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  1. That’s dropped loot Nozzald
  2. I was on the original roster. Hopefully the new version is as fun for you guys as it was for me back then. Good luck!
  3. Making rash blanket statements about how people won't want to stay here because YOU had ONE bad interaction on ONE day? C'mon man. You need to chill. If you thin a rule was broken make a report. Video evidence is not required for one. If there was no rule broken but you feel the RP was sub par try getting in contact with that person and talk it out. There's about fifteen better ways of going about this that saying "Sarcastic statement ......................................." instead of something more meaningful.
  4. Added a lot of new ones to misc, TV, and Video games.
  5. https://files.fm/u/bkg478y2#/view/--036-uicideboy--036-+feat.+Travis+Barker-Aliens+Are+Ghosts+-kissvk.com.mp3 Leaked $B track, pretty solid.
  6. It's like a little stick man saluting o7 So yeah, o7 to this group.
  7. I don't know if this is o7 or not. But in case it is hats off to y'all. I really thought this was going to be another run of the mill whitename mercenary/family group but it actually turned out pretty nice. Looking forward to whatever y'all decide to do next whenever this is done with.
  8. @YNW Jasper Whenever he's asked to "Get in game" because he's "inactive" even when he clearly has no drive or desire to get in game but still gets in game every single day.
  9. When any hostile group shows up around The Dredgens in game Me and squidbilly are friends any staff watching relax.
  10. @Squillium How the dredgens pulled up on Jackals that one time.
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