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  1. Dr. Alaric was quite a guy, he was a scientist and he lived on a small island off the New England coast all by himself. He wasn’t the dwarfed little gnome of a mad scientist you read about. His hobby wasn’t personal profit, and he wasn’t a megalomaniac with a Russian name and no scruples. He wasn’t insidious, and he wasn’t even particularly subversive. He kept his hair cut and his nails clean and lived and thought like a reasonable human being. He was slightly on the baby-faced side; he was inclined to be a hermit; he was a bit plomb and – brilliant. His specialty was biochemistry, and he was always called Dr. Alaric, not “Mr.” and not “Doc.” He was an odd sort of apple and always had been. He had never graduated from any college or university because he found them too slow for him, and too rigid in their approach to education. He couldn’t get used to the idea that perhaps his professors knew what they were talking about. That went for his texts, too. He was always asking questions, and didn’t mind very much when they were embarrassing. He considered Gregor Mendel a bungling liar, Darwin an amusing philosopher, and Luther Burbank a sensationalist. He never opened his mouth without leaving his victim feeling breathless. If he was talking to someone who had knowledge, he went in there and got it, leaving his victim wordless. If he was talking to someone whose knowledge was already in his possession, he only asked repeatedly, “How do you know?” His most delectable pleasure was cutting a fanatical eugenicist into conversational ribbons. So people left him alone, and never ever asked him to tea. He was polite, but not politic. Being what he was he couldn’t keep his nose in his own field. It wasn’t too remarkable when he made an intellectual excursion wide enough to perfect a method of crystallizing vitamins by the ton – if anyone wanted it by the ton. He got a lot of money for it. He bought his island and lived a quiet life, money wasn’t money anymore, it was large numbers in little books. When the dreadful day came and went His approach to life was characteristically unorthodox. He did things on the order of multiplying apples by pears, and balancing equations by adding log v-1 to one side and ºº to the other. He did nothing by trial and error because he disapproved of the method as sloppy. And he got results. He learned and filed away in his insatiable mind, many things having nothing to do with the problem at hand, and very little of what he wanted, but he piled that little on what little he knew or guessed, and in time he had quite a collection of known factors to work with. After much tumultuous procrastination, he ventured out of his vacation home, and sought out human contact.
  2. @HEARTLSS21 Rice Gum @twig RoundEye
  3. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: Possible Staff Bias Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: My primary evidence, is that the verdict was written by @Ark, who has an active character that’s affiliated with Black Fangs, as evidenced here: https://sta.sh/02b66i6i8vet @Infamous, @Mr. Panda, @Lucass, @Puncture are all members of the same group. With the above in mind, I will explain why I believe the following verdicts are unfounded: 1) Attempted Invalid Kill – While I have never said that I didn’t intend to shoot him, I didn’t believe he was complying. Based on the heat of the moment, and his behavior, both confrontational and what I feel was a delay in putting his hands up, I believed I was justified. 2) BadRP / NVFL – I actually thought I gave pretty good RP. In fact, immediately after I was knocked out with a stun baton I covered my mouth IRL to approximate the sound of having my mouth punched. Simply because I “shit talk” someone doesn’t mean I don’t value my characters life. IRL I’m a twice-awarded purple heart recipient, I’ve seen some pretty terrible stuff, as has my character in game. I can tell you when I went toe to toe with the Sadir City Militia and ripped their flag down after they tried to kidnap me, there was shit talking there too, it made me more trouble than I was worth, and saved my life. Further, if I didn’t value my characters life, I wouldn’t stretch out their execution by not cooperating, they wanted to throw a grenade at me, so if I had done that, wouldn’t that be not valuing my life? I mean a bullet sounds better than a grenade, to me at least. Lastly, during the time I’m laying on the ground tied up, I keep looking for an escape, I give more RP than I’m given, simply being asked my name and how old I am hardly counts as good RP to me, but those are my values. Now, with regard to the glossed over items. I had asked throughout the report several times for the reason @Puncture decided to sneak into my teamspeak and listen without saying a word, this evidently was ignored by admins though I mentioned it several times throughout the report. As if that weren’t enough, the verdict didn’t even acknowledge OP directly in the verdict, neither did they acknowledge the people who in turn said literally they walked up on top of the hill and were not in fact part of our dynamic or group in any sense of the word. I think the fact that the verdict focused on a select few and seemed to side-step any inconvenient evidence against behalf of the group above, further highlights my opinion about possible staff bias. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Since I have no doubt that this appeal will be read after my punishment has expired, I simply want the points removed What could you have done better?: The only improvement I think I could make, is waiting slightly longer for the compliance or non-compliance. during an initiation.
