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  1. Sarah grew up in Denver Colorado in a typical home. She was a lone child and has always been a bit of a tomboy. From a young age she's always enjoyed nature, and hunting with her father Desmond, who taught her everything he knew. Already from a young age she went on hunting trips with him, and they were sometimes gone for weeks, which was something the mother Katarina disaproved of. Desmond was however quite the charmer, and always managed to pursuade her. Katarina sometimes tagged along to the cabin they owned, but didn't stay for long since she was much more comfortable in a modern enviroment. Sarah has always been fascinated by how the whole world changes when you're out on a hunt. Before going out, they discussed where the animals may be, and would think of the different stategies and ways to outsmart them. They would talk for a little bit as they left the cabin and made their way into the forest. As they got in deeper into the wilderness they would talk less and less until they were both silent. They would start walking more carefully, listening to the sounds of the forest. Every year they would do this together, and it was truly something they both enjoyed. Sarah’s uncle was going to get married to a Russian lady named Marina that he had met when she visited the US. Her family wanted to have the wedding at the family home out in the country at a big farm they owned. The whole family were invited, and they all went to celebrate. They didn’t have much out in the country, but started finding it very strange that some of the family members never arrived to the farm when they were suppose to. Communication by phone didn’t work very well out there, but they eventually got a static call from Marina’s sister who was still in one of the cities. From her they learned the most basic information about what was going on. Even though they were out in the country, the infection eventually reached them as well. Nowhere is safe, and Sarah has lost everyone dear to her. She doesn’t like to talk about it still, but tries her best to keep her spirits up, and survive as best she can on her own.
  2. Welcome! Hope you enjoy the community
  3. I think you write the story really well
  4. Do they though. Do they. Also welcome! That's My Woman, She Calls Me Stranger Sometimes I call you weirdo sweetie
  5. My favorite hostage situation was when my character Rayna Winslow and her friend Marvin Johnson got married in the church in Elektro. Not even a minute after they for married they went out of the church and met a man and a woman. The man named Dexter held them up, tortured them, and killed Marvin. Dexter then fed Marvin to Rayna and killed her It was really awesome and fun
  6. Hello everyone. I'm new here and I hope to have fun in this community. I will be playing as a daughter as my first character on the server. Hope to meet many of you.