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  1. Once .63 is out, regardless of the player count, I plan on attempting to bring a Nationalistic/Political group into the fray. If you're interested PM me or look for us out there. Still trying to sort out all the ideas and details.

  2. Wow, it seems progress is finally being pushed through.
  3. Phatal


    Rip, guess I have a bit to go then
  4. Phatal


    Not sure how I stack up against most of you, but according to MAL, I have 145 days worth of anime watched
  5. Phatal

    New rules draft

    I appreciate the decision to change the rules, I've already read through and voted. I do want to add that, as far as New Life Rule goes, there's really no good way to do this for executions, RP that leads to pvp, hostage rescue, etc. There will always be the whole 'I thought I killed you yesterday' or 'I shot you in the face yesterday, how are you still alive?' kind of thing. I agree with people who died shouldn't be able to remember events, but I also think that, for the sake of rp, people who killed or were involved in the killing of said person, shouldn't specifically bring it up or talk about it. Regardless, this is a part of the rules where things get a bit awkward. On 1 side, the person died so they should be dead (but ofc this community doesn't require permadeath and that's a whole other topic) so it shouldn't hinder the other sides RP. On the other side, since permadeath's aren't required, bringing this up to the person or to other people doesn't really make sense and makes things incredibly awkward. That's why I feel so stance on this could be taken by staff now, so that a precedent is established as to how to approach this type of situation.
  6. Phatal

    Why don't you get in game?

    Along with a lot of people's answers. I stopped playing this game for various reasons: 1. A majority of my previous friends no longer play on this, have been banned, or are waiting for beta (the latter are the far minority) 2. The game is boring and repetitive and even though rp is supposed to make it better at this point it isn't, it's just the same stuff recycled with an occasional new idea that gets bantered to death. 3. I loved being an antagonistic force on this server rp wise. Especially because Antagonism is a double sided coin, where each side considers the others the 'bad guy' but at this point in time, the kind or rp and groups I'd want to form or be part of can't exist or would have to jump through so many hoops and still not be played properly. 4. Other than some rule changes that didn't need to happen, I've just noticed that there are so few familiar faces around now that, even if I did come back and start a group or try to join one I wouldn't know anyone, and trying to bring your past experiences and role play into a new group of people with set standards and expectations is probably one of the hardest things to do, especially in the current state of this community. Overall, I don't know where a lot of people I used to see went, and I don't know how many people intend to comeback. But I don't intend on playing until Beta comes out, and even then if the rules don't change to ease up on antagonists, I still may just wait and see.
  7. After reading the responses since my post I figured I'd add in a bit more of my opinion since everyone else is too! To the people saying 'people shouldn't be so attached to their characters' and 'you can die anytime in real life', I have 2 main responses to you. 1. If you're complaining about people being attached to their characters but you're not as attached to yours, you might wanna take a step back and try investing some time into that. People being invested in their characters is hardly something to scoff at in an RP community. DayZ Standalone and DayZRP isn't DnD. Which leads me to the second thing. 2. This isn't real life. This is a Roleplaying community based on a game. Yes, we go for a certain aspect of realism, and yes we want people to roleplay their characters life in an apocalypse, but at the end of the day its also a game. Now don't get me wrong, I still like the 3 strike death system. I just don't like the group aspect. The reason being, I don't like the idea of forcing people to leave a group and their friends. I saw a few people saying 'Expand your horizons' and 'Learn to meet new people'. Here's the thing, I played DayZRP for the RP and for fun. I made a lot of friends at one point and loved playing with them. The reason I don't go out and meet new people is because I like my friends and who I play with. At this point they understand me, understand my humor my mannerism, my background etc. Being forced away from them and to find new people or to play on my own would probably be the nail in the coffin that pushes me, and other people, from DayZRP permanently. At this point, I might be able to count the amount of friends still playing/still on DayZRP on both my hands if I was lucky. But you still need to understand that, while in real life venturing from your 'cliques' and 'groups' is something that's recommended and possible. This isn't real life. We're connecting with people virtually, learning from eachother, developing sense's of humor and mannerism from each other. What may be funny or acceptable to talk or joke about with one group of friends, may get you removed from the new group that you're almost forced to join. All I can say further about this point is, I know with 100% certainty, that the friends I played with and the things we joked about, wouldn't be acceptable in quite a few groups out there. And while yes, you could say 'well then don't make those jokes' or 'don't talk about those things.' but at the end of the day, this is a game that I do in my free time for fun. I already have a hard enough time dealing with people in the scary place known as the real world, please don't try and force me to change how I am just to fit in with other groups because a character died. Idk, that's how the Early Standalone version of me would've thought anyway. Lastly, (didn't realize I could still go on rants like this), I again think some of you are confusing 'fear' with 'punishment'. Fear is a state of mind, Fear is something that this community had plenty of before the RP was as serious as it is now. Fear was something that people felt and experienced. And, sadly, fear is a mindset this community lost some time ago. Punishing people for dying in firefights, or choosing their own path's for their characters, be it hero or bandit, be it headstrong under torture or hysterical under the knife, isn't going to bring back fear, its going to bring more salt. And by the bus loads at that. If you want Fear, you need to look at the community and figure out when and why the mindset changed. I can guarantee you the mindset didn't change because people don't feel any repercussions around their deaths, because I felt plenty of fear during the first Safe Zone when I was with The Fallen, and there were people who'd run around the day after being literally filleted alive. Punishing people for dying or making their choices isn't going to bring back fear, and the looming threat of being punished for dying isn't going to bring fear, it's going to bring stress, salt, and unnecessary tension in the community. There are other various factors I can think of for Standalone not having tons of fear. The game is clunky and we keep playing the same recycled trash (though .63 should change this) , The community has been playing significantly longer on standalone than DayZMod so standalone has lost some of its fear factor, etc. etc. At least that's what I can see, and I do have a bit of an idea as to what I'm talking about. tl;dr. A 2013-er thinks that the 3 strike system is okay, the group part isn't, and that people need to stop thinking that the lack of 'Fear' is due to people not being afraid of dying.
  8. Are people still interested in nationalistic groups?