  4. @Ark I was getting poked in TeamSpeak to see if I was recording, so I alt tabbed and said yes, will let you know when I'm done, they wanted to put the report up eight away with video evidence.
  5. Pretty straight forward, there are 3 people total that came on teamspeak during the selected timestamp, (that I recognized anyways). Based on re-watching it, the below is the closest I can get to a transcript. I listened to it each time for a specific voice, and there are 3 total I can make out. "Laughter" "He's trying to go away" "Just Take him hostage if you're going to take him hostage" "Hey" "Everybody just got murdered, What the fuck" "I wasn't either, whoever opened up and fired it was uncalled for" - @Emily Jones "Do it - Go, there's more of us" - @Novaroxxus "I just got murdered" "I was not involved in anything, why am I dead" - @Dustin1
  6. It's shocking how obtuse you are. I will attempt to use all of my life knowledge explaining things to stubborn children and attempt once more to convey why your statements are demonstrably false. Transcript from 3:57 until 4:09 @Emily Jones "Laughter" "He's trying to go away" "Just take him hostage if you're going to take him hostage" @Novaroxxus "Do it - Go - There's more of us" Hardly meta gaming. At 4:19 when I tell him 3 times to comply and he doesn't move, yes, I shoot him. @ExoticRainbowRemind me, he's broadcasting when his hands are up in the air, yes? And yes, after everyone is dead, they're trying to figure out why they died. The definition of meta gaming is this: "Metagaming is a broad term generally used to define any strategy, communication, information or action in a game which goes beyond the game mechanics or the knowledge of your character. Most commonly it is used when a character receives information that they otherwise would not be able to receive in any reasonable way in game" So, in essence, it's using and acting on information not otherwise obtained in game. So, I saw everyone get gunned down in a hail of gunfire because I was ready to return fire, is that incorrect? Tell me what information that was delivered over teamspeak did I act on, OR did my character NOT have in-game knowledge of? Beyond that, @ExoticRainbow - How many times have you & your group been accused of ruleplay over roleplay, or of simply killing everyone and hoping for the best? Or maybe just slinging enough mud in any report you're brought up in trying to slime your way out of it. Further, let's talk about Murray, the one who made the report, when did he speak in the video? When did he or anyone say anything about who killed them, or try to relay any information to anyone left alive? As far as imminent death, if you want a real example, -snip- but I guess fighting back isn't ever an option right? That's why you like to "PVP" where hostages are always supposed to comply 100% and be docile sheep, lest you try and insinuate they have NVFL.
  7. @Infamous - enlighten me, how does one "Hot Mic" if his hands are up in the air? You can see his hands are up as he's saying "i'm putting my hands up" AFTER they're in the air, and AFTER I shot him. @Puncture - You never responded to my question as to why you came into my teamspeak for an extended length of time. Whether any findings come from this report, I think it's incredibly duplicitous that you conveniently side-step this by not addressing it. Lastly, no matter how many times you say it, some people on the hill were together, some were not, even if we're in teamspeak together it doesn't directly correlate to a "dynamic" it simply makes things easier than trying to talk over two different venues, so naturally, if we enjoy someones company, we'll normally invite them into ts, again, not to be part of a dynamic, but to make communication easier. Let's be real here, VOIP range sucks in game, there are sound effects that muffle it, the direction you face makes a difference, so it's more clear to the listener. No matter how many times you repeat that "we're in a dynamic" doesn't make it so. To finally nail my point home @Infamous if all of us were in a dynamic as you keep trying to point out, why wouldn't I communicate that I was going to initiate? Wouldn't that indicate that we were all on the same page? The only people that I considered in my dynamic were @Vytis and @Novaroxxus. No one else had any concept of what the hell was going on. By the logic that simply talking to someone or being in their vicinity makes them part of a dynamic, even trading goods with someone could be considered a dynamic no? A group of people with a common goal makes a dynamic, not simply talking to one another. Either way you take the definition though, YOU STILL GUNNED DOWN TOTAL STRANGERS THAT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING. The only time Murray can be heard on teamspeak is after he dies, when he said "I was not involved in anything - why am I dead?" or something to that effect. Go ahead and review my youtube videos, you can learn everyone's voice. The only people that can be heard on teamspeak are myself, @Novaroxxus and @Emily Jones . But again, THERE IS NO META GAMING GOING ON BECAUSE EVERYONE DUAL MICS - except when our hands are up / restrained of course.
