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  1. Scar

    S1 - Stream Sniping, near NWAF - 21/05/2018 2am roughly

    JUST WANT TO START THIS OFF BY SAYING I DON'T AGREE WITH A REPORT BEING POSTED ABOUT THIS SITUATION BECAUSE WE TALKED TO @BorisRP @ExoticRP IN TS AFTER THE SITUATION AND LEFT IT OFF WHERE NO REPORT WOULD BE THROWN UP I WAS ALSO NOT INFORMED THIS WAS GOING TO BE THROWN UP. Shawn Scar - We were running from Grishino (i believe) to Novaya (i believe) when we see a man running up the road towards us wearing a full red tracksuit. When we hear the mans voice and see the full red tracksuit we initiate (not sure who exactly started the initiation but we all had guns out). After we get his gun on the floor and strip him of his radio 3 of our guys start running him towards the south (i believe), I went in front of the group just to make sure nobody was in front of us. At this point i believe it was me that went and told @G19RP if we take shots the hostage dies. When we made it to Grishino we noticed a man had been following us from where we took Boris to Grishino so we decided to initiate when we initiated on him he ran and was shot about 20 seconds later. After the situation with the man that ran i asked where Boris was over TS and the group that was with Boris said they killed him, when i asked why they said that someone told them to do it so they did. - END POV will only post if called in.
  2. Scar

    I Have Returned!

    Welcome back.
  3. Scar

    The Symptom [Selective Recruitment]

    Looks good.
  4. Scar

    Big streamers trying out DayZ

    @Crim @Saints agreed
  5. Scar

    Big streamers trying out DayZ

    What's your guys thoughts on Shroud,Lirik,Summit and i'm sure more trying out DayZ again?
  6. Scar


    @Lady In Blue Thank you
  7. Scar


    Last night i made a new character and after i was done i realized that a couple of things were wrong and i went to edit and fix them, when doing that i clicked Set as active instead of edit and when i tried to set my main character to active it said i had a cooldown. At first it wasn't a big deal and i just played as my new character but i really just wanna play my main character atm, so if there is a way for me to go about removing the cooldown that would be great.
  8. Tucker Kelz grew up in the gang infested crime filled part of Chicago with his mother and father. Tucker's father was a struggling computed programmer, but he had a whole nother side to him that nobody knew about, he sold illegal guns on the black market. Tucker's father did business with the biggest drug dealers and gang members in Chicago, by the time Tucker was 13 he knew just about every drug czar on his side of Chicago. By the time Tucker was 14 he began hanging out with one of Chicago's most notorious drug kingpin Johnny, Before long Johnny offered Tucker a job selling cocaine, which he accepted. Johnny thought having Tucker sell coke for him would be better business because of the stereotype white boys have the best coke. By the time Tucker was 15 he bought his own car, clothes, jewelry and he was making more money than most adults he knew. Most people around the city thought that Tucker was working for Johnny so did Tucker, but Tucker's father was hiding a secret that could end up getting his son killed, his father was hired by the FBI to be a informant. The FBI were trying to crack down on some corrupt cops they also believed the mayor of Chicago was working with Johnny. The police had been working with Johnny, Johnny would use the police to transport large quantities of cocaine in police cars to crack houses, they would also go out and raid other crack houses and bring the drugs to Johnny and sell them to him for a price. The FBI told Tucker's father that Tucker needed to stay with Johnny and continue to get information on the bad cops, he was now out on school nights till 3 in the morning getting information for his father. After a few weeks and a lot of suspicious raids on crack houses Johnny began to smell a snake, but he didn't know exactly who it could be because he was involved with a number of people so Johnny decided that he was not going to do anything at the moment and he was gonna wait for more stuff to happen and figure out who it was. On one Friday night Johnny had given orders to some of his workers to do a drive by shooting on a crack house on the other side of Chicago where Johnny had beef, in the drive by and innocent 12 year old boy got shot by a stray bullet. When Johnny got the news he couldn't let his boys go down for this, Johnny and Tucker were both at Johnny's house when Johnny decided to give the mayor a call to tell him what happen and work on a deal to get this murder covered up, when Johnny told the mayor the news the mayor told him this is risky and its going to be a pretty high price for him to cover this up, Johnny relied with "well how much" the mayor replied "20 thousand dollars" Johnny sighed and said "deal". What Tucker did after this was the biggest mistake of his life, without thinking he told his father and a warrant was put out for the mayors arrest, after Johnny heard this he knew who the snake was and the mayor told Johnny to deal with Tucker, Johnny knew he had to or he would go down with the mayor. After a couple days of thinking Johnny decided that he couldn't just shoot Tucker so he decided that he was going to set up a "drug deal gone bad". Johnny talked to his brother and a couple other people about where and when to do this, they ultimately decided on a poor rebuilding place in south Zagoria called Chernarus, they thought that if they did it there nobody would know they would get back like nothing happened. They had it all set and told Tucker that they had to go to a place called Chernarus to do a big time deal and that they need to leave by April 20th, Tucker saw this as a opportunity to get a big payday and was aboard with the plan. On April 20th they headed to Chernarus, they got there a day later on April 21st the "deal" was set for the 23rd. On the 23rd the group got up and took a car to a town called Stary Yar far up north when they got there and got out of the car Johnny brought Tucker to a barn and inside that barn was empty Tucker says "Where's everyone at?" Johnny replies "Nobody is coming you fucking snake!" and shoots Tucker in the stomach. After Johnny shot Tucker he ran back to the car and fled back to America, Trucker was losing blood and fast, took off his shirt and applied as much pressure as he possibly could to the wound and began to limp south. After about 15 minutes of limping south Tucker makes it to a town called Novaya Petrovka when he gets there it is populated with people and he was brought to a hospital. 1 week later There has been a lot of violence the past week that i have been here, and i thought Chicago was bad this is a whole nother level. I am still in the hospital but I am getting better and hopefully once this violence stops i can try and get the fuck out of here. May 3rd 2017 Today the government has declared martial law, the hospital is becoming over populated and i need to get the fuck out of here before its too late but i'm taking a risk by going out there. Tonight is the night that i get out of the hospital and find a place to hide out, at midnight when most people are sleeping, its dark out and i have a better chance to escape without being seen i'm going to leave. After getting out of the hospital Tucker begins to move west along with all of the other civilians. Almost a year later After being in the "Black mountains" as people call it for almost a year Tucker has begin to lose his sanity and right now he is focused on survival and survival only, he doesn't care who he has to hurt or what he has to do he is not only going to survive, he is going to THRIVE.
  9. Scar

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    Haven't met you guys ICly yet but i was watching @Roach 's stream and it definitely seems like you guys are getting better. GL
  10. Scar

    New character.

    @Aiko Yea i definitely don't wanna go for a stereotypical killer cannibal i'm just trying to see what kinda ideas people wanna give me for a unique character. TY for the feedback!
  11. Scar

    New character.

    @Hex ty for your feedback, yea i'm thinking of doing something that i haven't done before but i also just want to ask people if they have any suggestions on anything they haven't seen before.
  12. Scar

    New character.

    @Mace ty for the feedback.
  13. Scar

    New character.

    def gonna make a stripper
  14. Scar

    New character.

    Now that my group archived i was wondering if there was any characters that you guys think would be really cool that you haven't seen done before?
  15. Scar

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    Get ready