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  1. Where's everybody gone?

    I noticed the EU & US server largely declined in population recently, just wondering why. It's annoying because there's nobody to speak to.
  2. Sebastian's Journey

    RIP party ;(
  3. Razz McKenzie

    Razz grew up in the streets of North London, he'd never known his dad & lived with his mother, during his adolescence he gained a hardened personality from the manifestations of the several traumatic events he'd endured from an early age, throughout this strife's he'd developed a form of schizophrenia, in which occurs in violent episodes throughout the months. During his times amongst the streets, he'd developed a very informal mannerism of speaking, im-particularly he has a very limited vocabulary, likewise intelligence. Forced into the involvement of knife crimes, in-which is common within deprived parts of the UK he had handled low-level weaponry such as 12-gauge sawn-off shotguns, pistols, etc. As he'd grew older, his body matured yet his mind stayed stationary within his early teens, he became confrontational individually with his problems; disregarding help of friends. He mainly tackles his problems head-on, without any devised plots of schemes, perhaps out of a fear of being perceived as weak, his biggest fear, & overall downfall, causing him to make irrational decisions out of that singular fear, likely it will eventually be his own un-doing. Until he became 24, it was late June, after being turned-away by the streets, he became somewhat of a has-been, he'd decided to make the unfortunate decision to take the cheapest flight possible to the furthest place away possible, Chernarus, he'd endured the entirety of the infection outbreak, making the bold realisation of having not much military support during his hour of need, he'd took it upon himself to arm himself, & clothe appropriately to the circumstances, improvising the majority of his equipment from his imagination, he was prepared for the new world. Those who weren't prepared, he now takes advantage of, robbing, & getting into fights regularly.
  4. Too early for bandit groups?

    Probably not, it literally just happened to me. It's understandable, hard times etc.
  5. The "Party bus"!

    Was late to the party, but still it was fun. RIP all those before ;(
  6. Shoutout to @Giraffel fantastic CDF roleplay, a very believable character simply trying to get a hard job done, he questioned me in a realistic manner, and was OOCly very understanding and patient when i had connection problems, etc.
  7. Hostile Mugging Question

    I'll keep that in mind, thanks.
  8. Hostile Mugging Question

    Yeah, that is actually pretty helpful, but i'd still like to go the extra mile & rob people. However i certainly agree on the insults and what not, i don't want to have the typical ''Hi how are you?'' and ''Oh you want a spare can of beans?'' type of interactions. (Not saying all differentiating characters to bad ones act that way, just an example)
  9. Hostile Mugging Question

    Hi, i'm somewhat new to DayZRP & i've started to develop my character slightly throughout this week; and he's gradually becoming more hostile as the days progress. To keep it short, I was to initiate some mugRP, however what's the best way? I don't want to simply walk up with a gun pointed and use FearRP against a person, that's just shit. Overall i'm not really interested in items, just having a hostile slightly infamous character. How should i go about it? What should i do? I'm interested even in opinionated responses.
  10. Killian McReady

    Cormack grew up within the slums of Belfast Ireland, born on the 5th of February, 1979 constantly surrounded by the influential ''Irish Republican Army'' therefore, it wasn't long until his late adolescence in which he'd actually had any formal affiliation with them. He'd seeked asylum within their ranks, disowned and shunned about by his parents. He'd started off small, smuggling a few so-called ''paracetamols'' across the street; roughing a few lads from the local area up. Wasn't until long before he'd be inflicting fatal injuries without remorse; drinking until then sun went down, and finding a false sense of camaraderie with he so-called, ''Brothers In Arms''. Eventually he'd become familiarised with standard 5.56 Automatic Rifles, and standard 9mm & 45ACP Weaponry, also additionally gaining the skill of going undetected/camouflaged within urban environment. It wasn't until long he'd climbed his way throughout the hierarchy, being granted ''Sergeant At Arms'' for the Fourth Northern Division, granted by Matt Devlin (1950-2005), who'd taken part in the notorious 1981 IRA hunger strike and later became a leading member of the Sinn Féin party. Todd Andrews decided to send Cormack on the 14th of July for a weapon supply lines deal involving the borders of Takistan, Gnuram where he'd meet Siobhan Browne at the Chernarus airport, he was an associate of the Russia & IRA Arms deal. After a lengthy 3 days, the deal had finally concluded without any casualities or problems, until by October 17th 2017 When Cormack returned to the Chernarus airport only to be bewildered with the sight of panicking; personel, staff, and standard civilians. It soon became apparent an outbreak of infection had occurred. After that, Cormack was forced to endured the entire fall of Chernarus, emerging from it's rubble and continuing to survive the hardships ahead, losing all IRA/Russian Contacts, except Elliot.
  11. Changing Active Character

    No problem
  12. Changing Active Character

    Thanks everybody
  13. Changing Active Character

    Hi, this may be a stupid question. However, I've recently decided to change my active character. However, I can't find how. I keep searching through my character biography's for an option, and my account settings, but i can't find anything relating to it.
  14. Hi, I'm SkinVest Hi, i'm a new player to DayZRP and the forums. I'd gotten the whitelist around 3 months ago however, i'd not played much since. Now i've gotten back into it, i'm enjoying myself quite a bit. I've tried have IC interactions with people, but it seems nobody really wants to tag-along with me so i'm typically always alone. Anyways, my current character i play is Giddian MacReady, and i'm just looking to make a few friends and have some fun. (Was inspired to join by Mr Moon's Videos, and a pretty cool character he'd met known as ''Killian Rabbit'' I think :P)