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"i'm actually 11"

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  1. Doesnt even work. rekt. hold your HORSES AM WORKING ON IT
  2. Sorry if this embarrasses you ragnar, it's my favorite. [mp3]https://puu.sh/rUGmk/a6453341e9.mp3[/mp3]
  3. I didn't know it was supposed to rain tonight.. OH MY GOD
  4. Sounds neat, I'll be excited to see how'll turn out.
  5. I love hanging out with you! Pianoman is best man.
  6. I'm here because a lot of the people here are mature.. and after having almost 3000 hours dedicated to Garry's mod, I like having peace from the squeakers. and I can be dramatic, it's sweeeet
  7. Awww, this is sad. It was fun being on the 'terrorist list.' I hope to see you guys back again!
  8. Who knew there were so many bullies in Chernarus? [video=youtube]
  9. Benji ain't an easy chap to hold up for 3 bloody hours but glad you enjoyed it. I'm surprised you didn't crack at least once!
  10. Had a blast with a bunch of people! Dente, Diesel, Niko, Benji, and Ragnar! Thanks you guys ❤ [video=youtube]
  11. Don't cheat on Johnny while we are gone You better come back soon.
  12. Wish I could've met you more, you seem like a good guy. Take care!
  13. Wish I had gotten to play with you more. Hope to see you again!
  14. Your sound effects actually made my day
  15. You can't make everyone happy! Just be you and make yourself happy. This community is more family-like than any other community I've joined, I'm sure you'll find people who make you comfortable. ✿
  16. I could not stop laughing when he was singing.. that was so great.
  17. Good times. Was I the only one seeing that guy float away?!?!
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