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    Didn't think that girl who I used to sit and dance on roofs whilst eating skittles with would become staff and get over 1000+ beanz, congrats :)

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  1. Events "Protection"

    Regardless it's still the majority, no it doesn't represent the community as a whole. It represents the current active community.
  2. DayZ 0.63/BETA Discussion Thread

    ''How long do we need to wait for the 0.63 Experimental? We want to play it so bad! I know, we want to let you play it too! Right now though, it just really needs more love from the DayZ Dev Team. It's not fun to play yet. All the teams are working like devils now, trust me - I am sitting right next to them in the office, I can see it all happening and I want to play it with the community as bad as everyone. But 0.63 still needs more time!'' Disappointing once again
  3. Denouncing themselves [Open]

    [Hears the transmission, rubbing his eyes with a yawn, as he'd pay attention to what was said he'd grin with a slightly impressed look on his face sub-consciously nodding his head, sliding his radio off his bed-side cabinet he'd pick it up. He'd hold down the PTT using a surprisingly lighter tone of voice] I made you a promise about what would happen if you did something like this, i'm very sorry you chose this path *Yawn*. You seemed nice. I don't recall you being so brave when I was stood directly in-front of you. Regardless i'm not one to keep people waiting, I'll be with you shortly. [Lets go of the PTT looking directly into nothingness, he'd then lean up out of bed and begin getting dressed]
  4. Denouncing themselves [Open]

    [Razz holds the firmly holds down the PTT, holding up to the face of Johnny Zhu] ''I, Johnny Zhu, Lance Corporal of NATO, denounce myself of all branches of government; monarchy, and my affiliations with all relations of NATO...'' [Briskly pulls the radio away from Johnny Zhu's face, giving him a rather sadistic smirk lightly patting the right side of his cheek sarcastically.. walking upstairs placing his photo upon a recording of his resignation onto the desk] ''This man has been held accountable for the vast robberies reported over the past week on the North West airfield, yet he finally learns his place within Chernarus.... amongst the rest of us. To the dwindling few self-righteous soldier boys, you stand upon a foundation of war-crimes and banditry, stained with the blood of innocent men, women, & children. I'd suggest you denounce yourself over the radio before, and quit bleeding for superiors who wouldn't for you, you're grunts enforcing the old ideologies of dead men. Fail to do so, and I will find and hunt you down myself.'' ''Razz McKenzie, avid anarchist enforcer & freedom fighter, signing off for the night'' [Releases the PTT followed up by an long-winded exhale, he'd exit the Administration building of the airfield and walk off into the night]
  5. SkinVestRP

  6. DayZRP Community Memes

  7. SkinVestRP

    Even if you're not religious, now is a good time to start praying

  8. I'll give fellatio to the first person who stops arguing in a thread about congratulating RP
  9. Quote(s) To Describe Your Character?

    ''… Born sinner, the opposite of a winner Remember when I used to eat sardines for dinner'' - Big papa
  10. What do you listen to ?

  11. Ling Long Look for help defending his trade post (Open Freq)

    [Lowers the radio from his face, momentarily raising his eyebrow. He'd hold down the PPT] ''You're moving to Lopatino, yesterday we were fucking generous, we'd provided you with two good healthy men to set up & move out your' camp. Now you're asking for protection? Not sure what the fuck this's about, but you'd best start moving. I'm running out of patience.'' [Climbs down the ladder from Ling-Longs camp, he'd gaze at the tents around him as he'd release the PTT]
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