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  1. Sarah Moreau

    Sarah was never the typical kind of girl growing up. She mostly kept to herself, and liked observing others from a distance. Photography was always her number one interest, and she secretly wants to become a paranormal investigator. Her father always encouraged the artistic side of her, and bought Sarah's very first camera when she was only 7 years old. She started taking pictures every day and got to express herself in a way she never thought possible. In school she met two like minded individuals, who shared her interest in the paranormal. They started investigating houses together at a early age. When Sarah was 10 years old, she snuck back into her house one night. She accidentally knocked over a picture on the window sill, and heard her mother with hasty steps come towards her room. She tried to quickly get under the covers, but it was too late. Her mother barged in with tears in her eyes, and rushed towards her, and hugged her tightly while crying. The father had had an accident on his way home from work, and he shortly after died in the hospital. 7 years later her mother Elisabeth is about to get remarried to a Russian man she met when he visited the states. They went to visit him and his family before the wedding. Sarah's uncle also tagged along, and that is when the outbreak happened. Early on, Elisabeth and her fiancé Michail died, when they got trapped trying to flee from the infected. Sarah's uncle Caine protected her for as long as he could, and taught her all he knew about guns, which was very little, and about survival. He died when they stumbled across murderous bandits. Caine told Sarah to hide and to not come out no matter what she heard. She now wanders alone, trying to find a safe place, and a reason to keep living.
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  4. It's That Time Again.

    I think you write the story really well
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    Do they though. Do they. Also welcome! That's My Woman, She Calls Me Stranger Sometimes I call you weirdo sweetie
  6. My favorite hostage situation was when my character Rayna Winslow and her friend Marvin Johnson got married in the church in Elektro. Not even a minute after they for married they went out of the church and met a man and a woman. The man named Dexter held them up, tortured them, and killed Marvin. Dexter then fed Marvin to Rayna and killed her It was really awesome and fun
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    Hello everyone. I'm new here and I hope to have fun in this community. I will be playing as a daughter as my first character on the server. Hope to meet many of you.