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  1. Kozak get your Aussie arse back in game man..
  2. We will be back on our feet in no time and stronger than ever guys.. I guarantee it!
  3. Thanks for the feedback guys, so it's just patch related it seems. oh well.. guess it's down to crossing your fingers and praying your vehicle survives the night.
  4. Hey guys, Lately it seems every vehicle we have doesn't seem to make it through the night, which makes for some awkward RP: "sadly our car has been stolen again" (lol) I remember a time where we would have the same car for days on end, is it to do with the server restarts or?
  5. Answering a PM has to do with respect? I think I missed something here..
  6. trnc84

    Miscreated Discussion

    Well you can always refund it on steam if you don't like it..
  7. trnc84

    I'm an edgy psycho supersoldier cannibal torture expert.

    Meet a group of people, they surround you during a casual convo, they say something provocative/edgy to get a hostile response, get taken hostage/tortured. Rinse and repeat..
  8. trnc84

    Fallout New Vegas Multiplayer

    This is so awesome. One thing I do wonder about is how would the V.A.T.S work in MP. Would it be possible to use?
  9. trnc84

    DayZRP becoming stale?

    Now this is just a theory but to me it's the abundancy of edgy characters that contribute to the stale RP for the most part. Like too many soldier groups hanging around in the triangle who just stand around waiting for hostile RP. It makes it so that people try to avoid these bandit infested areas which in terms spreads out the population minimizing interactions. Of course I'm not all against hostile RP, I've been in some fun hostile/hostage situations but of course some groups RP hostility better than others. There are more types of interactions other than hostility and having something like a trade zone of sorts would encourage more meaningful interactions. Secondly staging more public events would help bringing more excitement.
  10. I personally avoid the triangle like the plague. I know some might say that I'm missing out on RP, but I don't mind missing out on all the super soldier bandit RP tbh. Too many heavily armed ppl standing around with nothing to do is just begging for trouble.
  11. Great guide and a good read! Good Job! Just one thing is should mention, the sporter can also carry a scope, not just the trombone.
  12. trnc84

    What on earth is this

    I've seen this before and wondered what it was myself, It's a bit North of Stary if I remember correctly. Thanks for clearing that up. Another strange thing I noticed and always wondered about are the markings on the ground resembling a man holding a club, just northeast of the NEAF. Anyone know what's that about?
  13. trnc84

    Standard Chill Rust Server [Offline]

    Yeah, that would be good enough. Even if some randoms come onto the server, if they see a few of us playing a certain way I think most would play along to our rules. Or if we have enough people who wanna do this for fun. Could we possibly still get our own server? Do it ourselves. "Even if some randoms come onto the server, if they see a few of us playing a certain way I think most would play along to our rules. " No.. Just NO.. Remember this is Rust we are talking about. One of the most toxic communities around. Best bet would be to set up an own server. With that said I would def play.
  14. trnc84

    A message to all. I need your help. (open freq)

    *Levi finally decides to push the PTT button* [align=left]"Too all you people out there willing to lend a hand... just remember this: [align=left]This "boy" was spared on more than one occasion.. When he was caught stealing, warning shots were fired and he was ordered to stop, and he still kept running. Our group decided not to shoot him down.. It's fair to say that our second rendezvouz with this "boy" didn't go very smoothly either as guns were drawn and I actually got shot by him... [short Pause] It's a miracle I'm still alive with the amount of blood that I lost... [align=left]Again we decided not to chase him down and kill him.. [Long Pause] *Levi slams his fist on the hood of the car and exclaims in an angry voice* [align=left]It doesn't take a genius to figure what was bound to happen to him the next time he crossed paths with us! [align=left]With that said, to all you out there that are so adamant on saving this teenagers life, just remember that Kate, the person [align=left]you're willing to help locate, is also a teenager..." *Levi drops the radio on the hood of the car*