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  1. Hey Everyone!

    Welcome! Hope you have fun here
  2. Howdy people!

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy the community
  3. It's That Time Again.

    I think you write the story really well
  4. Hey there

    Do they though. Do they. Also welcome! That's My Woman, She Calls Me Stranger Sometimes I call you weirdo sweetie
  5. My favorite hostage situation was when my character Rayna Winslow and her friend Marvin Johnson got married in the church in Elektro. Not even a minute after they for married they went out of the church and met a man and a woman. The man named Dexter held them up, tortured them, and killed Marvin. Dexter then fed Marvin to Rayna and killed her It was really awesome and fun
  6. Hey there

    Thank you everyone
  7. Hey there

    Thank you
  8. Hey there

    Hello everyone. I'm new here and I hope to have fun in this community. I will be playing as a daughter as my first character on the server. Hope to meet many of you.