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  1. Straight black tea with coconut milk. fools.
  2. It was... lit (100 emoji , 100 emoji , 100 emoji) you know.. what the cool kids say.
  3. How many tickles did it take to tickle the octopus? Ten-tickles. please end my life
  4. At first glance, I thought you took that photo with a nintendo ds from your phone case. that would've been rad.
  5. Haha yeah, I didn't get it either but it was definitely something..
  6. Thank you! My humor is a little.. special. ❤
  7. -snip- We all do love pianists Definitely pianists.. not some other word that may or may not sound alike.
  8. Don't remember the specifics but I did definitely get forcefully married in one of my 3 first days. It was.. an experience.
  9. +1 Us marrying you off was the best thing ever. Johnny's suit can't be topped. All though your outfit was kind of spattered with the brains of peter but who cares about that guy right. Heard that guy was a loser tbh HA GET IT CAUSE IT WAS HIM HAHA poor harvey
  10. Haha! Sadly I didn't :-( I just started recording because I wanted to be a cool kid.
  11. [align=left]I've decided to make a media thread! I usually have pretty funny (in my humorous opinion) run-ins and encounters and I was going to start recording them to keep them! We're just gonna pretend I know how to speak properly and don't sound sick and breathe through my nose 59% of the time.. If you have any encounters with me that you'd like to share, feel free to post them here! [align=left]sorry for the best video quality ever, I'm a professional.. [align=left][video=youtube] [video=youtube] [video=youtube]
  12. *Laurel picks up her radio as she hears Suki's voice, immediately worried, pushing the PTT button* Suki! This was bound to happen. The presents couldn't be less irrelevant.. I'm glad you're okay. I'll try to get you it back. *Laurel pauses as she thinks of what to do* You need to be more careful. I'm technically labeled as a bandit now.. *She giggles at the word 'bandit'* I can help you. You mustn't keep leaving me for huge groups of guys you consider 'friends'.. Find me, Suki. *Laurel lets go of the PTT button*
  13. I think MapleMooses profile is so cute!
  14. Had a blast being super scary with Eli (Ellie) & Diesel (Truck)! Made my day, thanks guys!
  15. *Laurel sets down her bag and sits down in a middle of a field, pressing the PTT, smiling eagerly* [align=left]Hi Oliver! Yeah.. I missed you yesterday! You're a pleasure to talk to and it's very flattering that you trust me, as I trust you.. too. I ran into the UN again but everything went fine. I hope to speak more.. business with you soon. See you around! LL. *Laurel frowns a bit as she picks up her bag and releases the PTT*
  16. ...I had no clue. I was scared!! Who has 8 radios?!
  17. That's good, there's no point kidnapping Miss Denver again if you aren't around to beat us with a baseball bat afterward. Oh sweet, glad you have motives!
  18. Oh yea I know just gotta go without Denver for a couple of weeks while he goes out and saves babies and The forests and things. What?! He said a day! haha don't get too excited there!
  19. Dammit Johnny. I'm not even in the Savages and I'm gonna miss your ass. stay safe out there brother. As to the rest of the boys as always love the rp and every one of my interactions with you guys a has been a pleasure ooc'ly He's not leaving forever!
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