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  1. Maverick Jones is a photographer from the United States of America. Maverick had a fascination with the scenery. He loved History and had a deep passion for photography. Maverick was quite the wanderer. He would travel large distances to take in the scenery and take some decent photographs. Maverick's grandfather was his main influence on photography. Mav and his grandfather would take long walks just to take photographs. Maverick and his grandfather had a strong bond. The reason Maverick keeps the camera and continues to take photographs. It is when Mav's grandfather gets terminally ill with brain tumours. This crushed Mav. When his grandfather passed away, he gave Maverick his camera. From then on Maverick would keep the camera and take pictures of all the places his grandfather wanted to go before he passed. Maverick would develop these photographs and put them in a box labelled "For Grandpa". Since the beginning of the Frenzy Flu outbreaks, Maverick was very hesitant about travelling. The fear of a third outbreak was rattled in his and surely everyone else's mind. But Maverick wanted to travel to the Russian Federation. His grandfather had books about the Russian Federation. His grandfather had places marked out on where he wanted to go. One of these places was Chernarus. Maverick had heard of this place in a book he read in college. He had read about the Civil War of 09'. He felt a bit weird knowing that the United States had a small involvement with this place. Might have been different if they stayed. After plenty of thought, Maverick decided he would bite the bullet and make his way to Chernarus. He booked his flight and packed his bags, flew out a couple of days later. He arrived at Balota airport. Maverick felt conflicted going through these checkpoints and getting checked for any sort of sickness. He never liked how the Military handled everything. It felt inhumane to him. Mav got into his bus and made his way to Zelenogorsk. A town just north of Balota. It was busy and always had heavy security. He got off the bus in Zelenogorsk, as soon as he got off a little girl ran up to him and handed him a flower and said "Welcome to my home! Enjoy your stay!" Maverick accepted the flower and place it in his wallet. The girl ran off to her mother. Maverick made his way to his temporary apartment. Unpacked his bags and set up his camera. He made sure to buy a lot of film cartridges. Maverick made his way outside and walked about the town. Taking pictures of the town, the military camps and the great tower of Green Mountain. He made his way up to Green Mountain. Maverick was about to make the climb up to the mountain when a Military patrol came down the road. They had a whole convoy heading to Zelenogorsk. Maverick started making his way back. Maverick arrived and the Military started shutting everything down and sent people back in their homes. They wouldn't tell anyone what was happening, just to go home. Maverick went into his apartment, almost forced, and locked his door. Days have passed since the Military had started rolling in. There were Military camps set up in the Electric Department. Trains were shut down. Quarantine centres were set up. Maverick had heard about a rapid increase of Frenzy Flu growing again in the South Zagoria region on the radio. Everything starts going downhill. Maverick had heard shouting and glass being broken outside. There were riots, police and military were trying to push it back. They started firing shots, people got hurt. Maverick ran outside to try and help. Maverick made his way close to the front of the riot. Maverick spotted a civilian in need as they were being mugged by an armed civilian. He got involved and tried to wrestle the gunman to the ground. Maverick had gotten the gun from him, but he was too persistent. The gunman tried to grab the gun from Maverick and he was trying to turn the gun on Maverick. The gun went off while Maverick's finger was on the trigger and the man had his hands around it pointing in Mav's direction. Instead of the bullet hitting Maverick. It struck the young girl beside Maverick that had given him the flower. Maverick had indirectly killed the child. Before he could have time to react he was knocked unconscious by a military personal. He woke up a day later in a Military prison camp, in a jail cell. He had woken up in the same clothes. His wallet and camera were missing. The Military had confiscated it and had placed it in the locker beside his cell. Maverick sat there in his cell for days. Thinking about what had happened. He couldn't believe he had killed a child. He felt so much shame and guilt. He went to sleep that night with the image of what happened to play over and over in his head. A week had passed and had heard about the state of the region and how the Flu is getting worse and worse. Maverick had heard about the infection turning people into monsters, attack and biting people left and right. Maverick had awoken in a fright. He had heard an explosion outside the compound. Gunfire and shouting. Rebels were attacking the compound. The Rebels were taking over the camp and releasing all the prisoners. Maverick's cell was approached by a man with an automatic rifle and was let out of his cell. Maverick broke open the locker and stole his camera and wallet back. The man told him to get out of here and run. Maverick did exactly that. He ran for hours until he came across a person. This person wasn't any person. It was a victim of the Frenzy Flu. It started to run at him, screaming and trying to swipe at him. Maverick picked up a log and warned the monster to stay back. It didn't listen and charged at him. He was left with no choice but to hit the monster with the log. It fell to the ground and Maverick ran for his life. He ran until he met a cliff and felt straight off falling unconscious. Maverick woke up at a castle just outside of Mogilevka. He was in pain. Maverick had sprained his ankle when he fell. He got up and struggled and stumbled inside the castle for some shelter and sat inside. He threw his jacket on the ground and his wallet and camera in the case fell out. He had picked up his wallet and the flower that the little girl had handed him fell out. He began breaking down into tears. Nothing could change what happened. He was someone completely new. This new person couldn't be recognized as who he was before. He ripped up his jacket and made a mask out of it. Hiding his face from anyone or anything that could recognize his face. He began his new journey. He walked far and wide meeting people. Fighting infected. And taking pictures to distract himself from the horrors that live in this world.