  8. @BradyIs it possible to have a copy of the TeamSpeak conversation that you, (I think it was) moderated & recorded?
  9. @Infamous - I'm going to address this directly. There were two people who randomly walked up there about 3 minutes before I initiated on (whomever). There was one person who ran from Stary Sobor with us to the VMC hill That was BoJack, I could see the argument he was in our 'dynamic' The point that you guys are trying to sidestep, is that: 1) Rule play over role-play - You believed that 'everyone' on top of the hill was in the same dynamic, this is categorically untrue, but you chose to gun everyone down whether they were hostile or not. 2) MetaGaming - You'll see in my video once youtube publishes it, that the guy w/ the mask conveniently falls "unconscious" just seconds before everyone is gunned down. 3) Harassment - @Puncture If you came into my teamspeak to "talk to skip" why did you sit in the room and say absolutely nothing to anyone for 12 minutes. When we asked who "smith" was, you responded, "Oh, I'm just eating." If you could address those three topics specifically i'd appreciate it.
  10. I was getting ready to feast on my thanksgiving steak, and this chap entices me with his foot, first he seems interested and willing, then teases me and walks away. I told him to put his hands up, he complies just as I click the button to fire. Then he demands to know, "why did you shoot me" I responded, then a fraction before his friends open fire, (on some random people no less), he takes a dive to the ground. I come to, and am restrained. (6:10) he calls repeatedly on his radio for some morphine because he shot my legs. I'm given what I perceive as minimal RP. The rest of the video speaks for itself. https://youtu.be/sm9DeRliPUM Should be available on YouTube about 1 hour after this post is made.
  11. @[email protected]@Ark - Literally got sent this about 15 minutes ago - "I don't have TS, and I don't care to use it. I'm perfectly fine to just go ahead and accept my punishment, whatever it may be. You can let the admins know to just give their verdict. " that's the extent of the interaction I've had with him, other than giving him my teamspeak information. So, I guess move forward with the report.
  12. @Lyca - I hadn't anticipated @darkdrewlord to actually respond, I sent him a PM giving him my TeamSpeak address. If you could hold the verdict for a short time I would appreciate it. I'd like to see if we can discuss the events as I initially tried to do. I'll let you know what happens.
  13. Server and location: S1, NW Airfield, SW Corner Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 17:30 Your in game name: Maj. William Graves Names of allies involved: @[email protected] Name of suspect/s: @darkdrewlord Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): NA Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): https://www.twitch.tv/videos/202673710 | https://youtu.be/QFmMcglXzfI Detailed description of the events: I was out & about mEATing people as I go, and I come across a young man that I wanted to *ahem* have for dinner. Then some white knight comes up and ruins my appetite. Then the fella attracts a horde of zombies, so I start questioning his intelligence. Then he kills me as I was trying to tell him that I told his mother she should have had an abortion. I'm really vexed that he missed that I contact a member of dayz staff to find out the chaps username, I log on DayZRP ts, look for him, he isn't on. We find out he logged minutes after making the green grass grow with my life giving crimson, and I publish the videos, and make this report. >>NOTE<< The action is towards the back 10 minutes or so minutes of the 30 minute video
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