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  1. Honestly I don't think there should even be 'Permanently Disbanded' Groups. The only groups that shouldn't be allowed, should be groups that don't make sense lore-wise. If a group has a story that doesn't fit the lore or is unfeasible given the current state of the lore (For example, an IRA group suddenly showing up 1 year and however many months into the apocalypse) then archive them and tell them that they break the lore and to revise or move on. Also, I don't really see what the point in saying 'No, you can't play x idea or use y name'. Okay, so if we change this idea and change the name, or tweak it slightly, then what's the difference? Plus, if a group is 'permanently disbanded', is there any rule or specific quotable material that states people will be banned for role playing members of said disbanded group after it was disbanded? Like I said, I don't really see the point in 'Permanently Disbanding' Groups, the only time I think a 'permanent disband' would be in order is: 1. Don't make sense given the lore and refuse to change it 2. Are a staff group and have deep impact on the servers role play as a whole 3. Are a copy paste of another group that they couldn't get permission to reopen Other than those examples, what's the point? A group had members who broke rules? Unless every single member in that group broke a rule and did so knowingly, why punish an idea for the actions of people? A group had OOC drama? Then deal with the OOC Drama OOCly, after all a big theme of dayzrp is not to let OOC and IC mix. A group got in a lot of reports? Okay, that's once again a people problem, not the group itself's problem. Outside of people continuing a group or keeping a group along to simply meme with it, what does permanently disbanding it help?
  2. Phatal

    Prud Lake V2

    Man, Prud was tons of fun. I can't believe it's been so long. A lot of good RPers not with us anymore that were here during Prud's time. If I can find some of the videos and screenshots I have at Prud I'll edit them in. I miss mod days. But all good things have to end eventually.
  3. Phatal

    Objects (weapons, clothing etc) you'd like to see in the game.

    How do you know this exactly? You, and Zero, are suggesting that this is impossible because the government and military would go back to using traditional communication means and satellite. Sure, that may be true. But you're also acting like it's completely impossible that none of the surviving cities' would have their power connected to cell towers which, you can't prove one way or the other. And you're also suggesting that it's impossible for someone to simply walk over, plug a couple of generators into a cell tower. I'm not saying it's a definite thing, but you also can't say it's a 100% definite impossibility. In DayZ, and in our RP community, there's plenty of things that happen or are RP'd out but don't make sense. Why are there so many foreigners in a backwater, second-world country with little to know GDP, and recovering from a civil war? Are Americans and Europeans flocking into the middle east, turkey, or Venezuela atm? They are or recently underwent a Coup d'etat, civil war, or near collapse of their governments. All in all it was just a simple suggestion. People could have simple flip phones in game and the potential for cell coverage was there. This thread isn't for discussing the probability of this or that existing and making sense in game or realism. If you want to continue talking about it, PM me.
  4. Phatal

    Objects (weapons, clothing etc) you'd like to see in the game.

    True, however in our lore we have 3 or 4 bastion strong holds in the country. There would be /some/ service.
  5. Phatal

    Is it just me ?

    They fixed the Desync but broke the glorious FPS. I think a dev said something about it somewhere on twitter or social media.
  6. Gotta say, I like the new Slipknot song. Can't wait for the next album. Sounds like they're going to try and go back a bit to their original stuff.

  7. How do you prove they saw it/read it? What if they don’t see the text? What if they’re too far away? What if they can’t read that fast or don’t notice the text for a few seconds? It creates a lot of gray areas imo that I don’t miss from mod.
  8. But text rp is unreliable. And something GM’s now don’t have to take into consideration that they did during mod was “did they see the text initiation? If they did did they have time to read it and comply/not comply? If they did see it but chose not to comply is it fair to the initiators who have to sit and wait for an unknown amount of time depending on whether people notice the initiation and then react to it?” It opens a huge can of worms. If Initiating group A initiates on group B and Civilian C. Then, B reads it but doesn’t react or claims they didn’t see it even though they did, what happens? How can you prove it? And if A intimates on C, and C reads slower and dies as they’re reading while not hearing voice initiation, is that no time to comply? Is it fair to the initiators in that case if C takes a while to read or notice and read the message, and then comply/not comply?
  9. The text initiation rule was only required for settlements and vehicles during mod. Personally, if the initiating side records and they have proof of the initiation, then I don’t see an issue. The game always has issues and atm even if you have text enabled some messages still don’t show up. For example the other day I wasn’t receiving the server message when the database went down and lost 30 minutes of progress due to this. Or, I’ve noticed that sometimes text can double/quadruple itself, along with not showing up at all. The other day we had someone type an ooc message and it literally filled the screen because the game copied it 4 times. I just don’t think text is as reliable as you think, nor do I believe that making someone sit there and type something out is going to help. During mod, when text initiations happened you had to give them even more time to comply because they had to read the message and react to it. And, as I’m sure Mace can attest to, some people are slow to read text, if they read it at all. -1 too unreliable and an unnecessary hinderance.
  10. Phatal

    Objects (weapons, clothing etc) you'd like to see in the game.

    I’d like to see Russian Partizan. I know it’s just another camo but personally I feel we’re lacking in some aspects for good, realistic camo. Also, Smersh vest variations would be nice, along with the updated AK74M with the modern collapsible stock option. As for civilian stuff, I agree with Kei, we need to see more pants/shirts in regular or civilian pattern, with more space. That way people aren’t forced to wear military camo or cargo pants if they don’t want to. Maybe even more, modern looking backpacks. Or schoolbags like we see in the US. As for RP items. It’s my long-standing hope for 2 things from DayZ. The option to create/add tatoos to characters in the creation screen. And a “usable” phone option. Basically something that, like a battery, has a charge but can be recharged at generators. People can use it to send messages or calls, instead of using radios (I’m not too familiar with cell towers, but is it really possible that they’ve all stopped working or been turned off?).
  11. I’d like to see the DayZ Mod soundtrack added in as background music for Standalone considering they don’t have their own. From what I’ve noticed anyway.
  12. I got in a ADA that was missing 2 wheels to check the gas level. The thing bounced back and forth like a car out of Fast and the Furious before ejecting me into the air and killing me.
  13. Phatal

    Day or Night?

    I played yesterday in night time with only a weapon flashlight. I went from carrying it in my hands, to finding stuff in the dark to be able to mount it on my guns. I have never been more terrified, jump scared, and on edge in all my time on DayZ Standalone than then. To be honest, it is navigable now. It's only an hour as well. Night time will improve when the game fixes lighting, fires, etc. properly. Also, I kinda hope they keep gamma gone. I had so much on edge fun yesterday during the hour of night time, and I think gamma would just ruin it if they brought it back. Night time (even though it's only an hour) would bring an actual barrier to anyone trying to rampantly pvp, and it would force people to work together a bit more. Idk, I'm probably the minority but I loved night time yesterday and I loved actually being concerned for my characters well being from the game itself for once.
  14. Phatal

    Change Rule 2.2

    I mean, the real question is would using a car door like that be aogm? Or is the rule relating more to things like hiding behind indestructible bushes/using tires to hide behind?
  15. Phatal

    Base Building/Destroying Durability Change

    I also recommended an explosive in the objects suggestion thread. TBH in my eyes base buildings should have a ton of health and shouldn’t be easily destroyed, it should at least take as much time to destroy it as it does to build it