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    Slava Chedaki

    *Jebediah would press his PTT* "What in the fuck is the Chadeeki? All I know is that you shouldn't be making empty threats when you ain't gonna do shit about it sumbitch, how imma join something I don't know what the fuck it is? Also Mr.Rhett Ansen, will you be the one coming to kill me if I don't join?" *Jebediah would release his PTT*
  2. Jebediah Foulke Jebediah was born in Nashville on a small farm with his mother and father. Growing up Jebediah went to school and worked on the farm with his father, life for Jebediah was pretty normal but also boring and when he finished school he knew he wanted to get out of his small town in Nashville. When Jebediah turned 18 and wasn't in school anymore his cousin Harrison called him up and asked Jebediah if he wanted to work with him, Jebediah didn't want to work on a farm his whole life so he accepted. Shortly after Jebediah moved to Norfolk, Virginia to work with his cousin. The two would hijack cars and then smuggle them to other countries and sell them. Eventually after doing that for a bit the two found themselves in Chernarus where Jebediah got separated from Harrison.
  3. ScarRP

    The Asylum

    Good luck with this, hope to meet you in game.
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    The Vale (Recuitment Active - All Welcome!)

    Good luck with this.
  5. ScarRP

    Fifty Two | Open To Interest

    Good luck with this.
  6. ScarRP

    False Report?

    I think what he is trying to say is you are not changing anything. Yes if the president does something bad you can scream your heart out about how upset you are but in reality you aren't changing a thing. I don't think he is bending over to Rolle I think what he is saying is Rolle explained the reasoning behind the verdict and you arguing isn't going to change anything.
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    S1 Severograd KOS

    Thank you man, I do appreciate it. I am sorry for shooting you.
  9. ScarRP

    S1 Severograd KOS

    I was the one who shot you, what the man said above is true there was a huge fight between multiple groups and you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. If you would like to talk this out I am more than willing, if not that is also fine. I do apologize for shooting you but I do hope you see where I'm coming from.
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    Roleplay and you

    Thanks for this man, will take this into account and hopefully it will make me a better role player.
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    Scar's shit edits

  12. ScarRP

    Scar's shit edits

  13. Shawn Dorian was born in Baltimore City to Armenian immigrant parents, Shawn's father worked hard but didn't make much money so Shawn grew up pretty poor. As Shawn was growing up he wanted more than his parents could give him so it made Shawn get into the streets to be able to buy his own stuff. Soon after getting into the streets Shawn was in and out of jail, after getting released from jail he flew the California and got involved with the Armenian Power. Once he started working with the Armenian Power he met a man named Kevork Guzman and they started working together, eventually Kevork told Shawn that he had plans to move operations to Chernarus and invited Shawn to come along. Shawn thought about it for a while before realizing this was a chance to make money and decided he was going to go, after arriving the outbreak hit and Shawn and 24th have been there since.
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    I'll scrap anyone...

    Lets have it.
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    Scar's shit edits

    @NozzyRP ty @BorisRP ty
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    Second server and automatic locking

    Sounds good.
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    Welcome man.
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    Hello everyone.

    Welcome man.
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    Still new around here

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    What's up!

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    Guess who's back

    Welcome back.
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    HI ALL

    Welcome man.
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    hello new friends

    Welcome man.
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    Scar's shit edits

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    Scar's shit edits

    @BorisRP tyty @Banshee tyty
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