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  1. That’s dropped loot Nozzald
  2. I was on the original roster. Hopefully the new version is as fun for you guys as it was for me back then. Good luck!
  3. Making rash blanket statements about how people won't want to stay here because YOU had ONE bad interaction on ONE day? C'mon man. You need to chill. If you thin a rule was broken make a report. Video evidence is not required for one. If there was no rule broken but you feel the RP was sub par try getting in contact with that person and talk it out. There's about fifteen better ways of going about this that saying "Sarcastic statement ......................................." instead of something more meaningful.
  4. Added a lot of new ones to misc, TV, and Video games.
  5. https://files.fm/u/bkg478y2#/view/--036-uicideboy--036-+feat.+Travis+Barker-Aliens+Are+Ghosts+-kissvk.com.mp3 Leaked $B track, pretty solid.
  6. It's like a little stick man saluting o7 So yeah, o7 to this group.
  7. I don't know if this is o7 or not. But in case it is hats off to y'all. I really thought this was going to be another run of the mill whitename mercenary/family group but it actually turned out pretty nice. Looking forward to whatever y'all decide to do next whenever this is done with.
  8. @YNW Jasper Whenever he's asked to "Get in game" because he's "inactive" even when he clearly has no drive or desire to get in game but still gets in game every single day.
  9. When any hostile group shows up around The Dredgens in game Me and squidbilly are friends any staff watching relax.
  10. @Squillium How the dredgens pulled up on Jackals that one time.
  11. It's actually a big brain concept that the developers employ in their methodology over at Bohemia interactive studios. I'm not surprised it went over your head. It's pretty intelligent. It's called "One step forward two steps back" /s obviously. Yeah no I hate it and the new hair bugs they have now as well as the gate bugs. It's annoying. Some stuff is better and fixed but I haaaate some of the things the fucked up or changed.
  12. I got one question though: Why this AFRICAN AMERICAN INDIVIDUAL got boots on in the shower?
  13. I like it more the more I listen to it. May 24th full album of this releasing? I'm hyped.
  14. I agree - I did tell others in my group to let me handle it as I thought I handled the feedback well enough, but they didn't listen. That being said that video evidence is hardly anything even remotely close to us going against our core group values, all it shows is exactly what I said. The moment to moment on the radio was Oxen describing people running up on him, he's saying he's about to get held up, hear shots and they head over and Oxen is killed. They're looking for two people that matched the description as Oxen killed one of them before dying. They see two people in the immediate area that match the description, have the same guns. Puncture, Jackfish, and Zombru ditch their UN stuff to go talk to them as the people initiated on Oxen for specifically being UN and they're going around trying to murder UN personnel. They talk to them and radio in to me that they think it's them beyond a reasonable doubt who did it. I give the OK to go ahead and detain them and we'd try and figure out if it was them or not. They initiate, Ducky and them don't comply, they die. Apparently it wasn't them despite all the other evidence pointing to it being them. It was just unlucky time and place for them and unfortunate that they didn't comply. But to not comply, die, and then say we're "Not even playing as the UN" and "Robbing civilians for gear" is a massive stretch. Now I have faith in the staff team enough that the video evidence and our POV's line up well enough with this, but still, I thought it was important to reiterate before someone sends out of context video evidence with a misleading story attached to it again.
