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  1. Born and raised in Midwest United States. Was an excellent student and Was offered a full ride to Harvard University where he studied The russian language and Business. Fascinated with world culture and Current events, he took a trip to southern Russia (near chernarus) where he heard about an amzing economic bounce back of the neighboring country. After his 3rd week in country Jack decided to stay. Within a week and a few loans later Jack had a personal logistics and shipping business that began thriving due to the massive amount of exports and imports between chernarussian producers and his russian consumer base. All was well for years on end until the hostility between the 2 nations arose. After being trapped inside chernarus by the war Jack was forced to spend weeks separated from colleagues to the north along with his company. When the infected encroached on Berezino Jack had finally took to his own.
  2. I think for dayz, base construction should be implemented soon before anything else. I think this because we already have enough guns and what not.We should be fighting over building materials and trading for them as well.