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  1. So would you like to close this? I initiated and he turned directly away from me and the way he was heading towards my gunshots. I will also not by replying anymore unless called in by staff.
  2. As I've said already, I initiated and your friend ran towards Novaya. I didn't retreat, your friend ran away.
  3. So am I just going to stay temp banned?
  4. I would say so, and maybe 7 shots.
  5. Not far maybe 40m while I was on yell. I didn't shoot until the OP turned away from me and started going back towards Novaya. That would be meta gaming. This is also meta gaming.
  6. POV: The OP heard my gunshots and began to run towards them, as I saw the OP coming towards me I crouched behind a hay bale. After sitting behind the hay bale for about 10-15 seconds until the OP was in voip range I went on yell and initiated. Once I initiated the OP turned away from me and started going back towards Novaya so I shot him, while I was looting his body his friend shot me so I picked up the sniper off the OP and got into cover. About 10 seconds after I killed his friend, I then went to wait out my timer and was temp banned for possible mass KOS. Maybe I should add that I was not mass KOSing.
  7. Hope from now on there will be admins watching logs 24/7, would hate to see a inconsistent system.
  8. Good luck with this, hope to meet yall in game.
  9. Shawn Scar was born in Baltimore City to Armenian immigrant parents, Shawn's father worked hard but didn't make much money so Shawn grew up pretty poor. As Shawn was growing up he wanted more than his parents could give him so it made Shawn get into the streets to be able to buy his own stuff. Soon after getting into the streets Shawn was in and out of jail, after getting released from jail he flew the California and got involved with the Armenian Power. Once he started working with the Armenian Power he met a man named Kevork Guzman and they started working together, eventually Kevork told Shawn that he had plans to move operations to Chernarus and invited Shawn to come along. Shawn thought about it for a while before realizing this was a chance to make money and decided he was going to go, after arriving the outbreak hit and Shawn and 24th have been there since.
  10. POV : So I think what I was doing at this time was either looting around the town or waiting nearby for one of the boys. Because we then got in a gunfight with the people in the building a bit later.
  11. @ScarlettI have already told you that I have no clue what I was doing at that time, if I'm logged in on S2 I'm almost always in that town because that's the hotspot. I don't want to lie in a report and just randomly guess what I was doing. If you can find some more logs other than my connect logs maybe it will jog my memory. Also want to state again that I am not involved in this report, and never met the OP.
  12. Alright seems like most people just cant afford it, which I guess is fair. / This can be closed
  13. I don't think I ever said close Livonia, you're assuming I want to close Livonia. I don't care which map, I would just much rather play on a server that is full than 2 servers that are half full or less.
  14. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Final Why the verdict is not fair: It was fair at the time, I went over 30 warning points in 1 month. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I have been on amnesty for 8-9 months now, yes I have been inactive for a while but I have played 800 hours since being on final without any points. I accidentally used my forum caution for saying good luck on a group page which was seen as a unnecessary post. I was previously perm banned for going over 30 warning points in one month and since being unbanned I have played 800 hours without a ban. I was wrong for getting banned the first time and I understand that but I think since then I have changed. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Get off of final. What could you have done better?: There wasn't one situation that got me banned in specific, so I should have not put myself in the position to be in that many reports.
  15. It seems the problem a lot of people are having is that they can't afford the map, I guess that is a fair point. I was just kind of under the impression that everyone could afford the map but maybe that is wrong on me.
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