    1. Zero


      There are people out there still interested. I don't think anyone's been able to pull off anything comparable to ZBOR though and that's what people have been trying to do.

    2. Farmer-BorisRP


      There was a group named Svoboda But thier leader got banned

  9. Not sure how I feel about this to be honest. The whole 'fear' factor of DayZRP never used to require Perma-death rules or stipulations that made it possible to completely kill off a group because that just wasn't fun. Granted you could say that rp was lighter during mod and early days of standalone, but what made DayZRP scary for me was the idea of never knowing who you'd run into. We just had to make do with the whole people not fully dying and lack of torture methods. I have to say its 2013 and I still shiver when I watch over old videos of me and my group getting surprised by S-Gru or SDS. Honestly, I've never once supported a perma-death rule, not when I was in Fallen and not when I was in any of the more 'pvp' groups that I've been with. Personally though, I could get behind the idea of a 3-strike bullet death system. Though, I don't think making people quit a group is a good idea. From my outside perspective, this community needs to appeal and keep the people it has in it playing to keep the server alive, and all that I can see happening from making it to where bandit and hero groups who tend to get in fights often, is people leaving or getting tired of the game's current state, leading to even fewer active members whilst we all wait for the eventual .63 release. I think that the ideology behind this push is a bit flawed. Perma-deathing and making it to where people who die in front of huge groups x amount of times etc. is one thing and I Agree that something should be done about that. However, I don't think it will establish 'fear' like you want. Fear in this community has always been in the mindset. The mindset of DayZRP changed sometime in the last few years and people not worrying about losing their gear or losing their character may be part of it, but it's not all of it. I think a big reason the fear has left is because of the relative exodus of players we've had, and because of people treating DayZRP less like RP and more like a game. (If that doesn't make sense to you then sorry. I guess it just means more to me.) Anyway, to wrap up my rant. I think that, once the means of tracking character deaths comes out, making it to where people need to kill off their character is a good idea. I think that forcing people to leave or have a wait out period from their group is only going to make less people play. I think that the lack of Fear in DayZRP isn't due to this, but mostly due to a change in mindset over the years. And if we want people to come swarming to DayZRP once .63 and modding becomes available, we might not want to put super restrictive rules, such as this in its entirety, up because it'll only confuse or keep people away, at least from my view point.
  10. Does anyone actually like the stamina bar implementation? Not trying to flame, I'd just like to know your reasons for thinking it's a good idea. Kind of curious for the other sides opinion.
  11. Born to a loving mother and father, Mikhail was given the typical loving childhood anyone would want. He was loved, got to play with the toys he wanted, and always had food on the table for meals. In Mikhail's first year of Secondary school, his father would suffer a debilitating accident in a factory. His home life was never the same. His father became a deadbeat alcoholic, and his mother fought with him consistently. After doing his best to support his family, Mikhail begged his father to start working or looking for work again. In his father's drunken stupor he beat Mikhail until he was unable to attend school for 2 weeks. Through out the rest of his school career, Mikhail went from being an outgoing and caring friend, to being a withdrawn and somewhat