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  1. cheez117

    Official Mentor Program - [CLOSED]

    Your IG name and what are you interested in learning about? (Please chose from the above listed categories): Nate Garrett, Survivor Role Play, Relearning the General basics as I may be rather rusty. What Timezone are you from and what time's do you usually play?: CST-6, Monday to Thursday between 4-8 pm, Possibly weekends. How were you directed to the Mentors thread (Word of mouth, friends, report verdict, forums)?: Fourms If you had to judge yourself and your role play, what would you say are your strong points and what areas would you like to learn about or improve on?: I used to be pretty decent at it but feel like I may need some help to shake off the rustiness and to improve with a larger community once again.
  2. Hello world I am back! It's been like 3 years, and I doubt anyone remembers Nate Garrett or the Freedom Bus Line, Hope I can meet some new and old faces again!
  3. My name is Nate Garrett, I am writing this.. this memoir down of my first weeks in Chernarus in case the world might ever return to normal. I was a Documentary writer and firmer. I was coming here to visit some older soldiers of the Chernarussian Defense Force who had fought in the civil war, my plan was to record their remarks and memories and to create a Documentary that would release for the 10th anniversary of the civil war in 2019. I landed on the 5th of July 2017 at the Novigrad International Airport and rode a bus down to Zelenogorsk. My work was usual the first several days, interviewing two CDF soldiers in Zelenogorsk while staying at a little inn, The TV reception was bad and there was something about tensions up in the north and small fights breaking out, I didn't think much of it at the time. By the twelfth as I was interviewing a local who had seen one of the devastating battles of the civil war, Several helicopters flew over, and there was a murmur in the streets as there was news of people fleeing en mass from the north. At the time I had been so focused in my work I barely heard of the major news coming from others, until I finally started to listen. Fear in these people started to spread, some saying their loved ones in the north were not answering local phone calls, some were even talking about beasts causing this, others saying it was the Russians, One thing for sure was their were a lot more soldiers coming around the town. Over the next several days some people fled, others stayed, there were reports of about everything panicked people could think of, I did not know what to do other than hold tight until everything was over, I cursed this week as someone had stolen my camera, though I still had my tapes. By the next week everything went downhill, everyone still around in Zelenogorsk was now calling this a zombie outbreak, NATO forces had apparently arrived in the coast, the CDF soldiers in Zelenogorsk started pulling out and one of them who I had interviewed over a week ago told me to come along, we went into the countryside and I got lost. I've avoided any suspicious looking people out here in the forests for awhile now, I hunted as a hobby in the states and it's the only thing that has kept me alive out here in the wilderness,
  4. I would like to apologize for that inconvenient glitch that happened to me with not being able to drop my backpack, and possibly the bad RP I may have given, I was trying to explain it to you while being robbed, and I was glad that we were able to role-play a little bit after I was almost killed. I'm currently fixing the issue, as it seemed my game settings reset and one of the settings didn't like me trying to drop anything. I hope you accept this apology! This goes to the SDS member that robbed me on top of the ATC on S1 a little bit ago, never got your name! Edit: changed S2 to S1 Edit 2: if you want to talk about it on TeamSpeak as-well I'll be on the DayzRP TeamSpeak.
  5. that was fast, anything special happen?
  6. I vote no. (wish no was just a poll choice instead of saying it is stupid, like the idea but disagree.)
  7. cheez117

    The Horrors of Desync

    This is what happens when the Heli's refuse to be tamed!
  8. Logitech Stereo Headset H150 - headset Really good sound quality, and alot of people have actually told me it sounds more clear than some of the fancy costly turtle beaches. some places have them for 10 dollars online, but stores will have them for 20. (got these at Walmart!)
  9. Haven't been In game for a week now, mainly because of the bad RP i experienced for 3 days straight before the week I was gone from in-game. (Free medics bad Rping? that's actually weird! but it happened!) and now after having that week break I guess I'll be seeing all ya in the game! Edit: well than one of my posts dissapeared
  10. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.miniclip.plagueinc Thanks Rolle! My hero!
  11. Goodbye saint, I will miss you! You are one of the reasons I became active more on the forums
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