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    missed you

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      Sorry, but this community member doesn't go for minors.

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  2. Burps

    The Sea Men

  3. Burps

    A different post-apocalypse, fast forwarding in time

    I think with the right tools (Modding) you'd have endless possibilities to play around with. Derelict buildings, smoggy atmosphere, corpses all over the place, etc.
  4. Burps

    A different post-apocalypse, fast forwarding in time

    So as a-lot of stories with me begin. I was scrolling through Netflix on a Friday night, and I recognised a film i'd seen on holiday a couple years back with my Dad when I was younger. This film was called The Road (2009 film). Whilst watching it I pieced memories from my childhood watching to watching it in present day, whilst my Mum watched too (The ending made her cry lol). Afterwards I had a little thinking, and just how sort of ''Soft-core'' I suppose Television & Games are nowadays with the post-apocalyptic setting. And how this film broke that concept entirely. It's genuinely the most depressing film I've ever layed eyes upon. Then I drew some contrast comparisons with AMC's ''The Walking Dead'' and other popular shows and simply how dramatised it is. Now i'm not putting this in suggestions as I'd prefer this to be more of a discussion. But imagine in the DayZRP server fast-forwarded drastically in time, I'm talking, 10yrs - 20yrs forwards. (With modding) imagine the capabilities! The contrast in roleplay would almost be an entirely new experience. If anything, cannibalistic freaks & deformed walking corpses would be considered the norm. I'd just like to hear your' thoughts about this idea and how well you'd think it would work on the server. (Side note: if you haven't watched the road, i'd recommend you give it a watch)
  5. Burps

    [GAME] Describe the person above you with one word

  6. Burps


    Weather's gone back to shit, love island has almost ended, and results day is in a month. Worst of all it's not coming back. The UK's officially gone back to normal (shit)

    1. Burps


      It's not coming home*


    2. OskuRP


      Just like my dad...

    3. Burps



    4. Mexi


      If you're a bloke and you're watching Love Island, I really don't know what to tell you..

    5. OskuRP


      My sympathies...especially about the unfortunate situation with your geography teacher 😉 

      Also +1 for the profile song

      Why just the chorus though?

    6. Lady In Blue

      Lady In Blue

      I love just the chorus, I made my profile match my profile song. ;3

  7. Burps

    Broke up with my girlfriend...need a distraction

    ''Broke up with my girlfriend...need a distraction'' sounds like you're looking for a call girl lmao
  8. Burps

    Quote(s) To Describe Your Character?

    ''I'M A BLOWFISH! BLOWFISH! YEEEAAAH! BLOWFISHIN' THIS UP!'' — Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), Breaking Bad, Season 2: Negro Y Azul
  9. Burps

    Simple Photoshop Help

    Thank you!
  10. Burps

    Simple Photoshop Help

    Hello, I'm fairly new to Photoshop. Currently i'm trying to make my character profile look abit more snazzy, as you do. This is probably just down to stupidity and a simple error on my part. I've followed this video perfectly now, although my result is always something like this - I have no idea why i'm getting these annoying little white lines around my text, i isolated the colour white and then after duplicating the backround layer added a mask followed with CTRL I which appears to have deleted all the white. Yet i'm left with this. Please help!
  11. Burps

    Official Football World Cup 2018 Thread

    what a load of stupid fucking shit, losing to Croatia. what a joke
  12. Burps

    Official Football World Cup 2018 Thread

    Don't worry, there's always the next one in 2022
  13. Burps

    Official Football World Cup 2018 Thread

    Didn't even think we'd get to quarters, finally we've sorted it out
  14. Burps

    Official Football World Cup 2018 Thread

    Ngl didn't even realize we had Maguire before that banging head, nevertheless 1-0 ENGLAND
  15. Burps

    Can someone ban me from posting for a few days

    Maybe just have some willpower and don't post anything.