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  1. Walking in the woods away from a firefight you weren't involved in, only to meet a small bunch of people and saying ''Oh hello'' before being shot in the face isn't fun.

    1. Macbrine


      Report it then

    2. Hebee


      Put up a report? Or go to the help desk and see if a staff member can help you discuss the situation with those who hurt you.


    3. Lady In Blue

      Lady In Blue


    4. Chewy


      Think he wants to talk to whoever killed him considering I've spotted him in helpdesk.


    5. Dusty


      If you didn't want to get killed, perhaps you shouldn't have knowingly run into an active firefight, and taken a gun from a dead body 


    6. Max
    7. Lady In Blue

      Lady In Blue

      RIP Quinn.

  2. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    I started through Gmod text rp, HL2RP, that stuff What's something that annoys you most about the community in DayZRP?
  3. [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    10/10 - Heard his name like a dozen times before even speaking to him
  4. Share 1 random fact about yourself!

    On a a holiday in Spain, i accidentally hit my nan in the neck with a golf ball smacked with a 9 Iron
    • Lady In Blue
    • SkinVest


    1. Galaxy


      Stop juicing him

  5. There's a difference between Chav and Roadman


  6. In Viridian - Media

    V TEAM!
  7. The Journal of David Meeks

    Good shit my guy <3
  8. *Razz walks into the barn, he'd sit down & begin scribbling over the drawing of Rory, in a distressed hyperventilating panic he'd begin writing, pressing the pencil hard down onto the paper as he'd write, as he frequently places his head between his knees, upset* *Razz proceeds to throw the journal into the wall, walking out of the barn, composing himself as he slows his breathing down, heading back towards Severograd*
  9. DayZRP Community Memes

    Think I made it apparent that it was an overaggeration when I said it was hyperbole on my part, but yeah Blitzkrieg probably would've been better Get off your high horse
  10. DayZRP Community Memes

    Uh, most of this is just hyperbole on my part, don't take anything I say as literal. Love you all, <3
  11. POV Razz: Affiliation: @IrishGhost @Rory I'd been in Severograd for around 2-3 hours, casually RP'ng with a few people, I was very unsure about what actually happened during this situation, however the initiation seemed quite bad, as there was some provocation. Yet @Doc Holiday was punched by @Darion , & to be honest, there could've been some semi-decent roleplay out of this whole thing. If the group who'd actually exchanged unnecessary shots maybe tried talking to Darion? However it seemed to me as they were killing people who weren't even involved but mere bystanders, but i'm not 100% on that. There could have been a rather tense build-up, but no. I simply ran indoors due to FearRP, and kept my head low until the fight had ended, I didn't either kill nor fire a single shot. So not much else on my part.