  2. Kurtis Kelly was a student in his third year in Politics. Kurtis started college when he was 18 years old. He lived in Ireland and came from a lower middle class family. His family were split. His mother live in one side of the country and his father lived in another. Kurtis lived with his father. Kurtis and his family barely scraped enough money to get him to college. Throughout college, his best friend Julian Moore pushed Kurtis and practically dragged him along with him. When the virus broke out, Kurtis and Julian were on their way to Chernarus for work experience in a congressman's office. Both of them couldn't leave the country after the outbreak. It was hard for Kurtis to come to terms with what happened. Kurtis would have been lost or worse without Julian. Kurtis didn't have many real friends back home except for Julian. Kurtis could just never fit in with anyone else. But they both stuck together and made the best out of everything they could. Although Kurtis had fired weaponry before he lacked any confidence. But in time that is bound to change.
  3. Alright @Randy I have it done.
  4. Oh yes so sorry I’ve been rather busy the last few days with college. I’ll try to get it done today or tomorrow
  5. Sorry I meant to send a message earlier but my internet went down. Yeah those are Familiar I’m surprised you managed to find them to be honest. I’ll try that now.
  6. Don’t know if you thought I mean multiple accounts on Steam or on DayZ Rp
  7. Yeah, ive only got the one account on Steam. https://steamcommunity.com/id/glarfishere/
  8. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): I cannot find the original post. It has been over three years since this event. Unless the member of staff that blacklisted me is still around and can recall this event then they could possibly have the original post. Why the verdict is not fair: The verdict is completely fair. I messed up by creating these multiple accounts and I got what I deserved. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: From my point of view I just thought no one would know if I created other accounts because I was 15 and very stupid. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to set things straight and resolve this issue. I do regret this; I wish to play on these servers and enjoy playing DayZ again. What could you have done better?: Not making the 3-4 accounts and trying to cheat the system is something I could have done better.
  9. Alright guys thanks ill try that now
  10. Hey guys so pretty much I have gotten myself blacklisted a couple of years ago for failing the lore test. Since i failed three times to pass it and got blacklisted. For some dumb reason I decided to make another account and try again. The DayZ RP staff weren't having it and wouldn't allow my blacklist to be lifted. I mean I've learned my lesson since then and I do regret doing that since. I was just wondering if there was anyway I could get another chance to try and fix this. I really want to enjoy DayZ again and it would just be fun playing on these servers. Please contact or reply whenever you guys can. I'd really like to resolve this situation. Thanks. (ironically i had to make another account to get back on because i forgot my other logins.) -glarf
  11. Thanks guys I'll try now
  12. Hey guys, Year and a bit ago I got my steam account blacklisted on this site from making too many accounts on DayZ Rp to try and reapply, I was wondering can I still get unblacklisted if i send in a ban appeal?
  13. Alright thanks @Will, I'll do that after my 16th bday. Two weeks.
  14. Hey guys. A year and a half ago I made an account and tried to get whitelisted, but i didnt get in so i kept trying until i couldnt try anymore. So I made more accounts and ended up getting my steam blacklisted on this site. So I was wondering if there is away to get unblacklisted, I know it is something to do with showing my age. Don't you have to be 16 to apply? Thanks -Glarf
  15. Glarf


    Tomorrow I'll be able to get my ID card and take a picture since right now it is almost 3AM, but there is another problem, I am 15 years of age, and I need to be 16 to play, but I am sure one year of age doesn't matter. I have friends who are in there Twenties say that I am mature enough to play on RP. Is that okay? Or cannot I not play until next year, Also on top of that can I get the blacklist taken away if I show my ID card tomorrow, but after that blacklist is taken down, do I need to wait a year? To play I mean...
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