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  1. YES YES ALL MY YES. That is amazing. Noir is literally what I based Eddie aound so I'd be happy to play the group this way. Just need to get the accent down.
  2. I just saw end game and just damn that was good.

    1. APositivePara


      Saw it a second time today, still had me tearing up ;-;

    2. FaeRP


      Im still processing it


    3. WaywardWhale


      @GenjiRP I did and I was like SO sad.

  3. Hey Hey its that Detective boy Whale back again to ask those Detective themed questions. My one this time is what would you want or expect from a Private Eye Detective style group? Like RP and Lore wise? Because honestly I don't remember seeing another type of P.I. Type groups around.
  4. @Malet Yooo that is a great list my man. Kabeneri was a great show and so was Black Lagoon. High school of the Dead was a guilty pleasure when I was in @Diamond Honestly my list would be like. Black Lagoon Clannad Angel Beats Cowboy Bebop Ghost in a Shell Houseki no Kuni Konosuba And FMA Brotherhood.
  5. Hey I haven't seen an anime thread recently so here I am. Lemme just ask what anime connected with you on like a different May be emotional level. Like you saw yourself instantly just clicking with the story and premise. Mine was Houseki no Kuni and Made in Abyss they where both utterly alien and that made me fall in love with them.
  6. When your phone service gets suspended and you have no way of reactivating it again because its all under step dad. TnT

    1. Mademoiselle


      Why don't you ask him? 

    2. WaywardWhale


      We don't really have the....best relationship right now.

    3. WaywardWhale


      Like he hasn't talked to me in months even though I still live with him and mom.

    4. Mademoiselle


      Ahhh okies sorry to hear that

    5. WaywardWhale


      Yeah.... But I still have hope it'll get better.

  7. Damn I wish Kato and I stayed for the end of that.
  8. Random Anime Girl Gif No. 2 

    Just because I'm bored.


  9. WaywardWhale

    The Detective's Journey

    Everything's got a story behind it. That's what Eddie Balboa thinks and he'll dig them out.
  10. Eddie would sit back on the bench taking a swig of brandy before thinking of what to say. Finishing up he presses the PTT "I mean I'm not really a Psychologist or a Psychiatrist really. But I did take some Psyche training as an Cop in the NYPD. I've dealt with my fair share of people in distress. Hopefully I can help." He releases the PTT before getting up and stretching his legs.
  11. Random Anime Girl Gif No. 1


  12. Eddie and Chris decided to go down to Pustoshka and see how to Funeral Parlor was doing. We met @Xehara and @Lorcanon top of the Van and I decided to do the whole detective gig ya know? "Eddie Balboa, Detective or well P.I." Then we went to the pub to party. Until Someone got ran over by the car and then another 2 dudes ended up getting shot. But after than we decided after playing a game of "Kill Fuck Marry" to leave. We dipped hard. Honestly wished we stayed there for a while longer there wasn't anyone else back a Camp. I loved getting shit because my Character was a Detective.
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