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  1. Real Avatar Hours Copyrighted

    my man
  2. Scar

    All these cherno KOS reports. :/ 


    1. Faith


      Was thinking the same thing.

    2. Faith


      Guess who got two thumbs and ain't going to Cherno?

      THIS GIRL!

    3. Scar


      @Mercy Don't blame ya 

    4. Faith


      Lol, well at least I'm not the one getting KOS'd xD 

    5. Roach


      Cherno = The New Kab. Me and my guys almost drilled into a few baiter "trying" to "rob" us last night. But decided to turn the other cheek as it would result in nothing at all but deaths and no RP. Shortly after turning away, shots, people dying, shit RP etc etc... yep, Chernomore.

      Nuff said ;) 

  3. Shawn Scar POV: We were standing around the pub for a while when this guy comes up and begins to start acting weird. He gave his tire a name and started crawling around for about 20 min after that he came up to us again we told him to fuck off he went into that building @Para told me his recording fucked and he only got the audio so i started to record and the rest can be seen in the video.
  4. Video is uploading now I was standing next to @Para the whole time so i don't really have anything to add to his POV.
  5. i was blacklisted

    You may want to play the game a little bit more before you join the community unless the steam account you are using is a alt because you only have 9 hours on the game. But anyways good luck on your application!
  6. Roots

    @Gowbe Lord Caben
  7. Sup

    Welcome brother man!

  9. Brotherhood Of Thieves [The Depot]

    Good luck! Should be a cool group to encounter
  10. Too early for bandit groups?

    It was a joke but thank you for giving all of the super soldiers advice BEANS FOR YOU!
  11. Too early for bandit groups?

    Idk about bandit groups but i hate when the VDV takes away my fully kitted M4 and the UMP in my backpack like come on man i need them to kill zombies.
  12. Scar

    Thanks @Saradomin


  13. Where's everybody gone?

    I suggest that they only keep 1 server up until it is full because they have both servers up and they are both half full it just does not make much sense.