto the organizations vessels. 3/4ths of the group left the base and started to head towards Novigrad. The base trembled and shook on the 25th, scrambling to see what had happened, expecting an attack the remaining members rushed out to be greeted by a massive flash of light and a towering mushroom cloud. Completely stunned by this, some of the members completely lost hope, believing that the world had truly forsaken them. Some members just crumpled to their knees and stared, wondering if the others who had left before were part of that fleet, or if they had made it at all. Most members, realized that it was the beginning of the end for a short and quick 'pass over.' A few days later, vaguely following along to the flows or snippets of information, and starting to run low on rations, the group once again split off. Only a handful, including Tanya, decided to stay, the rest chose to take their chances and work their way into Russia controlled territory. Fewer and fewer members remained as they decided to go to try and find what was left of their families, or another two decided to leave for Miroslavl. Some even chose to go re-enlist in the CDF to help fight this. Eventually leading up to Tanya being the last one out. On the 20th of August, 2017, Tanya made a short radio broadcast to anyone listening at the organizations HQ, stating that due to everyone leaving and a lack of supplies, she would be abandoning the base. Before she left, she listened in for any other information, and heard a very brief message that she believed to be the main organization, saying that they had made it safely to Utes. Tanya picked took her rifle and packed up the remaining food, ammunition and other supplies that she could. She sealed the rest of the weapons inside drums of oil and locked them into the basement for 'just in case' purposes. She then picked up the standard medium distance radio used by field operators, incapcitated the rest of the compound, and left. Tanya Valentina enters the fray, August 21st 2017
  13. Darn, no more ChDKZ war crime pit
  14. For those of you who wonder what I do during my 1-2 month breaks now and then, here ya go.


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