distant loner. Realizing his home life was toxic to him, and having narrowly succeeded in graduating, he chose to move out and cease all relations with his family members. His mother wrote him now and then, but his father refused to acknowledge him as his child anymore, which ultimately sealed his relationship with his family. After using what money he had saved from his part-time jobs throughout school, he had managed to only last 1 year without work and was desperate to find a job in a job market that needed people with qualifications more than sob stories. Having reached a dead-end, he did what any other 19 year old would do and enlisted. After breezing through basic training, he chose to train for the Mountain Division. After completing both trainings he was granted a furlough for a few weeks until his first post was assigned. During his furlough is when it all broke down. Mikhail received orders for dispatch, but when he arrived at the assigned dispatch area, all he found were empty barracks and empty car lots. Him and a few of his fellow squad members and members of other various regiments gathered together and decided to start walking towards Novigrad, seeking some kind of purpose and orders. After finally arriving at a military checkpoint, he and the other members he had been travelling with were stopped and ordered to turn around and go back to Kirovograd, after taking the trek back, they were then told by 3 different commanding officers to go 3 different places. After the conflicting orders, and the evident dissipation of the country and military hierarchy, they decided to march towards ground zero to see if they could be any help there. After light skirmishes against both undead and people, sometimes not being able to distinguish between the two, about 1/3rd of the squad of fresh boot-camp graduates made it to Chernogorsk. Upon arrival into the city, they immediately understood what the ramifications of this infection meant. The city was in pieces and more reminiscent of an American old west ghost town, than a large industrial city. It was at this point that most of them, having lost friends and wanting to return to society, left for Novigrad once again. Mikhail, and a handful of others, decided to stay in the area, however their motives and loyalties had slowly become muddled over the course of the marching and fighting they'd done the last few months on their journey across the country.
  12. Add me for rare and new-player gameplay OfficialPhatal
  13. Phatal


    I thought I had posted on here, but I couldn't find my stuff so meh, may as well repost just in case. I play in Texas, and the states around it. Both paintball and airsoft. I went for a Russian Airborne Kit, the first two pics are of me, and the last is of me and some friends. (The person Russian-spying is only doing that because he has ankle issues that don't allow him to do the pose properly on flat surfaces)
  14. I'll probably re-install the game when .63 goes live. Then uninstall it and wait for Beta. Should be fun for the few months between them though.

    1. SillyGoose


      Fun fact: .63 is beta.

    2. Phatal


      Oh it is? Honestly I couldn't really tell. Why don't they just call it /beta/ then? 

      Also doesn't help that all the videos and streams say '.63 AND beta discussion'. Another reason I didn't think they were the same.

    3. Oliv


      Right now all the 0.63 stuff is still in testing, not even experimental. I'm not sure if Beta is technically going to begin at the beginning, middle, or end of 0.63 as they have said so themselves that not everything will be in at 0.63 launch.

      Nice to see you pop in though

    4. Major


      Good to see you around man!

  15. Phatal

    DayZRP Throwback Thread

    I remember so many of these events/videos and I'm in more than I realized xD ah I miss mod. But I'm sure that if DayZ doesn't work out, something else will eventually come around... I hope.. pls.