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"too busy watering my grass to check if yours is greener"

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  1. BurpsRP

    Rest In Peace DatTurtle

    Way too young that's fucked. Rest easy.
  2. BurpsRP

    Real life picture Thread

    https://imgur.com/a/KxHr2WP the time me and @Eagle met up. was a messy night.
  3. Henry grew up in market town of of East End of Birmingham. He had half decent childhood for someone who was from East End. He helped his Father set up the market and then went to school, when he finished school he would help his father pack up the market and go him with him then. He lived in a council house which wasn't far from Brick Lane. Henry’s father John was a simple working man taking any job he could, flogging bits and pieces on the side. John sold anything to everyone, he learned from his father Larry, Henry’s Grandfather. He was cold bitter man but he could sell anything. While Henry grew up his father taught him how to buy goods but the most useful trade was to sell good how to get the best deal out of anything. When Henry became of age to leave he went to a place called Chernarus in 2013. He learned many things out there. People were poor and they were farming to survive. As time went on the outbreak went across the county, Henry was going place to place trying to survive any way possible. Now he walks across Chernarus slowly and calmly, looking to apply his assets.
  4. BurpsRP


    remember guys. if you roleplay yourself, you may end up getting kos'd w out an initiation 

    1. Osku


      If you are are roleplaying as yourself, id kill you too.

    2. BurpsRP


      yh ly2

  5. BurpsRP

    The fuck's happened

    *Crackling radio frequency stuff sounds* Righto what's happened? Every person i've bumped into today has mentioned robbery and random attacks, with no reason behind them. Only went for about four months 'n I come back and it seems everything's gone to shit Typically i'm not the sort of batty-man that goes on a little lone hero crusade But somet' needs to happen and needs to be done. Soon. Sure, before there was violence. Now everybody seems to have jus' gone fuckin' west and spreading murder, robbery and shit for no cause or in the name of nothing. I don't know about you but i'll be one of the few who actually takes a stand to this pussy-hole shit. I'll be about in between Kabanino, Stary, Novy 'n Vybor. *Radio crackle stuff sounds, the radio turns off*
  6. BurpsRP

    Real life picture Thread

    i grew out my emo phase. i'm sure you can too buddy, stay strong
  7. BurpsRP


    Merry Christmas everyone 

  8. BurpsRP

    ''Bad version, server rejected connection''

    Thankyou ?
  9. BurpsRP

    ''Bad version, server rejected connection''

    I can't join the S1 DayZRP Server. All i get is ''Bad version, server rejected connection''. I've got the fully updated new release of DayZ. Not sure what to do and could use some help. Nevermind used my brain and found the solution. Problem: "Bad version, server rejected connection" error which cannot be fixed by the usual means of switching to Stable and updating the DayZRP Mod through Steam Workshop Solution: Simply downgrade to the Legacy build (0.62) and update back to the latest version of 0.63 Stable build.
  10. BurpsRP


    Tried joining and just got ''Bad version, rejected'' and my game's fully updated. Anyone know why?

    1. BurpsRP


      Nevermind. sorted it

  11. BurpsRP

    I'm back (sort of)

    Yeah very well. much better than when I left ? hi boris You'll never talk to DebbieRP again.
  12. BurpsRP

    I'm back (sort of)

    Left my PC for a awhile because I got bored and just didn't really have much time for it. Now it's winter and some stuff's changed i've got alot more free time so decided to set my PC all up again. Annoyingly though my Steam Authenticator's being a bastard and me being stupid never wrote down the recovery code, so i'm trying to get my account back through support. Besides that once I can actually get onto my steam profile, i'd definitely like to give DayZRP a try again. Hope you've all been well.
  13. BurpsRP

    • BurpsRP
    • Osku

    my my look how big you've gotten, so grown up

    i've been a terrible grandma, but don't worry that's all going to change

    1. Osku


      A terrible grandma? The fuck?

    2. KyleRP


      Fuck up razz ? 

  14. is the community not dead now? i can't even see the player count so idk

    1. Dusty


      Rolle removed it.

      Idk the community got to life again after the update yeasterday get on ts today

    2. Dusty


      The server are on 0.63 

  • BurpsRP

    [Game] Corrupt a wish

    Granted DayZRP finally dies out and a new community opens up filled with players, but any hostilities, even swearing at another player in-game causes you to be permanently banned I wish I was better at mixed-martial arts and could make it into the UFC
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