  15. This is over simplifying the matter by a lot. Three people robbed him. One is killed in the process. They are apparently wearing similar clothing to the men who killed him and also had the same gun and were in the immediate area to my knowledge. That's a lot more than "Hurr durr he have FAL lets get him boys". That's not the group I run at all. Orange backpack among other things. They just killed someone and ran around for five minutes, they could have swapped some things around, but from what I was told they buy and large were dressed very similarly to what they were wearing, matched in numbers, and matched in the area. Why does everyone go into this with the assumption that we would ROB ANYONE under any circumstances in the first place? Do you know how many times a day I come off as an asshole to my own group pounding it into their heads day in and day out that we CANNOT even come remotely close to coming off as sarcastic or hostile to anyone at all? It's a lot. I literally go to pretty significant lengths to make sure that everyone's in game conduct is up to snuff in game when I'm around, and to insinuate that i'm just using this as a cover to bandit is pretty disheartening given how much work I put into doing that. I cannot speak to Puncture and Zombru's head spaces when they doubled back to them and I'll leave that for them to say, but when they lay the situation out as it was happening to me over radio comms, I'm more than inclined to believe that they had zero malicious intent when doing so. They were not just trying to hit a lick and get easy gear, as low as yours and others opinions on us as a whole may be. That's not the group that I run. We. Did. Not. Rob. Anyone. We. Did. Not. Rob. Anyone. We initiated on people after I gave the OK to do so over radio comms after hearing the moment to moment comms being given. We did not rob anyone. An initiation was dropped on people who they and we as a whole assumed were the suspects. The plan was that they'd comply and that we'd question them. If they're innocent despite all the evidence aside we'd set them on their way, as we've done numerous times before. They did not comply and we had no choice. We. Are. Not. We. Did. Not. Rob. Anybody. I swear to god next time there's a UN group i'm just going to not comply to them, die, and call them GearRP'rs and that they rob innocent civilians. It seems so easy to do. That's actually kind of hurtful that you think i'd reply like that given how many times i've openly said how much I hate those replies and even made a topic advocating for getting rid of the ability to reply to feedback like that altogether. I read your feedback carefully but I do not feel there's anything to reflect on here. I think my boys did the right thing given the situation at hand and this is being twisted in a whole other direction. There's this pre existing narrative in both your and @Ducky's feedback that we're out here faking as the UN to bandit, that we want to rob people as this group, and that we're just here for gear. I don't even know. It's disheartening.
  16. Three people initiate on Oxen. He kills one. There is two survivors one of which would have had his FAL and presumably some clothing that was identifiable as well. You weren't lied to. The people robbed and shot Oxen, and we're not supposed to do anything? I'm sorry but what? It isn't an offensive measure to go after people WHO JUST ATTACKED YOU that IS inherently a defensive measure. Defensive. As in acting in defense of ourselves. Someone attacks and shoots one of us on the principle that we were UN and that was all. So we're just...not going to look for these people going around killing UN in our immediate area? Hello? How does that make any sense at all to you, truly, please enlighten me on this. We did not announce ourselves BECAUSE THE PEOPLE WE ARE LOOKING FOR ARE LOOKING FOR AND KILLING UN PERSONNEL SPECIFICALLY so it would be a bit dull to roll up to people in their berets when we're looking for people like that, no? 99% of the time I am not OK with them ditching the uniforms but in this case I would say that given the circumstances, I am more than willing to give them a pass on this. You came to the conclusion that we robbed you for your gear....except there wasn't much robbery was there? You didn't comply and you died. If you were found to be not the person we're looking for, we would have let you go obviously. We've done this three times in the past already. And Puncture is not the group leader is he? You didn't want to have a chat with me. Puncture asked if you wanted to talk to the GROUP LEADER about this situation and you said "Nah im good" so I mean, you want to throw around words like lackluster and unserious, that would fall into that category for me. We represent the UN just fine I think. You being upset over dying and coming to conclusions that are illogical in my opinion, such as ROBBING YOU FOR GEAR, do not conflict with that at all.
  17. Apparently the TlDr of what happened was Oxen got initiated on and killed one of the people who initiated on him. Before this they're given a description that those people matched. Three of us go after them and then initiate, they don't comply, and then they die. I don't know who said we're going after civilians for gear and robbing them but that's like kind of the opposite of what happened. Edit: After talking about the situation with @Joe and them I feel like whoever told you what happened might have misrepresented the situation greatly there whether intentionally or otherwise. Could you point me in the direction of who said that?
  18. Dog. I can't and apparently never will be able to. Final warning makes us worse than convicted felons apparently. I honestly think I would give staff a try someday soon if I was able to but Rolle said it was a bad meme last time someone mad a thread asking, so the odds of that ain't too great.
  19. I'm just saying - there are some staff members that I don't think in their multi-month stints as staff have had a report done correctly from start to finish. That's a problem. Not one report that had logs pulled in reasonable time, the right logs being pulled, or the correct verdict being made once. There's "Oh they're learning" and then there's patterns that continue for months at a time. I think staff needs to regroup and refocus as a whole, figure out who needs to be in there and who doesn't, who needs promotions and demotions. I don't have any ill will towards anyone in staff on a personal level, but I do think that some people are just not where they need to be role wise, and some need a full rework.
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