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  1. More rules limit RP. That's all this really is. Some of these are good ideas, but in the end they really limit RP in a negative way, some worse than the others.
  2. Honestly the safezone idea is fucking stupid in my opinion. The whole idea of the apocalypse is that you aren't safe ANYWAYS, no matter how safe you feel. A lot of people made camps like 101 and got salty when people attacked it. It makes sense for the camp to be attacked. IC, people will want those resources to survive. I get why you're mad, but chill out. Let the players make their own safezones and protect people from dying through RP. Simply adding rules that protect people only RUINS RP. Now people are saying maybe this will only possibly be for a bit when the infection first hits. Why not just let people protect the settlements through actual good RP and being mature? Are we REALLY not capable of being mature?
  3. I really hope these safezones are not to stay. Otherwise this is pretty exciting.
  4. Usually I try to enter the firefight and KOS everyone and if I die I just hit up the report section. Just kidding. Usually I'll just run away.
  5. Emotes can do plenty, trust me. There is a time and place for different types of RP, this is one of those. I want to ask, what is the purpose you find in being able to speak when you are told not to speak? Isn't that NVFL and therefore can be a rulebreak / get you killed? You need to allow for more realistic RP and you'll find you'll be much more immersed and enjoy the experience more. Don't hold yourself back.
  6. You do own the hostage. We are talking realistically here. Want to be in charge of your body? Don't get taken hostage. Don't want to get taken hostage? Too bad. This is a suggestion that would change the rules so don't bring up the rules we're aiming to change here. I know we're not aiming to change the rules of hostages in a general sense, but gagging is special and would modify the rules. Keep an open mind.
  7. I will permadeath 99% of the time. If it makes zero sense whatsoever then I won't, but otherwise it's the apocalypse, death is everywhere don't expect to survive.
  8. I'm going to first of all link this thread because it relates to this immensely. Thank you @Tony. We are trying to roleplay a realistic apocalypse. When you are a hostage, you aren't in control of yourself, the other person holding the gun is in control in both a realistic sense AND in our rules. You don't want to be gagged? Too fucking bad. You can STILL RP. You just can't TALK. There is a difference people. RP includes emoting. Your emotes can change the situation drastically, it doesn't have to be words. You can emote crying which might swing the person holding the gun's emotions to let you go. Obviously that's hypothetical, but it's possible. Also, you shouldn't have to GIVE permission to be gagged. It doesn't fucking matter whether or not you're gagged in the eyes of the hostage. If you're not gagged and you talk when you shouldn't talk the person with the gun will just shoot you. If you don't talk, why does it matter whether or not it's because you got gagged? Just so you have the freedom to disobey the person holding a gun? That seems pretty stupid. Along with that, let's say you escape the situation. Isn't it easy to just remove the gag from your mouth? People, as Tony has said, remove this fucking invisible barrier and allow immersive and realistic RP. That's what you're here for, right? Not true. You CAN RP. You just can't TALK. The person should not be talking if the person holding the gun wants them quiet, that's NVFL. There are plenty of other ways to RP. You can emote a struggle, you can emote trying to wiggle, you can emote starring at the weapon, perhaps waiting for a chance to break out, you emote grunting. MAYBE YOU CAN EMOTE TRYING TO CHEW THROUGH THE GAG. THAT WOULD BRING UP RP! There are SO many ways of bringing up good RP without talking, and you being a great RPer would know that. Don't let there be the invisible barrier.
  9. Yeah haha I was the one Cowboy shot by accident, just didn't mention it. It was an awesome night. Glad you remembered it!
  10. Might be nice to have that map with the lore wipe, not sure. Never played the Mod so I don't know much about it.
  11. I completely agree. Thing is that I learned is that technically raising your gun at someone and saying "Who are you?" or something realistic like that is TECHNICALLY an initiation, and 90% of this server are a bunch of triggerhappy fucks looking for pvp. They can't accept that THAT is how someone would approach a situation. I cannot agree with you enough bro, everything you have said is extremely true and I hope people listen to this.
  12. All I was asking was what people think about the realism in Dayz Public and DayzRP, I understand how you thought I was suggesting it though, and I edited it because I realized that I had said that, but I simply want to know what you guys think is realistic in DayzRP and Dayz Public and how they are different. I see your points though, and I definitely don't mean that DayzRP should allow KOS, that would be horrible, but I was just simply saying there might be a way to add natural fear rather than having to RP it.
  13. Personally I have no idea. I just believe as a community if we really tried hard to make a new system, it could work. I am mainly just looking for what people think. What do you guys think when it comes to realism compared to Dayz Public and DayzRP because that was the main idea I was trying to question.
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